How to Cut a 6x6? Just Follow These Easy Steps & You Are Done.

6×6 inch thick wood is pretty much hard to cut with a miter saw or a circular saw in one swing. And most of the DIYers get a boner to handle this specific wood.


But there have plenty of options to choose from to cut a 6×6. Like, if you are comfortable with the hand saw, you can easily cut a 6×6 down within a couple of minutes.


However, it is not the solution for a DIYer as you can make the cut zigzag.


Then how a cut a 6×6 perfectly?


Let’s find it out in the below.

Things You Need

Cutting 6×6 is not far more different than cutting a 4×4. So, to perform it, you need some tools and safety equipment which are listed down.

  1. A circular saw.

  2. Good quality blade made for circular saw.

  3. A hand saw/ reciprocating saw.

  4. Set square

  5. Carpenter’s pencil

  6. Masks

  7. Earbuds

  8. Pair of hand gloves and

  9. Safety goggles for eyes

Safety First

Before we dive into the cutting, we need to consider some basic saw rules.

Eye Protection

When you do work with the power saw to cut wood, it shoots some tiny particles in the air. And these can end up being into your eyes and cause permanent eye damage.


So, don’t forget to wear goggles.

Protection for Hands

All of the power saws are dangerous to work with as they contain rotating sharp blades. So, keep your hand at a safe distance.


And wear an industrial grade cut resistance hand gloves to keep safe your pinky.

safety first

Mouth Protection

Power saws create so much sawdust and debris and shoot them into the air. To consume these polluted air is injuries for lung and it may cause for asthma. Longtime inhalation may strike with you cancer-like disease.


So, the face mask is recommended

Ear Protection

Power saws run by a motor. And it makes so much noise. To exposure within that much noise can be harmful to your ear. And working a long time with that much annoying sound can make you deaf.


So, wear a pair of earbuds to protect your ear.

Preparing Everything Before Cutting the 6x6

As you are working with the power saws, you need to keep your working area clean. Don’t allow any children near your working area.


If you are having the old circular saw blade with your saw, change it with the new one. Because only the new best circular saw blade can provide you the most elegant cutting experience.

Check out your hand saw blade. If you find out that it is dull, resharpen it before you go on the action.


Now, run the circular saw for a test purpose. If it seems to be okay with you, you are all set for the cutting.

6x6 Cutting Process

To get the most precise cut on the 6×6, follow the steps down below.


Step 1: Measure out the 6×6 with the square set and mark it down using the pencil. Mark properly on the four sides of the wood.

cutting 6x6

Step 2: Now, saw through the drawn line. After sawing one side, turn over the wood and saw this side too. And that’s how saw all of the four sides.


Note: A normal circular saw which comes with a 7 ¼-inch blade is unable to cut the 6×6 all the way through.


Step 3: Now take the reciprocating saw which has a long woodcutting blade. And saw down the rest of the 6×6.


That’s it.

Tips for Cutting a 6x6


  1. Always use a sharp blade.

  2. Don’t forget to put the safety gears.

  3. Perform the cutting operation on a flat surface.

  4. Before making the sawing, mark on the 6×6. And it will help you to get the precise cut.  

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