How to Make a Wire Saw

When you are going for the wilderness, it is important to have a knife for cutting branches. But after making some cuts on the branches, your knife may lose its sharpness. So, the knife is not a great solution.


To cut the thin branches of the tree for making fire in the jungle, you can use a wire saw. It is so much effective and lightweight. So you won’t have a boner to accommodate in your backpack.


The wire saw is easy to make and need a few tools and materials to do it. It also won’t dig deep to your pocket.


So, let’s see how to make a wire saw easily by following the 5 steps given below.

Things You Need for Making a Wire Saw

Just spent some penny to buy the items given down below to make the saw. But before buying those, search them in your garage. And I think most of the thing you will find there.

  1. 45-50 inch wire
  2. 2 piece of round wooden stick for handles (or you can use two key rings)
  3. Pliers
  4. Wire cutter
  5. Safety goggles and
  6. Working gloves
  7. Measuring tape

Steps for Making Wire Saw

Transforming a circular saw into a table saw, it is not so hard to make a wire saw. Just follow the steps below to do it easily.

Step 1: Preparing The Wire

If you have a stack of wire, at first, unfold it. Then measure about 50-inch using the measuring tape.


Now, grab the wire cutter and cut it down. This 50-inch wire will let you use 5-inch on both sides of it for making loops. And rest of the wire for cutting.


Cut each wrapped barb’s extended part like shown in the picture.

Long barbs of the wire are not suitable for making the cuts on the wood. So, if you cut down them at first of the project it will be so much easier to handle it on the rest of the wire saw making project.


Now, untwist the wire at each end up to 5-inch for making the loops. If you got any barb on this segment of the wire, unwrap them. And if it is impossible to untwist them, slide it off.

Step 2: Adding Handles and Loopings to The Saw

Now, make a loop with the untwisted wire around the wooden stick. To make it tighter. Push the wire end through the v-shaped formed by the end of the wire.


Now close the ending of the loops using the pliers.


If you don’t find any round stick in your garage, don’t worry. You can use a branch of the tree to use as a handle. You can also use a key ring to put your finger inside instead of using sticks.


However, if you compare the ring with the stick, the stick will be more comfortable than a ring. Because the stick will allow you to grab it using your fist.

Testing & Using The Wire Saw

Now, let’s find out how to use the wire saw.

First thing first. Do go for cutting the big trees with the wire saw because it can cost you forever to do this. I will recommend you to just stay into the limits up to 2-4-inch diameter branch of the trees.


Loop the saw around the branch. Then grab it with tightly with the hand and start pulling it left and right. Do it just in a rhythm.  I think this will take you just a couple of minutes to cut down the timber.


Q: Can a wire saw cut metal?

A: A wire saw is one kind of survival saw which is not meant to be made for cutting metal.


Q: What are wire saw used for?

A: Generally, survival wire saws are used for cutting branches.


Q: Is it possible to cut stone with a wire saw?

A:  The wire saw is not hard enough to tackle the hard stone. But I think you can make a cut on the normal stone using a wire saw.


Q: Can you cut PVC with the wire saw?

A:  As you can cut wood with the wire saw, you can cut PVC also.

James Johnson

James Johnson

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