How To Cut Angle Iron

How To Cut Angle Iron? 6 Ways You Can Cut

Angle iron is one of the most versatile materials you can find out there as a building material. It is not only versatile but also sturdy enough to hold the various types of construction projects such as structure making, furniture making and so on. 


Since an angle iron is sturdy, it is tough to handle, I mean cutting. So the question arises how to cut angle iron? Don’t be disheartened because In this article I will tell you some of the ways you can follow for cutting an angle iron piece easily.

Ways of Cutting Angle Iron

There you can find a couple of different ways of cutting the angle iron. To follow each way of cutting, you need different tools. And you can name them differently according to their required tools. Here I am adding some ways of cutting angle iron below:

  1. Cutting angle iron with circular saw

  2. Cutting angle iron with miter saw

  3. Cutting angle iron with reciprocating saw. 

  4. Cutting angle iron with hacksaw

  5. Cutting angle iron with jigsaw.

  6. Cutting angle iron with angle grinder.

Steps You Need to Follow for Cutting Angle Iron

Just grabbing the workpiece then throwing it under the saw won’t cut the metal. Rather you need to follow some basic and specific steps to do that correctly without hurting yourself.


Here are the steps right below:

  1. Taking safety precautions.

  2. Preparing the working area.

  3. Get ready with the tool.

  4. Cutting the angle iron using any of your favorite tools. 


Number 1 to 3 steps are the most common for any of the cutting process you want to follow. So, let’s check them.


Safety is always the first priority. And when you are working with the sharp and heavy things it is not negotiable. You also need to follow the safety rules to keep your self safe until the end of the operation. 


Here I am listing down some important equipment which will help you to be safe.


  1. Eye protective workshop goggle.

  2. Face musk.

  3. Hand gloves.

  4. Ear protective muffles.

  5. Apron.

  6. Working boots.


Want to know the details of woodworking safety? Then visit our site.   


The safety equipment list was just half of the things you need for completing the tasks. You also need a saw and some other additional tools to do the job perfectly. 


And the list consists of:

  1. Pencil or marker pen.

  2. Measuring tape.

  3. Working table. 

  4. Vice

Preparation For Cutting Angle Iron


Still, you need to go further before you cut the angle iron. Just preparing the working area and taking safety precautions is not enough to start the cutting process. You are still 2 steps behind from the actual cutting:


  1. Measuring and marking.

  2. Preparing the tool you are going to use.

3. Measuring The Workpiece

Undoubtedly, you cannot hop on to the cutting process without finding out where you need to make the cut. So at first, you have to measure the workpiece. If it is a single bar of angle iron, lay it down on the ground. Then grab the inch tape and measure the segment you want to cut. Use a pencil or marker pen to mark on the workpiece.

Preparing The Tool

Preparing tool is the most important thing to do. Because it is not possible to cut the angle iron if your tool is not ready yet. Check out the tool for finding any fault. Before making the cut on the actual piece, try the toll on a scrap piece of metal. If it is not delivering the perfect cut you are expecting, run a troubleshooting process to find out the problem. Then you need to fix it.


[To repair the bandsaw, go here.

For the table saw, click here,

You can find fixing method of chainsaw here and 

Have a circular saw? You are also welcome.]


When you are checking out the tool (most probably any kind of saw) don’t forget to consider its blade. Blade is the main part that directly comes in contact with the workpiece during cutting. So, a blade needs to be sharp and sturdy to make a smooth finish cut. If your saw is carrying a rusty old blade swap it with the new one.


Note: Every blade out there is not capable of cutting the metal. So, you have to make sure the blade you have picked is able to cut the metal. 


Confused to pick up the right blade. Here are my favorites:

  1. I use Rockwell RW9282 4 1/2-Inch blade with the circular saw.

  2.  Irwin Tools 1807381 for miter saw.

  3. Concord Blades WCB0438T018HP 4-3/8-Inch for table saw.

  4. Starrett KBS1224-2 for the hacksaw and 

5. Bosch T30C for the jigsaw.

Cutting Angle Iron

Now, you are all set. So, it is time to cut the metal using the saw. It is no matter whether you are using a chop saw or a circular saw, previously mentioned sections are pretty much the same for all. Now I will tell you how to cut angle iron using various types of saws one by one.

Cutting Angle Iron With Hacksaw

Hacksaw is one of the primitive tool human kinds are using for cutting wood, metal and various things. Though there you can find various types of power saws out there, still you will also find the hacksaw in actions. Actually, it is good enough as the alternative of a power saw.


First, synchronize the hacksaw blade teeth with the marking you have made earlier. Now, make some backstroke gently to get the grip on the material. After you have made a small groove, go as simple you use the hacksaw for cutting other materials. Don’t lose your patience soon because a hacksaw will take more time than any other power saw.

Cutting Angle Iron With Miter Saw

Miter saws are specialized for making miter cuts and angle cut. Generally, they prepare woods for making various types of joinery. Though they are designed to make angle cuts on the wood, it can be used for cutting various types of metal also. All you need to do the job is a good quality metal cutting miter saw blade.


How To Cut Angle Iron

At first, lay down the iron angle on the miter saw base as seen in the picture. Then match the marked line with the miter saw blade. Now start the saw and wait till it reaches its top speed. When the chop saw blade speed is on its peak, make the swing.


Gently pull down the saw blade on the metal. Don’t go harder with it. Otherwise, the blade will break.

Cutting Angle Iron With Angle Grinder 

An angle grinder is one of the top choices for many professionals to tackle metal. It comes with a small but strong profile. As it has slick design it is easy to carry.

Cutting Angle Iron With Angle Grinder

Just fasten the angle iron into your vice first to cut it with an angle grinder. Then hold the tool tightly and match the mark with its blade. If you have already plugged the grinder into the electric socket, squeeze the power button. It will start this power tool. But don’t start cutting yet, wait until it reaches the top speed. Finally, when the speed reaches the peak, start cutting. But don’t go harder. Because it can ruin the angle grinder blade.

Cutting Angle Iron With Circular Saw

There you will find various types of circular saws out there. Some of them are big and some of them are small. All of them don’t have the same quality. Rather each model has its own specialties. 


Some of the circular saws are small. They are too small that they could be handled using one hand. But don’t go on its size, these tiny beasts are capable of tackling tough tasks. Even it is possible to cut angle iron using them.


At first, secure the angle piece on the bench vice. And then it is simple and the same as I said earlier in the angle iron cutting with angle grinder segment. So, do as it says and you will be finished with a hassle-free smooth cutting.

Tips For Cutting Angle Iron


  • Follow the workshop safety rules during the operation.

  • Always wear safety equipment when you are dealing with a sharp and heavy object.

  • Never use a dull blade to cut the metal.

  • Use metal cutting blades only to get the perfect result.

  • Go slow with the cutting to get a smooth finish. 

Wrap Up

I have gone through just four of the angle iron cutting process,  though here I have listed so many of them. Actually, these four are the easiest and proven methods among them all. That means I am not saying that the others are not workable. They are far more difficult.

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