How to Cut Aluminum Pipe

Last week, I have shifted my house. And in the new house, I was quite busy doing some household chores to redecorate the house.


At a time, when I was attempting to hang the curtain, I found out that the wall was not carrying any pipe to hold the curtain. So, it was an urgency to place it.


I have selected aluminum pipe to hold the screen as it is more than enough to hold it.


My wifey is an energetic woman and she finished almost all the work to decorate our new house. More specifically,  the curtain hanging was the last task to do and it was totally on me.


To hang the curtain at first, you need to cut the aluminum bar at a certain size. For changing the house I was given three days leave from my office. So, I had plenty of times to do just one job. So, I hit upon a plan to try different methods of cutting aluminum and I had tried plenty of them.


And in this article, I will show you how to cut aluminum pipe easily by following different ways.

Ways to Cut Aluminum

There you can find an array of aluminum cutting techniques out there but all of them are not suitable for cutting aluminum tubing. Rather they are suitable for cutting thick aluminum or aluminum sheets.  Like the cold chisel is good for cutting aluminum sheet and tin snips are also don’t good for cutting aluminum pipe.


However, I have found these 3 particular techniques very much useful for handling aluminum pipe.


  1. Cutting aluminum with a circular saw.

  2. Cutting aluminum with a miter saw.

  3. Cutting aluminum with a hand saw.


Before we hop on any of the techniques given above. At first, we need to consider safety issues. As we are handling some of the sharpest tools it is very important.


So, let’s see what we need in the first place to perform aluminum pipe cutting operation as our safety equipment.


  1. Gloves for hand safety.

  2. Earplug to prevent your ear from hearing the annoying sound.

  3. Safety glass to protect your eyes.

  4. A chap.

powertool safety

And if you are thinking this is the list of things that will protect you from getting hurt, you are completely wrong. Rather you need to follow the strict rules to keep yourself safe in the garage.


You are not allowed to wear loose fitting clothes in the workshop. And you need to put off your chain or earrings as it can be grabbed any time by the rotating sharp blade or other machines.

Cutting Aluminum Pipe With a Circular Saw

The circular saw is one of the well known saw in the woodworking industry. Some of us also believe the myth that the circular is limited to cut only the woods. But that’s totally false information. Rather using a good quality sharp blade a circular saw can cut various types of materials. And you can easily use a circular saw to cut aluminum pipe also.

cutting aluminum with circular saw

Here, I have prepared another article where you can find some of the best circular saw blades. And not only that you can find some good quality blade which is able to take care of metal easily.


Just click here to get them. Well, to have just a good quality circular saw blade is not the enough to get the cut comfortably. There you also need some tools to get a precise cut from the circular saw and they are


  1. A foot tape.

  2. Permanent marker.

  3. A bench vise for holding the aluminum tube.


Note: One last thing, don’t forget to grab the safety equipment.

Okay, moving forward to cutting process of the aluminum pipe.


Step 1: I think you are not sitting meaninglessly after you have got the change of your old circular saw blade. Change the blade before cutting the pipe.


Step 2: At first, measure the pipe and select the length you want to cut.


Step 3: Now, mark the spot you have selected for cutting using the marker pen.


Step 4: Place the pipe into the bench vise properly so that it can not move freely even an inch.


Step 5: Plug the circular saw into the electrical outlet. And by pressing the start button, start it. And finally, make sawing on the pipe till it is cut down into half.

Cutting Aluminum Pipe Using The Miter Saw

Miter saw sometimes called chop saw is a must-have tool for making bevel and miter cut. As this saw cuts the material by chopping movement like a chopper, people call it by that special name.


Though a miter saw is specialized for making miter and bevel, people use this saw for cutting aluminum like various lightweight metal.

All you need just a good quality metal cutting miter saw blade.


Click the link below to find some of the best miter saw blades and their buying guide.


With a good quality blade, you also need equipment given below to have a great cutting experience.


  1. A measuring tape.

  2. Marker pen.

  3. Clamp for holding the pipe tightly with the saw.


As soon as you are ready with the equipment listed above, you are ready to go for the next steps.

Step 1: Before going for any further action, you need to change your saw blade.

Step 2: Then measure the pipe and mark it as well.

cutting aluminum with miter saw

Step 3: Place the pipe on the miter saw base table and using a couple of clamps attach it properly.


Note: Step 3 is one of the most important and you don’t should skip it. Aluminum pipe is circular and slippy. Thus it is hard to get a firm grip on it. And it is obvious that it can slip anytime when you are cutting it under a circular saw blade.


As a result, you can end up losing your pinky or the full hand.


Step 4: Now, put the saw into an electrical outlet. And hold it’s on/off button to start it. Hold the switch till the blade get its highest speed.


Step 5: With the full raged miter saw blade, sawing on the aluminum tubing. That’s it.

Cutting Aluminum Pipe With a Hacksaw

Hacksaw is one of the oldest handsaws for cutting various types of materials as well as rock hard frozen meat. And it can easily cut metal. So, you can easily cut aluminum with the hacksaw. Just follow the steps given below.


Missed the article where I have showed how to cut frozen meat with a hacksaw? Check that out if you want to from here.


Step 1: With a sharp blade attached on the saw. At first, you need to mark the workpiece you want o cut. To do so, you can use a measuring tape and permanent marker.

cutting aluminum with hacksaw

Step 2: Now, put the tube into the bench vise to prevent it’s shaking.


Step 3: Hold the handle of the saw using one hand and make a groove on the aluminum bar.


Step 4: At last, place your saw on the groove and start cutting.


Q: What blade should I use to cut aluminum?

A:  You need a diamond tipped non-ferrous carbide blade for cutting most of the metal available out there.


Q: Can you cut aluminum with a wood blade?

A: Though you can cut aluminum with a woodcutting saw blade, I will recommend you to use the metal cutting blade for cutting aluminum. And it is the safest.


Q: Is it possible to cut aluminum with a circular saw?

A: As long as you get diamond or carbide tipped blade on your circular saw, it will cut down metal without any trouble.


Q: Is it possible to cut aluminum with a jigsaw?

A: Use that particular jigsaw blade which has 21 to 24 blade per inch and you will be able to cut aluminum even with a jigsaw.

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