How To Cut Drywall With a Dremel

How To Cut Drywall With a Dremel

Dremel is one of the versatile rotary tools which can be used for different purposes like a grinding tool, polishing tool, even as a cutting tool. Where it is impossible to work with the large tool, a Dremel has the ability to take care of that easily. 


Sometimes it can be seen doing various unusual tasks. One of them is to cut drywall. Yes, if you need to cut out any section of the installed drywall, you can use Dremel. And today I will tell you how you can use a Dremel to cut out drywall. Here, I will add some tips which will help you to complete the task hassle-free. So, stick with me till the end.

Things You Need To Cut Drywall With A Dremel

To cut the drywall you need some tools and things which I have listed down below:


  1. Dremel.

  2. Hand gloves.

  3. Eye protective glass.

  4. Ear protection.

  5. Mask. 

  6. Pencil.

Safety First

It is obvious that you need to consider the safety facts when you are in the workshop or working with the power tools. And before you cut drywall using the Dremel let’s see what you should consider as the safety.


Cutting drywall will make dust and debris around you. It is harmful to the eyes, and internal organs of the body. Inhaling this dust and debris for a long time can cause various diseases. So, to protect your eyes and internal body organs, use eye protective goggles and face mask.


The Dremel comes with a powerful motor so that it can rotate the bits at a high speed. It also features a sharp blade. Pushing the power button accidentally and it may cause the loose of your finger. So, don’t forget to wear gloves. You also need an ear muffle to protect your ear because the power tool is very noisy. 


If you are interested in knowing more about the woodworking safety rules. Visit my other article.

Steps To Cut Drywall With Dremel


Using a utility knife you can easily cut out a section of drywall. According to some professionals, it is the best tool to cut drywall. Well, I am also agreeing with the. But using a knife to cut drywall has some flaws. And it is too tough to cut out a section of the drywall which is already installed. 


In this case, using Dremel is the best way to cut drywall. But it is not as easy as it looks like. You need to go through some specific steps to make the cut countable. 


And here are the steps.


Step 1: At first, you need to consider the working place. As the power tools are dangerous, you need to make sure that the workspace has no children in it. Also, you have to move everything which can be the distraction.


Step 2: Now, you need to prepare the Dremel you are going to use. First, check out whether it is working properly or not. Just plug it into the electrical outlet and start it. If the Dremel turns on, you are ready to go further. Otherwise, you need to run the Dremel troubleshooting.


Step 3: Selecting the perfect cutting bit is so much important to finish the task. For this task, you have to pick up the normal drill bit looking bit. If your Dremel isn’t carrying one, consider changing it.


Step 4: Before stepping on to the cutting process, you need to get a clear idea of the measurement. So, find out the portion you need to cut out. As I am talking about the section cutting today, you have to find out the center of the section. Don’t worry you don’t have to find out out the exact center.               


Step 5: At last, it is time to make the cutting. Hold the Dremel tool firmly and start it by squeezing the start button. Now, penetrate the drywall board.


Step 6: Now, drive your Dremel towards the corner of the references you are going to follow. As you have reached the corner. Use it as the guide and cut the Drywall section out. 


Not clear? Okay just assume that the section you are going to cut out is the section for electrical outlet what is covered with the drywall.

Tips For Cutting The Drywall


  1. Never rush the process or you can end up ruining it.

  2. Try to use a new sharp bit for cutting.

  3. Never forget to wear safety equipment.

  4. In my opinion, it is easy to use the utility knife to cut drywall.

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