Track Saw or Table Saw: Which is the Right for Woodworking

If you ask me what is the best saw for woodworking, I will have a boner to answer the question.  Because there you can find an array of power saws which are best for certain tasks.


And when it comes to talking about the track saw or table saw the situation might get more complicated.


Table saw and track saw both are equally perfect for some certain tasks. And sometimes their application may overlap.


So, it is tricky to answer, can a track saw replace a table saw. Actually, it is totally up to your work type that will ensure whether you go for the table saw or track saw.


However, in this conversation, I have piled up every information possible about the table saw and track saw. And I am sure this will help you to pick the right saw.


So without further ado, let’s find out what saw is best for a certain situation.


Similarities: Track saw vs Table saw

Track saw and the table saw both are the power tools which are used to tackle the big piece of wood.


Both saws get power from their electrical engine and feature circular blade.


Want more?


But I am sorry. This is the ending of their similarities.


However, dis-similarities between them may fulfill your desire. Let’s see in the next segment. But still, there have the question can a track saw replace table saw exists.


So, let’s find the answer in the next segment.


Dissimilarities: Table Saw vs Track Saw

Though the table saw and track saw both belong to the same power saw family, they are quite different than each other. And the points given below will help you to find out where they are diverse.



Power is the first most concern when you are talking about the power saw.


And in this case, the table saw is more powerful tool than track saw. That’s why you can easily take care of hardwood on a table saw anytime.


And if you are looking for power, you can take a table saw instead of track saw.


If you have a massive volume of wood to take care, I will suggest you take a table saw. Because it will manage it comfortably.



Though track saw and table saw both can handle the big chunk of wood, a track saw doesn’t need a huge profile to do that. Usually, you can find track saws are weighing around 9 to 20-pounds.


On the other hand, you won’t find the table saw not less than 50-pounds. And the contractor table saw can be measured up to 600-pounds.


So, if you need to transport your saw from one place to another, you will have trouble to do so with the table saw. Even the lightest table saw is weighing more than a heavyweight track saw. And I will recommend you to take a track saw over table saw, in this case.



Working Comfort

The track saw is well known for their fast and accurate cuts. And you can easily make more precise cuts on it than a table saw.


Table saw is also well known for its accuracy but when it comes to talking about the comparison with a track saw it cannot stand out.


Actually, when a DIYer need to cut the workpiece precisely,  he needs some extension like miter gauge, jig, featherboard etc to make the cut precisely and safely. But track saw comes with its own track and it is very helpful to get the precise cut.


So is a track saw better than a table saw?


It is not the time you can answer yet. Let’s look at the other facts.


Setting Up

However, each time you change your working place, you need to set up the track saw again. And where the pain comes. Because track saw set up is time-consuming.


On the other hand, the table saw need not to be set even if you change its place. Just plug it into an electrical outlet and it is ready to go on the action.  




A track saw can replicate most of the cuts of the table saw, but most of the time woodworkers use it for ripping trimming and crosscut.


However, if you want to make repetitive rip cuts comfortably, you can not deny using the table saw. Actually, it is the master of making repeated cuts.


And a table saw can also handle the narrow cuts more comfortably than a track saw.


Pros and Cons: Track Saw vs Table Saw

Pros of Table Saw

  • Best for the repeated cut.

  • Can be used to make an array of different cuts.

  • It is easy to cut material using a table saw


Cons of Table Saw

  • You need a lot of space to accommodate a table saw.

  • And it is too heavy to move around.


Pros of Track Saw

  • It is lightweight and easily portable.

  • Deliver smooth cuts.

  • Doesn’t take too much space.


Cons of Track Saw


  • It is too much time killing to set up a track saw for cutting.  

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