Jigsaw vs Router: Which is Better for Woodworking

It is not easy to run a woodworking shop without having proper machinery. Actually, a woodworker needs an array of saw types to perform different types of cut on the wood. Such as he needs a table saw to handle long wood and a miter saw to make bevel cuts.

Actually, each and every woodworking tools have specific works to do, though all kinds of saws out there have the same types of wood cutting job.

But when it comes talking about the woodcutting router and jigsaw, your head might be spinning.

Well, don’t be disheartened yet. It is just not only you, there you can find plenty of folks who are also confused to pick the right machine for their woodshop.

In this conversation, I will try to put out your confusion on those two woodworking legends. To do so, I will make difference about them based on their applications, maintenance methods, and their pricing. And I think these will literally wipe out your confusion.    

Okay, I won’t make you wait anymore. Without spending a further word on the intro, let’s deep dive in the savory topics called “ Jigsaw vs Router

Definition of Jigsaw and Router

I know some of you are pro woodworkers and have a clear idea of these two wood cutting machines, but some of you literally have no idea what the router or jigsaw is. Actually, they are the newbie in this profession and want to gather an idea on various woodworking machines for their future tasks.

So, especially for those people, I am describing these. If you want to skip this part, you can.  

Okay, I don’t want to know your purposes of landing here. You all are welcome.

What is Jigsaw?

Basically, the jigsaw is a power tool contains an electric motor to get power and reciprocating saw blades for cutting wood.

Like a miter saw, some of the futuristic jigsaws offer bevel function on their slope to cut regular angels. And this feature is very helpful for making miter joints.

In the past, a scroll saw was also called as a jigsaw.

And nowadays various companies call the jigsaw as a sabre saw or bayonet saw.

What is router?

A router is a specialized tool that woodworker often use for routing the area of a hard material like plastic or wood. There you can find two types of a router in cabinetry and they are

  1. Hand tool type of router
  2. Powertool type of router

Primitive Router (hand tool type)

Basically, a hand-tool type of router is the primitive form of the router and it features a  base along with a sharp blade for chiseling wood. And often woodworkers call it as a hand planer.

Electric Router (Power Tool Type)

On the other hand, a modern electric router has an electric motor to make the hollow path on the hard surface. And it is one of the most versatile tools used by the woodworkers and carpenters from across the globe.

Difference between router and jigsaw

Though a jigsaw and a router both of them are being used broadly in the woodworking industry, they have some common differences which make them separate.

To get a better view of this, let’s check out the comparison table of router vs jigsaw below. These are the basic difference of them which can be found in naked eyes.

In general, a jigsaw is one kind of versatile power saw.A router is a handheld or power machine used in woodworking.
As it is a power tool, it needs a motor to run.As the router can be a hand tool or a power tool, it is not necessary you will always find a motor with it.
Typically a jigsaw uses a blade to glide through the wood.A router doesn’t feature any blade, rather it uses router bits for various wood cutting tasks.
Basically, a woodworker uses the jigsaw freehand. You need jig or pattern to glide the router.

Router and jigsaw are the two shining stars of the woodworking world. Though they belong to the same family, they have some specific job to do. And you will easily find some similarities and dissimilarities between their applications.

Words from the below will help you to find out those easily.

Difference Based on Jigsaw and Router Application

Generally, we use the jigsaw to make both curve and straight cut on the various types of materials like wood, metal, plastic etc. On the other hand, a router can be used for routing out an area of the wood or plastic. You can use a jigsaw to cut material easily, just change its blade according to your desired material that you want to cut. But it is pretty much harder to hollow out the tough material with the router. To cut out any material, jigsaw uses a sharp blade along with its powerful motor. But after having a powerful motor, the router doesn’t have any sharp edge to cut down the metal. Rather it uses its specialized bit which chisel down the material by spinning. And it is tough for these bits to take care of hard material. Well, though you cannot tackle the hard material with the router, you can easily use it to chisel down the wood. And both jigsaw and router can be used for this task. You can also make a curve on the wood with both of them. However, if you want to use the router for making a straight line on the wood, possible you will get a boner. Generally, it cannot be used without any fence or other helping tools. Well, in this situation, definitely a jigsaw will pull you out from the dust. Because its special design to use it freehand will allow you to cut the wood in any form any time. And a jigsaw is safer and easier to use than a router. But a router is more comfortable to use for making a wood hollow. So, to do this, I will recommend you to go for a router. And if you are searching for one, you can check my favorites from the link below.
  2. Bosch 1617EVSPK
  3. DEWALT DW618B3

Maintenance Issues of the Jigsaw vs Router

If you find out issues on your jigsaw or router issues, you have to go through the same painful maintenance process as they both are the member of the power tool family. To troubleshoot both of them, you have to dissection their electric motors.

But when it comes talking about their other accessories you will definitely find some difference between them.

As router bits are not so sharp like a jigsaw, you have to change it after using those on a couple of applications. The pricing of a drill bit is not so low and as you have to change it often you need a pocket full of money to caress it.

On the other hand, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of bucks on the jigsaw blade. And you don’t need to change it often as you just hold on the to the wooden workpieces.

Pricing of Jigsaw vs Router

If you are thinking about the router and jigsaw prices, throw away this. Because you cannot compare them based on their price. I have already researched the market and seen that jigsaw and router will almost cost you the same amount of money.

But, it is wise to keep in mind their maintenance cost as I have mentioned above.

Bottom Line

Still confused within jigsaw or router? Don’t be.

Actually, they are pretty much different according to their uses. So, if you just want to route the workpiece, go for a router. And a jigsaw will help you to make different types of cuts.

James Johnson

James Johnson

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