How to Cut Cast Iron Tub

When you need to completely remove a cast iron tub, it is wise to beat it up with a sledgehammer. Because it will do your work very fast (probably it will take just about 20 minutes).


Well, sometimes you don’t need to remove the tub completely. And this time you are not allowed to demolish it entirely. So, cutting down the tub is the only solution you have.


Normally cast iron bathtubs are attached with the floor using a claw hammer. And if you need to change the plumbing holes, height or the place of the tub, you must need to cut the tub.


Well, keeping the unnecessary talking aside let’s see how to cut cast iron tub easily.

Things You Need to Cut Cast Iron Tub  

If you are looking for a heavy hammer for demolition purpose, you can take a look at the Jackson 4-pound engineers’ hammer. The heavy head makes it really helpful for extermination, driving wedges and spikes.

The AMES Companies 4-pound model 1197000 hammer features a double-sided plane head made of sturdy steel. And the strong construction material makes it durable.

Process of Removing Cast Iron Tub

To remove the bathtub of your bathroom, you need to go through some series of actions. What you need to do and what you need not to are given right below. Just follow them step by step.

Safety First  

Before you go on to the action, you have to consider the basic workshop rules. You need to change your clothes in the first place if it is loose. And don’t forget to tie your hair, if it is long.


Like woodworking, you will find some debris when you are cutting metal with saw too. Even the debris made out of metal is sharper than the wood debris. And they are more dangerous for the eyes. So, always wear a glass.

Power tools safety

As the circular saw is a power saw and has a sharp blade it is dangerous to carry. Because the sharp teeth can damage your muscle anytime even if it isn’t rotating. So, to keep safe yourself from this type of incident I will recommend you to wear a chap.


To keep safe your hand, wear the gloves.


Note: When you are picking up the gloves, make sure that it has a fine grip property. It will also help you to grip the machine properly.


You can also wear earbuds to reduce the noise that you are hearing.

Preparing The Saw and Working Area    

Before you dive into cutting the cast iron tub, you need to prepare the working area and the tool you have selected to use.


At first, lay down the cloth on the floor. Thus it will catch the dust for throwing it later.


Now, you need to check out the blade of the saw. Generally, saw comes with a normal wood cutting blade which can tackle normal material. But when it comes to talking about the cast iron cutting, you need a specialized blade.


Note: Generally, diamond-tipped saw blades are compatible with this type of tasks. If you are struggling to find one, you can press on the link to find one easily.


So, change the old circular saw blade with the new one which is capable of cutting hard metal. Then run the saw for a test purpose.


Hope, everything is okay.


If so, you need to do what as I say in the next.

Cutting Cast Iron Tub

The steps you have to follow for cutting the cast iron tub easily.


Step 1: If you want to follow a cutting line to get the desired cut, you need to mark on the tub. To do so, use the marker pen. You can skip this marking part if you want a rough cut.


Step 2: Now, insert the cord of the saw into an electrical outlet. By pressing the start button of the circular saw, start the saw.


Step 3: And finally, start cutting the tub.


Step 4: Don’t go aggressive with the saw. Because a wrong stroke and your finger will be long gone. And if you make the messy cut, it will take so much time to finish the entire task.


Step 5:  So, go slow and maintain a disposed way for cutting the cast iron tub entirely.


Q: Can you cut cast iron with an angle grinder?

A: Yes, absolutely. You can use a grinder to cut cast iron.


Q: What can cut steel?

A: Use a diamond tipped carbide blade to  


Q: Can you cut cast iron with a hack saw?

A: Though it is very time consuming, you can cut cast iron with a hack saw.


Q: How do I know what my bathtub is made of?

A: Most of the time you can determine plastic tubs by looking at it because they look plasticky. If you are still confused, take a magnet and bring it close to the tub. Whether it is attracting the tub or not will determine it as it made of metal or porcelain.

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