What is journeyman carpenter

What is Journeyman Carpenter ?

Journeyman Carpenter is a familiar name in a part of building construction, woodworking, and remolding window, baseboard and doors and relevant to them. If you are planning to construct a building or want to repair any home equipment, you will need a journeyman carpenter. 


So, before you hire them, you must know what is a journeyman carpenter? What do they do actually? Having answers to these two questions will help you to pick the right worker for the right tasks.  


In this article, I’m about to describe the definition of journeyman carpentry, their jobs, and duties. Besides, you are going to know how to become a journeyman carpenter (if you tend to become a journeyman carpenter). Journeyman carpenter skills, salary, and outlook is an important topic in this field. Therefore, I will talk about them as well. So that you can get all aspects of the journeyman carpenters. 



This covers all the essential things step by step that you wanted to know. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Definition of Journeyman Carpenter

A journeyman carpenter is a professional carpenter who works in various projects such as residential and commercial construction. Also, they perform in new home construction, business, office, government agency, and residential remodeling.  


In building construction, they have to read building codes. And observe OSHA standards, fabricate wood framework and other products as well. They can build drywall, siding and wood structures.


The interesting thing is,  the journeyman carpenter needs to work with a professional carpenter team. And, that is the best way to finish the construction by communicating with each other. 

Also, it can construct alone by traveling around the country. That’s why they have been called journeyman carpenter.       


After things said above now the most important topic is what does a journeyman carpenter make? They build structures and make them installed.  Their responsibilities include making the frame, installing door, baseboard, and window in woodworking or metal.

How to Become a Journeyman Carpenter?

For being a Journeyman carpenter, you need to have some crucial skills and abilities. So, it’s time to check out what they are. 


  1. Education and valid license

  2.  Mathematical skills.

  3. Coordination.

  4. Project management abilities.

  5. Strength and stamina.

  6. Measuring skills and 

Most importantly you need to have knowledge about woodworking safety.

Education & Valid License

Minimum high school diploma courses are required to be a Journeyman carpenter. They need to have years of experience in the field. After becoming a carpenter, they will have a valid license that marks them as a real Journeyman carpenter.

Mathematical Skills


If you want to become a journeyman carpenter,  you need to have some mathematical skills so that you can read building codes, design, and other necessary objects.


Coordination help accomplishes an excellent project and it is the most important. Because communicating with each other in the journeyman carpenter team is the key to complete building construction.

Project Management Abilities

Project management abilities are also crucial like coordination in building construction. If you don’t have that many abilities, you can’t finish the project successfully. Therefore, the project might receive some damages.

Strength and Stamina

Journeyman carpenters must have adequate strength and stamina while constructing a building or installing home equipment.  Because, in this field, people need to work harder. They have to carry out heavy machines and pull sturdy things.

Measurement Skills 

Measurement is one of the core skills need to have to a journeyman carpenter. Without this knowledge, he won’t be able to take care of his tasks. Because without measuring the workpiece, a worker cannot execute his tasks.


So, if you have measurement skills and enough knowledge about the use of measurement tools, you will be able to work very neatly.

Ensuring the Safety

Though I’m talking about safety in the last step, every Journeyman carpenter needs to pay attention to it in the first place. Because when you are talking about carpentry, you are indirectly talking about the various types of sharp and dangerous tools.


If you are not concerned about the workshop safety you may fall into the danger. So, enrich your knowledge about the woodworking and workshop safety before you call yourself as a journeyman carpenter. 

Journeyman Carpenter Duties

Duties of journeyman carpenter are the key object in building construction. So, we are going to talk about what they do and the details of their job.


First of all, they make frame structures for the building, woodworking, and other materials. Also, they install walls, cabinets. Roof and floors. 


Especially, they cut and join wood, fiberglass, metal, plastic and other building materials.


They use some essential tools such as measuring tools, electric saws, hammers, miter boxes, nail guns, sanding machines, and squares. These are some common tools that meet every construction needs.

Journeyman carpenter’s wages and outlook

It is wise to know the carpenter’s wages and outlook in the market. Because the average amount of journeyman income might inspire you to become a journeyman carpenter. 


A journeyman carpenter can earn an average of $21.31 per hour. That means he can have $44.330 annually according to U.S Bureau Labor in 2011.

An entry-level journeyman earns around $24,880 annually or less. The professional journeyman carpenter can earn up to $71,890 annually.  So, it might be the right choice to begin it as an occupation.

Wrap Up

There are various types of carpenter out there. A journeyman carpenter is one of them. It is not only a part of carpentry but also can cover the maximum tasks of carpentry in the building construction, woodworking and repairing windows, doors, roof, and floor, etc.


And, a certified journeyman might have different abilities to cover all the major things in a big project. They need to tend the coordination, safety, and successful accomplishment. 


I hope this article is pretty much helpful for you if you are looking for the exact definition and details of a journeyman carpenter. Also, you’ve got what you need to be a journeyman carpenter.

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