What to Do When a Miter Saw Won’t Turn on?

Miter saw is the must-have machine for a woodshop to cut a bevel on the wood. As it is a complex machine, it can stop working any moments due to the failure of its any part.

Sometimes, you might face some serious problem with your miter saw when your miter saw won’t turn on and then you need a solution for that.

That time, you can throw a question on the community by writing “ Need brainy ideas of how to troubleshoot and fix a miter saw which is not starting.”

Well, hold on a moment before doing that.

In this article, I will get you the ideas for a miter saw troubleshooting and fixing. And I am damn sure that you don’t have to go further for finding another article related miter saw shut down if you come along with me till the end.

So, without any further gibberish, let’s get to the core.

Miter Saw Troubleshooting and when It Isn’t Turning on

Before troubleshooting a miter saw you have to get your miter saw manual on your hand. If it is not possible for you, don’t worry.

I have told you to do so for finding the instruction on it for troubleshooting.

In this situation, most of the manuals have instructions for looking at four main miter saw accessories for a miter saw repairing. And they are listed below

  1. Plugged in
  2. Circuit breaker.
  3. Miter saw cord
  4. Brushes.

Now you have the list on your hand, you need to check out.
Step by step let’s solve those miter saw problems, which is stopping to operate.

Handling Plugged in Issue

By following the woodworking safety rules, craftsmen usually turn off the saw after using. They also do it to save the electricity bill. And to do this safely, they unplugged the saw from the electric socket

But sometimes they forget to plug it into the outlet. In this case, the miter saw cannot get the electricity it needs to operate. And usually, carpenters started to panic by thinking they have got major miter saw issues.

It is pretty much silly.  

So, if your miter saw isn’t starting, at first check out the electric port if it is holding the miter saw plug for passing the electricity.

If your miter saw isn’t plugged in into the electric outlet, re-plugged it. Absolutely it will start again.

Easy as combing huh!!!

If your saw is still silent, check out the outlet with another power tool. It is possible that the outlet itself is facing the problem and cannot pass the current your saw need.

So, change the electricity outlet you were using to power up the saw, if it is failed.

Note: But if your saw is having a damaged plug, replace it with the new one before plugging it into the socket. By clicking the link below, you can easily get it.


Playing With Circuit Breaker

Though the circuit breaker is not one of the miter saw accessories, it is important for the powering up your machine.

So, after checking out the plugged in status of your saw, it is time to check the circuit breaker, if you found out the saw was already plugged in.

It is common that you can find circuit breaker with a broken fuse. If so, repair it.

All you need just a piece of wire and screwdriver.

Examining Miter Saw Cord

Didn’t find anything wrong with the circuit breaker and plug? Let’s check out the electric cord which brings current from the outlet to your saw.

If you notice that it is damaged, change it immediately. And I am recommending you DEWALT for this part as it is one of the best of the market. You can also replace it with your own favorite, it depends on you.

Checking Motor Brushes

For a miter saw troubleshooting sometimes you need to go deep and you have to check out an array of miter saw accessories.

And at last, you have to go deep to the miter saw motor to troubleshoot a miter saw having the problem with the startup.

After running for a while,  motor brushes can worn out and loose its working power. If this is the case in term of your motor, replace it with the new.

As a motor brush replacement Univen is one of my favorite because they have a reputation to make various power tools and accessories for years.

Bottom Line

I think these miter saw hacks will help you with your miter saw repairing and you will be again able to start the miter saw operation.

But if your miter saw is still refusing to get back to life, it is the time you need a new one.

To replace your old miter saw with the best you can check out the Review Infinite. There you will find some best miter saws and their buying guide.

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