How to Cut Thick Brass Easily?

Brass is one of the oldest metal founded, older than iron. And it can be used in an array of purposes. The brass (bronze) can increase the beauty of your any wooden furniture or you can make entire furniture with it.


But before using it you need to cut it down in the right size. But the question is how to cut thick brass in easily and in an effective way?


Today I am here to answer this specific question.


I will show you some of the effective techniques which can change your brass cutting experience.


So, without further ado let’s find out how to cut brass effectively.

Safety First

Before working in a workshop you have to follow some basic safety rules. And need to take some safety precaution as you don’t want to get injured yourself.


So, try to grab the safety equipment you require to keep you safe.


When you are in the working shop you have to follow a strict dress code. Because the dress can lead you towards any kinds of fatal injuries.


So, what type of clothing you need?


Don’t wear loose fitting clothing which has possibilities to caught by a sharp object or machine of your workshop. And avoid wearing chain and bracelet also.


To protect your feet, always wear a pair of work boots.

Eye Protection

The eye is one of the sensitive organs of the human body. When you perform the cutting operation in the workshop, you will end up creating debris.


That debris can dash through your eyes and can damage it. So, to protect your eyes from dust and debris, you need to wear a safety glass.

Hand Protection

To protect your hand form cutting you need to wear a pair of hand gloves. Because you need to work with the sharp object all the time if you want to cut something.


And that’s all. As soon as you have managed these, you are good to dive into the cutting action.

Brass Cutting Techniques

There you can choose any from so many brass cutting techniques according to your brass shape like.

  1. Cutting brass rod.

  2. Cutting brass tubing and

  3. Cutting brass sheet.

Now let’s talk about the techniques mentioned above one by one.

Cutting Brass Tube

To cut brass there you can follow any of the techniques you want to mentioned below. The technique will just depend on what is the tool you got for cutting.


And the brass tubing cutting techniques are

  1. Cutting brass tube using tubing cutter and

  2. Sawing the brass tube.

Cutting Brass Tube Using Tubing Cutter

The tubing cutter is one of the simple looking tools which can make brass tube cutting so much easy. Then what is the cutting procedure of brass tube using the cutter? Let’s find out in the below.

Cutting Brass Tube Using Tubing Cutter

Step 1: At first, mark on the brass using a permanent marker where you want to make the cut.


Step 2: Now, fasten the tool where you have marked for cutting.


Step 3:  Spin the cutter around the brass pipe a couple of times. The process will slowly but surely.


Step 4: Now change the blade position to make a cut on the other side of the tubing. So, rotate the cutter a little bit. And repeat the process. Until it is cut down.


Note: Don’t overtighten the tubing cutter. If you do so, it can end up being crimped.

Sawing The Brass Tube

For sawing the brass tube, at first, you need a hacksaw and a miter box. Then follow my steps.


Step 1: Before making the cut on the tube, check the blade of your coping saw. If it is containing an old blade, order a new one by clicking here.


Step 2: After you have all the things to cut the tube at first, place the brass tube on the groove of the miter box.


Step 3: Now, start sawing the tube. The saw will start cutting two walls altogether. And as you are dividing your force on to those two, it is difficult to cut the tube.


So, gradually rotate the tube away from you that’s how the saw will get contacted with just one wall of the tube and will make easy your work.

Cutting Brass Rod

To cut down a brass rod you can go through any of these two techniques

  1. Cutting rod with pliers and

  2. Cutting with a hacksaw.

Cutting Brass Rod With Plier

As you want to cut the thicker rod, you need to change your tools. If you want to cut a small diameter of rod, a wire cutter will do the job smoothly.


But for cutting the brass with the midrange level diameter you need a bolt cutter or big pliers.

cutting brass rod with pliers

Now, place the brass tube on the jaws of the pliers and put pressure on it. Put pressure until it is cut down into pieces.


Note: probably you have ended up with a sharp edge on the rod. If you want to make it smooth, sand it.

Cutting Brass Rod With a Hacksaw    

Let’s see how easily you can cut the brass rod with a hack saw.

But before go for the cutting at first you need to make sure that the blade of your hack saw is new and have no issues.


Step 1: Take a vise and place the rod into it. Make sure the vise is holding the brass rod firmly. That’s how you can prevent the shaking created during the operation.


Step 2: As the hacksaw needs two hands to operate, you have to place your one hand on the top of the saw and use your other hand to hold the handle.


Step 3: Now, put slight pressure on the saw and start sawing. After a couple of swings, you will end up by making a groove.


Step 4:  Once you have finished making the groove for the blade to sit in, put your full effort to cut down the brass rod using the hack saw.


Step 5: As you come close to the ending, slow down the cutting speed.


Note: To prevent vibration, attach the rod into the vise firmly.

Cutting Thick Brass Sheet

You can follow an array of techniques to cut thick brass sheet and I am listing some popular.

  1. With jeweler’s saw.

  2. Cutting brass sheet using a hacksaw.

  3. Hand-held circular saw

Cutting Brass With Jeweler’s Saw

If you practice a whole lot of time with the jeweler’s saw, you will be master one day. And you will surely carve out a delicate shape out of a brass sheet. But how to make a cut with this unique cutting tool?


Let’s find out that in the below.


Before you follow this process to cut your sheet, I want to tell you one thing. Please don’t attempt to cut the sheet if it is thicker than several millimeters.


Step 1: at first you need to make sure that you have a good quality sharp blade with your saw. And it is tightly attached to the saw frame.

Step 2: first apply some of the bee wax to the saw blade to lubricate it. And try to make a groove where you want to make the cut.


Step 3: Hold the saw at a 45-degree angle and start making the groove. Once you have finished making the groove, follow the instruction from the next step.


Step 4: Now, use slow, rhythmic, long cut to cut off the metal into pieces.

Cutting Brass Using a Rotary Tool

A rotary tool with the right bit can easily handle the brass. So if you are willing to cut the brass sheet using that type of tool, you don’t have to do anything more than you do when you cut any type of metal with it.

Cutting Brass Using a Circular Saw

A handheld circular saw can be very handy for cutting brass as it can cut various other metals. You just need a sharp blade on your circular saw and get a vise to hold the material you want to cut.


If you are ready with your tools, follow the instruction given below.


Step 1: At first, measure the brass you want to cut using a measuring tape. And mark it using the permanent marker.


Step 2: Then, set your thick piece of brass into the vise.

cutting brass with circular saw

Step 3: Plug your circular saw into the electrical outlet.


Note: Don’t forget to put on all the safety equipment.


Step 4: At last, clicking on the starting switch, start the machine and start cutting the brass.


Q: Can you cut brass with a band saw?

A: As long as you get the metal cutting saw blade, you will be able to cut brass easily.


Q: Can a laser cut brass?

A: Yes a laser can cut brass.


Q: Is it possible to cut brass on a lathe?

A: Yes, you can easily cut brass on a lathe.


Q: What is the brass made of?

A: Generally, copper and aluminum are the two essential components to.

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