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How To Polish Metal With Dremel?

Dremel is one of the versatile tools you can use in your workshop. You can use it for cutting materials, sanding grinding and polishing easily.

But many of the tools out there can do the same tasks, then why a Dremel is so special? Wait I am getting into this.


Though other tools can do the same work, they cannot reach all the tight spaces. Dremel is way more than better to fit in the tight space. By reaching there they can finish the tasks which you wanted to.


However, though the Dremel is a multi-purpose tool and is able to do an array type of tasks, I am not going to explain all of them. Rather in this article, I am going to help you with the topic “ how to polish metal with Dremel.”

Things You Need To Polish Metal With Dremel

Just having a Dremel is not enough to polish the material. Along with the Dremel multipurpose tool, you need some additional things. And here is the list: 

  1. Dremel rotary tool.

  2. Dremel Multi vise.

  3. Polishing pads. (Buffing pads)

  4. Polishing compound. (Wax)

  5. Microfiber cloth.

  6. Working gloves.

Steps You Need To Follow For Polishing Metal

Polishing metal is not as easy as it seems. You need to put a focus on your work to do it as the masters do. You also need to follow some specific strict steps to achieve a great finish.


Step 1: Before you start polishing using the Dremel, you have to clean the metal piece. It is one of the most crucial parts of this process. Cleaning will help you to remove rust, molding and other residues from the metal.


There you can find different methods for cleaning various types of metals. As I don’t know what type of metal you are going to clean I cannot tell you any specific process. Rather you should go here to check the various types of metal cleaning processes.


Step 2: Since the metal has gone through a cleaning process, it is possible that it got some liquid on it. If so, dry them out or soak it using a microfiber cloth.


Step 3:  It is not possible to work with an unsupported material. So, you have to secure the workpiece this time. And to do so put the material into the multi vise. This will hold your material in place. 


Are you looking for a vise to hold the large workpieces? Then check out our vise reviews to find one.


Step 4: At this time of the project, you need to set your tolls you are going to use. Change the Dremel bit. And then attach a polishing pad on it. 


Pick up the polishing pad according to the surface you are going to polish. For a flat surface, better you use a circular pad. And if you are going to polish inside the cylindrical thing, you have to use the cylindrical pad or pad with a pointed tip.


Step 5: You cannot just us the bare pad on the metal surface to polish it unless it already got wax on. So, before applying the pad to polish metal, put some polishing compound on it.


Step 6: If you are using a battery-powered Dremel, I hope you have checked already whether it has the charge or not. And if you are using the electrical Dremel, you don’t have the headache of charging. Put the electrical cord into the electricity port. Then squeeze the power button and start the Dremel.


Step 7: It is too important to set the Dremel Power, I mean the rotating speed. It needs to be perfect. If the Dremel bit is rotating too fast, it will mess up the polishing. Because it will put scratches on the soft metal. On the other side, if the rotating speed is too low, it won’t be able to polish the metal perfectly.


So, to get the perfect finish on the metal. Turn down the speed at 2, the number is not too high or low.

Step 8: It is time for the action. Hold the tool firmly. And make contact between the pad and the metal. But remember not to press too hard with the Dremel bit. Hold the position of the pad for sometimes to clean the surface underneath it. When you are satisfied, move it aside to polish another place. Keep doing this until you finished polishing every single millimeter of the surface.

Tips To Polish Metal With The Dremel


  1. Don’t screw the polishing pads on the mandrel too tightly.

  2. Keep using wax on the polishing pads.

  3. If the pads already come with wax, don’t put some extra on it.

  4. Change the polishing pad if it is worn out.

  5. Polish the whole surface of the metal evenly to get the shiny look.

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James Johnson

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