How to Use a Manual Pole Saw Safely?

Pole saw is not like the traditional power saws like miter saw that has the ability to slide, contractor table saw or circular saw. It is one of the most uncommon members of the saw family.


Where you use other saws to cut just above on the ground there the pole saw is being used to cut off top branches of the tree.


Actually, when you need to cut the top branches of a tree, you have two common options in your hand. One is to call a professional and another is to dive on your own to cut that.


Just like the unique shape of the pole saw, it is hard to control the saw. And it can be also dangerous if you don’t have have the idea of what you are dealing with.


Chill, in this article  I will show you, how to use a manual pole saw safely and get most out of it.

Pole Saw Safety Tips to Follow

Professional lumberjacks get plans before they starting to cut the tree or branches. After cutting out a large branch, they use a rope and pulley system to bring down the branches safely.

professional lumber jack

However, you have no option to use the rope to do that safely when you are using the pole saw. And that’s why I am recommending you to follow the saw safety tips given below.


  1. Generally, a pole saw can cut out a couple of inches thick branch and you need to hold the saw upright to do the job. So if you are working with the thick piece of wood, it will cost you more time and you will be tired.

  2. Before making the final cut on the branch you want to cut, you have to reduce its weight. And when you will be good at this technique, you are allowed to fell the branches overhead.

  3. If you use an extension to the saw, it will consume more weight and will be too tiring to hold the saw upright.

  4. Be careful if you get electrical line beside your desired branches. If you want a suggestion from me, don’t attempt to cut the branch which is situated near an electrical line. Go and call a professional to do that for you.

Tree Pruning With Pole Saw

For pruning tree using the pole saw you need to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Clear the Area

At first, you use pole saw to any of the branches, you need to clear the working area. Make sure there have no children hanging around.

And not only that, you have to make sure that anyone cannot reenter your working area again till you are finished.


If there have any fallen logs or exposed root on the ground, take note of them. Because you need a clear path to escape if anything goes wrong.

Step 2: Select The Branch You Want to Cut

After getting the working area clear, you need to select the branch you want to cut with a pole saw. Most of the branches need to have preliminary jump cuts to get lightweight.


But it is not necessary for all of the branches you want to cut. It is easy to make a cut on the horizontal surface if you are using a pole saw to cut. So, try to select those areas of the branches to give a cut.


In most pole saw cutting, the blade goes from the side of the branches. But when you are performing the jump cuts, you need to cut the branches from underneath. At this stage, as you are working against gravity, you will have a boner.


So, take your time, and do it slowly. And take rest in the middle, if you need to.

Step 3: Positioning The Pole Saw and Yourself

Positioning is one of the most important pole saw techniques you need to consider when you want to get a perfect cut.


At first, hold the saw using your two hands and pull it up right. Control the weight of the saw.  And rest it on its blade on the branch you want to cut.


After positioning the saw, itis time to get a safe position for yourself.


At first, make sure you don’t stand directly under the saw line. Rather, by positioning the saw end on to the branch move your body at a safe distance from where you can hold another end of the saw at an angle.


Note: If you are working with the adjustable pole saw, probably you require to lengthen for achieving the position.

Step 4: Start cutting with the pole saw

Now you are all set to make your first cut on the branch. At first, try to make a deep groove so that later you can make swing comfortably.


Go slowly with your very first cut. Try to do it in a controlled way. Try to make a perpendicular cut and it will help your saw blade to get as much as space possible.

using a manual pole saw

Note: when you will attempt to make the first cut it is very common to slip the saw from the desired cutting spot. If this is the case, don’t go crazy. Hold your breath and regain your energy then go again.

Once you have finished making the groove, position your saw blade into it. Now you can raise your stroke speed.

Don’t move your eyes from the branch. Specially, when it nears to fall because now you have to more careful about its falling path. Always be ready to jump aside if you get close to the felling line of the branch.

Clear the ground once again before starting to cut a new branch. And repeat the process once again.


Q: What are pole saws used for?

A: if you want to cut a branch which is at the high on the tree, a pole saw is a perfect tool to do that. And you don’t need any ladder to do so.


Q: Can you use a pole saw to trim hedges?

A: A pole saw is not meant to cut the hedge. Instead of using it, you can use a hedge trimmer to trim hedge comfortably.


Q: Can you use a pole saw on a ladder?

A: When you need to cut a branch at the top of the tree and you don’t have any ladder to reach there, your best friend can be a poll saw to do it easily. So, when you have poll saw you don’t need any ladder. But if you want to use a poll saw on a ladder, you can do it. At this time it will help you to reach more further. But remember one thing, the ladder will unstable your position to control the saw.


Q: Is it possible to sharpen a pole saw blade?

A: By using a file or sharpening rod you can easily sharpen the pole saw blade.

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