How to Cut a Steel Door?

Before going on to the mainstream “how to cut steel door?” there is another question which needs to be answered. And that is “is it possible to cut a steel door on your own?”


The answer is yes. By using the right tool and following the right techniques you can easily cut a steel door. And now the question arises “ how to cut it?”


Well, let’s find the answer together below.

Steel Cutting Techniques

There you can find so many steel cutting techniques out there. But here I am listing down the easiest one which can be performed easily at home for cutting steel door. And the technique I will recommend you to follow is the.


  • Cutting steel with a circular saw


Astonished? Yes, a circular saw can take care of steel as it does for different size woods.

But before moving on the action you need some additional tools and equipment to run the project smoothly. In the next section, I will tell you what you will need.

What You Need to Cut Steel

I know most of the things I am going to tell already have in your tool box. But as my duty, I am listing those and I will recommend you to have them all beside you when you are cutting door.

  1. A high-end saw.

  2. A metal cutting diamond tip blade.

  3. Tape line.

  4. Permanent marker.

  5. Sawhorses.

  6. Clasp for holding the door. (Optional. If you get a table style sawhorse which comes with its own clamp, you don’t need any further clamp.

Protection You Need to Take

Before hop into the cutting, you need to take some necessary protection to keep yourself safe. And here is what you need and how you can be safe.

  1. Gloves.

  2. Glass.

  3. Chaps.

  4. Ear protection.

  5. Working boot.

  6. Protection mask.

Protect Your Hand

When you want to cut the steel, it is mandatory to come close to the sharp object. Because all the saws out there feature razor-sharp teethed blade. And they are dangerous to handle in a bare hand.


And it is accidentally your hands can come in the line of the speedy blade. One Statistic shows that every year hundreds of thousands of people pay a visit to the hospital with their power related saw injuries.


So, always wear a pair of hand gloves to protect your hand from a sudden accident.

Protection for eyes

Eyes are one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body and it stays at the line of danger. So, it is important to have a pro9tection for it also. Otherwise, the flying debris of the material can hit your eyes with an intense force which is enough to call blindness.


But don’t worry a pair of safety goggles can be the shield for your eyes.

power tool safety

Get Working Boots

The steel made doors are so heavy. If you accidentally fell it on your legs, it can be fatal for your bones. But working boots can save your legs from getting hurt.

So, when you are working with heavy equipment, don’t forget to put a pair of work boots.

Additional Workshop Safety

Those points are given above are not the only protection you have to take, you also have to consider some other facts which are equally necessary to keep you safe.


You have to avoid loose clothing when you are in the workshop. Otherwise, it can be grabbed by the sharp blade or other machinery.


Don’t uncover your hair, if it is long. So, cover it with the helmet.

Process of Cutting Metal Door

To cut the metal door using the circular saw you have to change its blade at first place. If you have already changed it, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Removing The Door

Let’s assume you need to cut off the bottom or upper part of the steel door. To start the process, first, you need to remove the door from its hinges.


And to do so, follow the instruction given.


If you find out hinge pins which are possible to bring out using a screwdriver, bring those out.


Then pull it off from the hinges and lay it down on the table or sawhorse.


Note: Most of the time steel doors comes out to be very heavy. So, get a partner to help you during removing the door.

Step 2: Measuring

Now, you need to measure the door to find out the exact cutting measurement.


At first, grab the measuring tape and find out which portion you want to cut.


Now, mark that down with the permanent marker.


Note: Use a straight edge to mark a straight line which you will follow during the operation.

Step 3: Preparing The Saw

Though you may have the best quality circular saw in your hand, it is not necessary it will surely cut metal. Actually, the metal cutting totally depends on the saw blade.


So, at first, change saw blade if your saw is containing a wood cutting blade. And make sure to grab the diamond tipped metal cutting blade.


After changing the blade, run the saw for a test purpose to see whether it is alright to go or not. Hope you have a good quality saw.  

Step 4: Cutting Steel Door With Circular Saw

Now, wear all the safety equipment I have discussed above. Without wearing those you shouldn’t attempt to cut the steel door. Because it can push you towards a dark situation.


Well, hope you have worn all the safety equipment.


Now, organize the saw blade and the marked line in a path which you want to follow for making the cut.

Note: Ensure that the circular saw shoe sits flat on the steel door.

If you need to adjust the blade height, do it. Make sure that the blade is able to make a 1/4 -inch through the door.


Now, the start the saw by pressing its start button. Wait until the saw blade reaches its full speed. As soon as the blade rotating speed goes high, make the contact between the steel door and the saw blade.


Don’t force on the metal with the saw blade. Actually, let the sharp blade to do its work.


Q: What can cut metal?

A: By using a proper blade on the hacksaw, you can easily cut metal with this hand saw. And on the other hand, most of the power saw will allow you to tackle metal using a diamond-tipped blade.


Q: Can I cut steel with a miter saw?

A: The general purpose of the miter saw is to make bevel and miter cuts. But if you want to see a miter saw can cut metal, you can definitely do it


Q: Can you use a 10 blade on a 12 miter saw?

A: You can easily use a 10-inch blade on the 12-inch miter saw.


Q: How deep can a 7-inch circular saw cut?

A: Generally, a traditional 7 ¼-inch circular saw blade can tackle up to 2-inch dimensional lumber at a 45-degree.

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