Miter Saw Kickback Isn’t a Problem Anymore

Do you know what is the exact number of people pay a visit to the hospital every year? Well, the number is as high as the Everest.

From a survey, NEISS has found that in 2008-2009 about 101900 people have come to the hospital with stationary saw related injury. And among them, the number of miter saw injuries are not so low. Even the number is alarming.

Most of the miter saw injuries occur when a woodworker handles the saw in a freakish way. Well, those all are not responsible for a miter saw kickback.

From my experience, I have found that a miter saw kickback can be fatal, though the kickback is not so much powerful as the table saw kickback.

And in this article, I will discuss everything about the miter saw kickback like what is it, different types of miter saw kickback, and a quick solution on how to prevent miter saw kickback.

Different types of miter saw kickback

If you are a woodworker and have years of experience to work with the saws then you might have encountered various types of saw kickback. You might also notice that not all the kickbacks are the same. And in my opinion there you can find two types of kickback.

  1. A jerking like kickback and
  2. True kickback.

Jerking like kickback

Sometimes, when you are playing with the radial arm miter saw or the sliding miter saw, the working material can bind the blade. In this situation, the miter saw can be driven towards you.

This kickback is not as dangerous as the true kickback and you can easily manage this.  In this case, you will feel an annoying jerking and the saw won’t shoot you with the wood.

Well, still it can drag your hand towards the blade. So, it is annoying and no one wants even a smooth kickback when he is dealing with the sharp saw blade.

True Kickback

In terms of true kickback, the saw blade binds to the workpiece and throws it back opposite to the direction it is being accelerated (Generally, you will find this type of dangerous kickback in a table saw).

It is very nasty as it can drag down your hand on the sharp table saw blade. It can also kick you with the flying workpieces.

However, the true kickback is not common in the miter saw we will skip this for now.

Causes Behind Miter Saw Kickback

Even following the basic miter saw safety rules and hacks cannot save you from getting the kickback. Still, the saw blade can drag your hand towards it. So, before you take necessary steps to prevent the saw kickback you have to know what the main culprit who is playing behind.

And below I am listing those possible facts which might lead you to the miter saw kickback.

  1. Cutting long pieces of wood.
  2. Cutting workpiece with a high pitch content.
  3. Working with a dull saw blade.

Still, you have just the name, so let’s dissect them to know what to do to prevent them.

Miter Saw Kickback When Cutting a Long Piece of Wood

Oftentimes, you will encounter kickback when you will attempt to handle a long piece of wood on your miter saw.

Generally, cutting long wood on miter saw is tricky because it is difficult to hold every point of the wood on the fence and the miter saw table top. Actually this time, you will be straggling to hold the wood firmly on the saw.

And as you proceed to cut the long piece of wood on the miter saw, it loses its ground and the piece of the workpiece moves closer to the bed and fence. Thus you can notice a slight change on the kerf that is enough to occur a sudden kickback.

How to Prevent

It is so easy to counter the miter saw kickback when you are working with the long workpiece.

Just start your cutting procedure by composing a partial chop cut near the saw fence surface of the blade. And it will help you by softening the impacts of any binding or kickback.

Miter Saw Kickback When cutting Workpiece with High Pitch Content

You can also encounter a filthy miter saw kickback when you work with the wet wood or workpiece that contains a high pitch content. Generally, you get the kickback because a wet wood is more sticky to the mi8ter saw blade and the blade can grasp the wood more commonly.

Actually, a dull blade has more tendency to bind the workpiece. If you use a dull blade on a sliding compound miter saw with an intrusive hook and fewer teeth count, possible you won’t miss the chance of getting the experience of nasty kickback.

How to Prevent

To get rid of the miter saw kickback, you should use a quality blade intended to use in sliding compound miter saw. The blade will cut the wet or dry wood smoothly. And it will not only help you to reduce the binding but will also improve your experience of cutting with the miter saw. Sometimes, you guys face difficulties to find the best miter saw blade, so I am putting down the name which one I usually use in my miter saw (Freud D12100X). If this is not the blade which one you are looking for, no problem. You can visit the Review Infinite to find a whole line full of the best miter saw blade for fine cuts.

5 Tips to Prevent Miter Saw Kickback

We are almost at the end of this conversation and now you know the various types of miter saw kickback and already have a clear idea of how to prevent that. But here is some quick miter saw tips, by following these you won’t face the kickback often times.

  1. Use the best quality miter saw blade which has a thin kerf and comes with a greater tooth count.
  2. Don’t attempt to cut a tiny piece of wood on the miter saw because most of the times the saw can grab that small piece of wood easily and can throw towards you.
  3. Before you start cutting wood with the saw, make sure the fence alignment is correct.
  4. Be sure about your miter and bevel settings are working properly and the blade of the miter saw is set tightly.
  5. And don’t make a mistake to pull up the blade until it stops after a making a cut.   

Well, if you get all the things right mentioned above, you will get the butter like smooth cutting from your miter saw without any issue.

James Johnson

James Johnson

Hi, James speaking. I'm a handyman with my own home service startup and a writer. Friends call me tools-nerd, where I call myself a machine-enthusiast. I'm working as a co-editor at Review Infinite, and I'm so in love with my job.

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