How to Cut Marble Mosaic Tile?

If you search on the web by writing how to cut marble mosaic tile, you will find nothing but some bull shit talking on the forum where some jokers are throwing their own useless fictitious method. And by following these methods you can ruin your pricy marble tiles.

Cutting a tile is not an easy task as it seems. Actually, it takes quite a few times to be a tile cutting professional and need some specialized tool to do that properly.

As I am a professional handyman, I know how though to cut the marble mosaic tile is. And often buddies come to me to know the right techniques to cut the marble mosaic tile.

I am a master at tile cutting and I know several techniques to do that properly. According to their ability to handling the tools I usually give them different solutions for cutting tiles.

And I am sure, you folks also want to save your marble from chipping and shattering. That’s why you have landed here. Right?

So, to help you I will describe 4 different mosaic tile cutting techniques. And you should follow just one of them to get smooth tile cutting.  

Without, further due, let me waffle.

Mosaic Tile Cutting Technique

Mosaic tile is one hell of a fragile thing to cut. And it can be shattered, if you follow the wrong method to cut it. From an array of cutting techniques, I have selected just 4 methods of tile cutting below that are most effective in my opinion.

  1. Machine cut
  2. Hand cut
  3. Chopper cut and
  4. Nipping.

Well as you already know the techniques to cut the marble tiles you are ready to go to the next level which will show you exactly what you need to perform.

Cutting Mosaic Tile With Wet Saw

Nowadays, technology has gone so far that it has already reached outer space. With the blessing of science, we have different tools to complete certain tasks like we have tile cutting saw for shaping tile.

With the various tile cutting saw, you can take care of various tiles. But marble tile is the rudest member of the tile family. And with an ordinary tile cutting saw you can not handle the marble tile.

To cut the marble tile, you need nothing but only a wet tile cutting saw. But it is not that too easy to get the perfect cut from even the wet tile cutting saw. It needs the patience to be a master of tile cutting and need to capture some techniques.

Follow the steps below to get the perfect cut:

Step 1: At first, you have to make sure that your wet tile saw is okay to make swings. Check its blade and other parts to ensure its capability. And checking the water system of the wet tile saw is the most important.

Step 2: Always try to use a new sharp blade for your bulk tile cutting. Because a blade with a dull edge is the culprit to make tile chipping. If you find out that your wet tile cutting saw is having a dull blade, change it before you go further in this process.

From the jungle full of cheap quality wet tile saw blade, Review Infinite has picked some best. If you are looking for a tile cutting blade, you can look at those by clicking the link below

Step 3: After, checking all the parts, plug your saw into the electrical outlet.

Step 4:  Now, mask the marble tile sheet that you need to cut with the masking tape. And make a mark on the tile to make a cutting line which you are going to follow.

Step 5: At last, place the marble mosaic tile on the saw table and smoothly feed the tile into the saw.

6 Things You Need to Do Surely to Get a Clear Cut

  1. Only use a wet tile saw to get chipping free cut.
  2. Use marking on the tile to get a straight cut.
  3. Make sure your saw’s water system is working properly. If necessary, fill the water tank with a fresh batch of water.
  4. Don’t feed the saw so fast. Otherwise, you will end up with a shattered tile.
  5. Always use a sharp blade on your wet tile saw.
  6. Make sure the tile is up against the saw table.

Note: Before cutting the precious marble tile you have to go through some practice round. Don’t go for making a cut before practicing. Otherwise, it is possible you will ruin your workpiece.

Cutting Tile by Hand Using Hammer and Hardie

Old is gold. And these words are true for the mosaic tile cutting techniques also.

Though science is now so much advance and has a couple of methods to cut a tile easily, the most effective and precise cuts are made by hand.

Tools you need to make the  cut

  1. Hammer and
  2. Hardie (it is one kind of blade pin that is studded in wood).

Step 1: At first, you have to make a mark on the tile to get the precise cutting line. To do this, you can use a pencil or a marker pen.

Step 2: Then, use masking tape on the marble tile to hold them together.

Step 3: Now, place the tile on the hardie properly.

Step 4: Bang! Hit gently with the hammer on the tile. Magic huh?  And the sliced marble is on your hand ready to get placed on your bathroom wall.


  1. Don’t blow the hammer hard on the tiles to prevent shattering.
  2. Use masking tape for sure. It will help you to get the line of mosaic all together.

Cutting Mosaic Tile With the Chopper

This one is also a hand cutting technique of the tile cutting. And you have to follow the same step as I have already described above for the hand and hardie.

As a chopper features a blade mechanism just like the hardie you don’t need further steps to follow, if you have already come through the previous steps.  

However, a chopper comes with a flywheel which is capable of running at a great speed. And it can cut the mosaic tile easily and precisely.

Cutting mosaic tile using nipper

Actually, if you are going to perform a manual cutting operation on small pieces of mosaic tile, you should use a nipper instead of using a pricy tile cutter. You can also use this nipper to chip the corner of your mosaic tile.

However, if you need to make a cut on the regular sized ceramic tile, you should go for the tile cutter. Well, skip this for now, because this cutter is not able to take care of your hard mosaic.

To cut mosaic tile with a nipper is not so hard. Just select the edge of the tile which you want to separate and press it under the blades of the nipper.


Q: What is the best tool for cutting tile?

A: You can use a wet tile cutting saw to cut the tile easily.

Q: Are porcelain tile hard to cut?

A: If you use a normal tile cutter to cut the tile you may face a hard time but a wet tile saw can make your work easy of cutting the porcelain tile.

Q: How long a wet tile saw blade lasts?

A: An ordinary type of diamond tip wet tile saw blade can run up to 12-hours without taking rest.

Q: Is it possible to cut ceramic tile without wet tile saw?

A: Though a wet tile saw is the most popular to cut tile, it is very much possible to cut a ceramic tile without a wet saw.

Wrapping Up

We are at the last of this conversation and now you have everything to cut mosaic tile sheets.

Don’t attempt to buy a wet tile saw, if you are a DIYer, though it is the most precise and effective tool to cut marble tile. But you can grab one, if you have a massive project related to tile and have plenty of money.

However, you can find some normal tile saws on the market which are pretty good for cutting various types of tile.

And I will suggest you for keeping a nipper always in your pouch, because its price is not so high. And by using a nipper you can chip out the corner of mosaic tile anytime.

Lastly, if you ask me, what is the most comfortable way of cutting the mosaic tile? The answer is – the way you like most.

James Johnson

James Johnson

Hi, James speaking. I'm a handyman with my own home service startup and a writer. Friends call me tools-nerd, where I call myself a machine-enthusiast. I'm working as a co-editor at Review Infinite, and I'm so in love with my job.

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