Track Saw vs Circular Saw: Can a Track Saw Replace Circular Saw

The track saw is a special type of circular saw which uses a track to provide supreme accuracy. And the track saw vs circular saw argument is not about their type. Rather it is about their cutting precision.


When you want to take one over another, you have to consider just one thing which one is better for your cutting task. And how you need to make a cut.


In this article, I will dissection them both and will reveal which one is better.


Just stay with me to get the answer.


So, without talking too much let’s get to the core.

What is a Circular Saw and Track saw?

A circular saw is a power saw which uses a round blade to cut various types of materials like wood, plastic and even metal. And cabinet makers can use different types of saw blade for making different exotic cuts.


If you look closely to the family of a circular saw, you can find an array of different circular saws. Some are corded, some are cordless, some are handheld and some you can find mounted on a table.



Actually, the saw which features a round blade is called a circular saw. And as the track saw comes with the same circular blade, it is also a circular saw.


Then what is the difference between track saw and circular saw?


Well, in the next segment I will talk about their difference.


Difference Between Circular Saw and Track Saw

Though circular saw and track saw belongs the same power tool family, they have quite a difference. And this difference will help you to choose one over another.



Though all the saw which hold the circular blade called circular saw, they are not all the portable. Like most of the table saws out there are not portable at all.


Well, forget about the table saw. We will talk here about the exact circular saw for which you are here.


A handheld circular saw is not so much big and you won’t get any boner to transport it from one place to another. And the same case for a track saw.


However, as the track saw comes with an extra track it can be annoying for someone to carry this.



Generally, a handheld circular saw is used for making free cuts on the workpiece. And woodworkers use them for a rough cut.


But what will you do when you need to make a precise cut? Well, I know you all do have a common answer. And it is, you will use a table saw.


Though the table saw is a god to make the precise cut, it is not suitable for all circumstances. Suppose you need to work outside of your workshop and in this case, you are helpless with your table saw.


In my opinion, a track saw can save your back this time. Because this portable saw has the reputation to make an accurate cut also just like the table saw.


Versatile Cutting       

You can make crosscut with circular saw as well as rip cut. But most of them are not build to make miter cuts. So, you need a miter saw to make angle cuts.


But track saw is one hell of a versatile tool which can make a rip cut, cross cut and also angle cut easily.


So, if you take the track saw, you will have the full package.



If you consider the table saw as a circular saw and want to compare its price with the track saw, it won’t be fair.


Well, I know you are smart and you will do that between a traditional circular saw and a track saw.


Usually, the price difference of the circular saw and track saw is not so much. But you will have to always pay more to get the track saw. Because the track itself will increase its price a little bit.


Final Verdict

Then what should you need to take a track saw or circular saw?


Well, it is your personal choice.


But here is my recommendation.


If you are a DIYer and don’t have a problem with a rough cut, you can go for the traditional circular saw. And remember one thing, the saw may not provide you the miter cuts.


On the other hand, I will recommend the track saw if you want to use it professionally.     

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