Most Effective Way to Rip 2x4 With Circular Saw

Table saw is the perfect machine to make rip cuts. But if you don’t have one, don’t be disheartened yet. By using a circular saw, you can still make your desired cut.

In this article, I will show you the process to rip 2×4 with circular saw.  

Last summer, I need some narrow woods to do a specific project. And as my table saw was not cutting straight immediately I grabbed my circular saw to make the rip cut.

I had followed the steps given below and achieved the cut I needed. And if you are struggling to make the cut, I will recommend you to follow my steps also.

Things You Need to Rip 2x4 With a Circular Saw

Like every woodworking project, you need some specific tools to make rip using a circular saw. And the tolls are :

  1. At first, you need a  circular saw. Ha ha ha ha
  2. Some hold down clamps which will help you to hold your workpiece with the right place.
  3. A sharp circular saw blade.

Note: Try to grab a blade which has a special coating on its body. This coating will help the saw blade to fight against friction and will deliver you a smooth cut.

  1. A polyurethane sheet to lay down the workpiece on it.

As soon as you arrange them, you are ready to go on the action. But don’t start the procedure, before you take the safety precaution

Safety Equipment You Need to Work With a Circular Saw

Power saws are the first most equipment you need to start a woodworking business. But it is one of the dangerous tools to work with as it features a sharp blade and does make noise. So, before starting the operation take this essential safety equipment:
  1. Earmuffs to protect your hearing.
  2. Goggles to protect your eyes from saw debris.
  3. A pair of woodworking safety gloves which will give you necessary protection to your hands and finger.
  4. And a respirator mask for woodworking to protect you from inhaling sawdust.
Note: Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes in the workshop. And try to avoid using polyester made wears.

Steps to Follow to Rip a 2x4 Using Circular Saw

To get your work done properly follow the steps right below.

Step 1: Check out your saw to make sure that it is okay and then plug it into the electric socket.

Step 2: Attach a edge guide to your circular saw. Actually, an edge guide slides along the edge of the workpiece and provides a uniform cut.

Step 3: Clamping wood is very important to get the stone-strong workpiece which is hard to move. So, Clamp down the wood properly on the top of a table by using the hold down clamps.

(However, in my case, I clamp down my workpiece on the ground on top of a polyurethane sheet.)

Step 4: After clamping down the wood piece, you need to mark on the workpiece which will help you to get the straight cut.

Step 5: Before you make the cut on the wood, you have to set the depth of your circular saw blade. Set the depth of the blade so that it can come out barely through the woods.

Step 6: Now, practice quite a few times before you start the main operation.

Step 7: At last, just start cutting through the guide-line to get a straight rip 2×4 with a circular saw.


  1. Go slowly with the cutting process. Otherwise, you can end up with a burned wood or the wood can be damaged with chipping.
  2. Don’t start the procedure with a dull circular saw blade.
  3. If your saw has a laser light to guide you through the cutting line, don’t forget to turn it on.
  4. And, if your saw doesn’t feature any laser, don’t worry. The edge guide will still help you to get the straight cut.  Just slide it along through the edge of your workpiece.

Final Verdict

After the table saw, a circular saw is the best tool to use for making rip cuts. Just you to follow some necessary steps to prove it right.  And now you already have those steps to follow.

By following those steps and using a good quality blade, you can make any rip into a zip.

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