How To Cut Rocks With a Tile Saw Easily?

Till now you have just heard that a tile saw can be used for cutting rocks. But you didn’t have the idea of how to cut rocks with a tile saw. And that’s why you are here. Well in today’s article I will tell you how to use a tile saw to cut rocks without hurting yourselves.


First thing first, though you are here to know how a tile cutting can rock, every tile saw cannot cut rock. You need specific types of wet tile saw to cut rock because normal tile cutters cannot cut hard rocks. If you don’t have one, check out our reviews on them to find one.


And one last thing you need to get concern about before I hop on to the main topic. It is not possible to cut 7 or higher grade stone on the tile saw. So, before you start the procedure at first, check out the hardness of rock.  

Preparation for Cutting Rocks

Just like cutting tile, you need to get prepared before you cut rocks with tile saw. You need to perform the tasks given below before you move on to the cutting.


  1. Find out the hardness of your rock.

  2. Get things you need for performing the task without injuries. And prepare your workspace.

Finding The Rock Hardness

Every rock you see in the environment is not made of the same material. As they contain different minerals, their hardness level varies from one another.


Here, I am putting down a list that covers some of the common rocks you can come to contact easily. Actually, it is the Mohs scale of rock hardness.

rock hardness
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If your rock’s harness is standing between 1-6 according to the scale, you are ready to go to the next step.

Preparing Yourself and Workspace

The preattached saw blades are not high quality always. Sometimes it can be a very cheap quality. So, at first, get a good quality tile saw blade. During purchasing the blade, you have to consider one thing and the thing is you need to choose a quiet big diamond tip saw blade.


If you are confused about the blade, check out our list of best tile saw blades by clicking the link below.


Get some mandatory safety equipment which will keep you safe from any kinds of accidents. And the list is:


  1. Cut resistant Hand gloves.

  2. Safety glass.

  3. Earbuds.

I hope I don’t have to tell you about the dress when you are working with sharp power tools. Avoid wearing loose fitting shirts or pants. And take off the chain and bracelet if you have one.

Steps for Cutting Rocks With Tile Saw

Now, as you are prepared to perform the task, follow the steps given below for cutting rocks using a tile saw.

Step 1: Checking the Water

Manual tile cutter (best tile cutter reviews are here) doesn’t feature any motor and it works simply. That type of tile cutter scores on the tile and then worker put pressure to break it precisely. But the wet tile cutting saw is way more complicated than that. It has a motor which runs a sharp blade to cut the tile. And also has a water system to keep the blade and workpiece cool.


So, before you start cutting the rock, you have to check the water reservoir to ensure it contains enough water.


Step 2: Marking The Rock   

Without marking on the rock it is quite impossible to get the most precise cut. So, mark on the rock which you are going to follow during cutting it. Use a permanent marker or a normal graphite pencil to do the job.  

Step 3: Cutting The Rock

Now, plug the saw into the electric outlet and push the power on button. To get the smooth cut, wait until the blade reaches its fastest speed.


When the speed is on its peak, slowly feed the rock into the wet tile cutting saw. As the blade starts to cut the rock, push the rock forward. And it will just take a couple of moments to finish cutting.

Things You Should Consider When Cutting

Though rock shaping is an easy task to listen, you need to consider some important facts when you will be doing this like


  1. Randomly check the water reservoir to see it is containing enough water. If the water level is lower than it needs to be, fill it.

  2. Don’t push the rocks so fast towards the blade. Otherwise, the rock will be ended up being chipped. You can also be ended up with a broken blade.

  3. To get the exact, smooth cut, mark the rock.

  4. Only start cutting when the blade reaches its top speed.

  5. Use only the diamond tip blade to cut the rock.


Q: Can you cut obsidian?

A: The answer is a straight yes. It is possible to cut obsidian but you need a diamond cutting saw to do it.


Q: Can a circular saw cut concrete?

A: With the right blade like a diamond blade or corundum, a circular saw can easily take care of the concrete.


Q: Can you cut quartz with a tile saw?

A: A manual tile cutter or a simple tile saw is unable to cut quartz. But you can use a wet tile saw and a diamond tipped blade to do so.

Q: Why use a wet tile saw?

A: Wet tile cutting saw is one of the futuristic tools available for cutting tile. And not only that a wet tile saw is also able to cut array types of rocks which are grade between 0-67. The main attraction of the wet tile saw is; it is able to deliver cheap less cutting experience.      


Q: Will wet tile saw cut glass?

A: You just need a glass cutting blade on to the saw to cut the glass with a wet tile saw.  

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