Worm Drive Oil Substitute in Just 7 Steps

A worm drive circular saw is similar to a normal circular saw besides the motor of the worm drive circular saw stays in line with the saw blade. But the maintenance of worm drive circular saw is similar to the regular circular saw maintenance is similar.


If you are die-hard users of the circular saw and uses this as much as 10-20 hours per weak you have to change your worm drive oil. And cutting concrete with the circular saw will lead you changing the oil more frequently.

Sometimes it is hard to find out the easy way of changing the oil. But in this article, I will discuss the easiest way which I am following for years. And it is the most effective way you can perform for a worm drive oil substitute.

Things You Need

Before you start the operation you need these things listed right below.

  1. Impact driver.

  2. ½-inch drill bit and

  3. A new batch of worm drive oil.

Steps You Need to Follow for Changing The Oil

.Step 1: At first, arrange a pot to collect the burnt oil of the saw. If you don’t have one, you can make a pot by yourself.

I am sure you have a 2-liter old water bottle in your house. Just grab that and cut it into the half, and your pot is ready to collect the oil.

Step 2: Before you jump on the circular saw lubrication, you have to run the saw for 5-10 minutes, it will heat up the lube. And it will make it roll out of the saw more smoothly.

Step 3: Now, as a primary safety precaution, unplug the saw from the electrical outlet. And lie down on a surface.


Step 4: Check out the nut beside the motor. Generally, most of the worm drive circular saw features ½-inch nut.

To untighten the nut, grab an impact driver and ½-inch bit on it.


Step 5: Turn over the saw and st it on the pot and the lattice will come out.


Note: You have to let the saw doing this for half an hour. And this will bring out all the burnt up oil from the reservoir.


Most importantly, try to set the saw in a different angle to draw out all the oil from the corner.


Step 6: And finally fill out the oil reservoir up to the reservoir’s first thread. And don’t forget to set the saw level to the ground while you are filling it.


Step 7: Retighten the nut using drill again.


And here is your worm drive saw is ready to go on the action again.


Q: What is the advantage of a worm drive circular saw?

A: Though worm drive and straight drive circular saw come with a similar quality motor the main advantage of the worm drive saw is its spiral gear. And this gear provides more torque on the saw blade than the regular straight drive saw.


Q: Is it possible to cut hard material with the worm drive saw?

A: As the worm drive is one kind of circular saw, it can take care of hard material just like it.


Q: What is a worm drive circular saw used for?

A:  Generally, the worm drive circular saw is one of the most popular among the woodworkers for shaping their lumber. However, you can use it to cut masonry elements as well as the hard materials also.


Q: What is a worm drive table saw?

A:   Generally, a table saw with the worn drive motor is often called the worm drive table saw. And SKIL SAW has first introduced us with this type of saw.      

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