Skill Saw vs Circular Saw: Which One You Should Pick?

Skill saw vs circular saw isn’t a new topic to talk about. Actually, it is one of the era old topics which has been being talked about by the professional woodworkers and DIYers.


And surely, you got some questions in mind about it also and that’s why you have landed here.


Welcome, you are at the right place to wipe out your confusion.


In this article, I will cover almost everything you need to get a clear idea on the circular saw and skill saw.  


So let’s see, is a skill saw and circular saw the same thing?


What Is Circular Saw?

Engineers designed the circular saw in the 18th century. Earlier it wasn’t any compact saw as you see today. Back then, multiple people were required to operate this saw.


Unbelievable huh!


The saw today we are using needs only a pair of hands to tackle but in the past it was gigantic.  And to operate the circular saw for only a man was a nightmare.


That time people used it to cut the big lumber. And today circular saw is being vastly used to tackle wood, metal, and masonry materials.



However, modern circular saws are not that much huge. Actually, the circular saw is a power saw which features a powerful motor and a 5 ½ or 7 ½-inch blade.


And modern-day circular saws are the portable too. So you can carry it from one site to another. And you won’t get a boner to do so.


History of Skill Saw

To be honest, there you won’t find any difference between the skill saw and a circular saw.


Actually, Skill is one of the most renowned saw brands and the circular saw produced by them is referred to the Skill saw sometimes.


In the 20th century, Joseph Sullivan and Edmond Michael patented the very fast handheld circular saw. And the saw was similar to today’s worm drive circular saw.



But as Joseph and Edmond used to run a saw factory named Skill, people started to call the saw as a skill saw. And over the time it becomes the synonym of the circular saw.


Soon the saw got heat on the market, most of the manufacturers started to copy its design. As a result, circular saws from the different companies came on the market with the same looking. And people started calling them skill saw.



Q: What is a Skill saw used for?

A: As Skill saw is one kind of circular saw, you can use the saw to cut wood, metal and masonry product.


Q: Can I use a smaller blade on my circular saw?

A: Yes, definitely you can change your circular saw blade with the smaller one.


Q: How deep will a 7.25 circular saw cut?

A: If you got 6 inches or more diameter blade on your circular saw, you can easily cut the lumber with 2-inches deep at a 45-degree angle.


Q: What size circular saw should I buy?

A: Most popular size of the circular saw is 7 ½-inch and it can handle almost every type of circular saw related cutting. So, 7 ½-inch circular saw is one of the best choices in my opinion.    

James Johnson

James Johnson

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