How to Install Plain End Scroll Saw Blades Quickly (In just 6 steps)

It’s important to have a new blade on your saw to get most out of it. And it is no matter whether you have a sliding compound miter saw, normal table saw or a sidewinder circular saw.


As the saws mentioned above have the same circular blade they are pretty much same to change. But the shape of a scroll saw blade is different than the others. And you need to walk through a different way to change scroll saw blade.


So, let’s see how to install plain end scroll saw blade step by step.

Things You Need to Change Scroll Saw Blade

Try to arrange the tools and things listed below to get started.

  1. Scroll saw blade

  2. Allen key

  3. Screwdriver

  4. A hand  gloves (to protect your hand as you have to deal with the sharp blade)  

If you have already arranged the things you need, you are ready to go for the next step of changing the scroll saw blade.

Step 1: Taking Scroll saw Safety

The gloves will surely protect your hand from sudden cutting but it is not enough to provide you the safety you need.


As a scroll is a power saw as a band saw, it uses electricity to run. So, before you go further into the project, it is essential to unplug the saw from the electrical outlet.


And, this will make sure that the saw won’t start inadvertently.


Step 2: Loosen Up the Scroll Saw Blade Screw

Don’t compare the scroll saw blade attaching mechanism with the modern table saw blade system.


Unlike the table saw blade you won’t be able to remove the scroll saw blade by pushing just a key. Rather you need to untighten som,e blade to bring out the blade from the saw.


If you look closely to the various types of scroll saw, you will find two screws that are holding the blade.


For a tabletop scroll saw, one of the screws located on the top of the table and one can be found at the bottom.


On the other hand, you will find screws front and at the top in case of hand-held scroll saw.


As you have located the screws, it is time to loosen them.


Just loosen them by using a suitable Allen key or screwdriver.


Note: Sometimes you need to completely remove the nut from the saw to bring out the blade. But some scroll saw will let you remove the blade by just loosing the screw a little bit.


So, perform the step according to your saw design. If it is possible, check your scroll saw manual to find out the system your saw has.


Step 3: Remove Old Scroll Saw Blade  

Most of the modern scroll saw blade will just fall down after untightening the screw. But if your saw doesn’t do it on its own, just do as I say.


In case of hand-held scroll saw, you require to drive away the blade from the screw like sideways. Then you have to pull it down to totally remove it.


And if you are playing with the table scroll saw, you need to pull up the blade towards you for removing it.


Step 4: Installing Scroll Saw Blade

Now, you have to just place a new blade in the blank slot of your scroll saw.


Note: But before installing the blade, try to check the blade quality. A cheap quality blade will be worn out quickly and you need to change it often. So, don’t forget to grab top rated scroll saw blades.


To insert the blade into your scroll saw, just perform the step 3 backward. That’s mean if you have removed the old blade by pulling it towards you, place the new one by pushing it towards the saw.


Step 5: Retighten the Screws

After placing the new shiny blade on the saw, you can start tightening the screws. But remember to make straight the blade. Otherwise, you will get a crooked cut. And it is the most important part for installing plain end scroll saw blade.


Once you make sure that the blade is square to the saw, start tightening the screw to hold the blade in the position. And this time use the same Allen Key you used to untighten the screw.


Step 6: Run the Scroll Saw Machine


At this stage, you are pretty much done and you can use the saw once again. But before you use the scroll saw for cutting wood, I will recommend you to taste it. To run the taste just do the followings.


Plug the saw into the electrical outlet. Then start cutting a scrap piece of wood to see the blade is not loosened and cutting straight.

If it is not, adjust it.


Finally, when you are satisfied, you are ready to go on the action.



Q: Are scroll saw blades universal?

A: If you are talking about the scroll saw blade sizes then it is universal. You can use the 5-inch scroll saw blade to the most of the saws out there. But according to the cutting material, you will find two major types of scroll saw blades. One is for cutting wood and another is for cutting metal.


Q: Which scroll saw blade to use?

A: According to your need you can use any of the scroll saw blade listed below. There you will find some of the best scroll saw blades which are awesome for cutting wood and metal.

  1. SKIL 80182

  2. Flying Dutchman

  3. Olson Saw FR49501

  4. Dremel MS52-01


Q: Which way does a scroll saw blade go?

A: If a scroll saw blade is properly installed, you will find that the teeth are pointing down and facing towards you.


Q: How thick of wood can a scroll saw cut?

A: Though a scroll saw can take care of up to 1-inch wood, 3/4 -inch wood is recommended to get the best result.


Q: Is a scroll saw as the same as a jigsaw?

A: Actually the scroll saw and jigsaw are the two different name of one saw and you can also name it as a saber saw.  

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