How to Cut Metal Closet Rod

How to Cut Metal Closet Rod?

A metal closet rod is one of the most important parts of the closet. Usually, it is being used for hanging clothes. But it is not necessary that you always need the rod. Sometimes it is wise to cut the rod and it will save you some space for accommodating extra things.


But here comes the twist. A closet rod is not made of some kinds of flimsy material. Rather it is made of metal, sometimes even with a steel or iron. So it is not an easy task to do if you are a DIYer. And to cut it perfectly, you need a proper guideline.


Today I am here with two techniques by following which you will be able to remove the closet rod easily in no time. Just stick with me till the end.


So, let’s begin “how to cut metal closet rod”.

Techniques of Cutting Metal Rod

Though metal rod is one of the robust things, it is not totally impossible to cut it by yourself own in the garage. Rather if you search on the internet you will find so many techniques suggested by the professionals for cutting it. But all of them are not easy to perform in the backyard garage. So, I have picked my favorite two from all of them to share with you. 


Here is the full list of techniques of cutting metal closet rod.


  1. Cutting metal rod with a circular saw.

  2. Cutting metal rod with a jigsaw.

  3. Cutting metal rod with a hacksaw.


Today, I will tell you how to cut metal closet rod with circular saw and hacksaw.


It is too dangerous to work with sharp tools. So, you need to follow some safety rules and take some safety equipment to keep your self safe. To know more about safety rules, take a tour of my other article


Below I am listing some things that will help you to improve your safety. And you will find 2-4 additional tools to make the working progress better. 


  1. Goggles.

  2. Gloves.

  3. Aprons.

  4. Working Boots.

  5. Marking pen or pencil

  6. Ear protector.

Cutting Metal Closet Rod Using Circular Saw

To cut the metal rod using a circular saw is one of the most common and easiest ways. You don’t have to spend too much of your strength to do that. Just follow the steps right below              


Step 1: First, get ready with your safety equipment.


Step 2: Then you need to get an idea of the cutting line you want to follow for making the cuts. So, use the marking pen and mark the rod.


Step 3: This time, you have to make sure that your saw got a sharp blade. And the blade is strong enough for taking the heat. If the circular saw blade is not capable of cutting the metal, pick a new one which has the ability to cut the rod made of iron or steel.


Here is the list of the best circular saw blade. You can choose any of the blades which is perfect for cutting metal.


Note: most of the metal cutting saw blades are sturdy and made from carbide. And before you change the blade make sure that the saw isn’t connected to the electric socket.


Step 4: Connect the circular saw with the electric socket. Then turn it on by clicking the on the switch. Wait till it reaches the top speed.


Step 5: Now get contact between the circular saw blade and the closed rod. Don’t push so hard for cutting the rod. Because the blade can be broken apart and it can hit you with enormous speed.

Note: get steady with your cuts. Otherwise, you can end up with a crooked cutting line. But it is possible you can get a crooked line even after holding the saw steady. And this time may be the problem on your saw which is the culprit doing that. If so, then find out how to solve the issue.

Cutting Metal Closed Rod With a Hacksaw

What should you do when you don’t have any power tools but you need to cut metal? Well, at this time you should try the hacksaw. though hacksaw is a simple looking primitive handsaw, it has the necessary potentials to cut the metal. 


However, to cut any metal rod using a hacksaw is not easy. it is harder than to cut metal using the circular saw. You need to put more force and follow the right technique to accomplish it perfectly. And below I will be talking about the steps you need to follow for cutting metal closed rod using a hacksaw.


Step 1: First, get ready by wearing safety clothing and equipment.


Step 2: Before you go for the cut, you have to make sure that the hacksaw you are going to use has a new sharp blade that is able to cut the metal. If it is not carrying one, get a new one.

Note: Sometimes it is possible that a new blade cannot cut the metal. Actually, all of the hacksaw blades are not able to cut metal. so, When you are picking up one, make sure that it is able to get the heat. If you are confused to choose the right blade, check out the favorite of mine.

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