How Does a Jigsaw Work? Jigsaw Working Principle

Before buying a jigsaw most probably you are thinking about its nature. Possibly you have so many questions about it.


Well, to give you a proper idea of the jigsaw I have answered questions like what is jigsaw machine, how does a jigsaw work and how to use a jigsaw.


And I think these answered questions will help you to get a to z of the jigsaw.


So, come along with me and hold till the last, apparently you all things should be clear.

What is a Jigsaw?

Have you ever seen the action of a sewing machine?


Off course you have. Sorry for the silly question. But I have reasons to do that. Actually, the sewing machine and the jigsaw have the same kind of movement.


Jigsaw is an electrically or battery powered saw which features a thin blade. The jigsaw motor provides the power to its blades and the blade moves up and down to cut wood or metal.

Unlike table saw or bandsaw, the jigsaw is a handheld power tool weighing between 3-6 pounds. And the weight can vary depending on the manufacturers and different jigsaw models.


Usually, the jigsaw comes with a metal body which protects its internal components. Generally, the jigsaw has a shaft that continues down to its foot just like the sewing machine. And this section of the jigsaw machine holds its blade.


How Does a Jigsaw Tool Work?

The motor of the jigsaw usually connects to the series of gear system known as eccentric gears. And this unique gear system has an off-centered gear.


When a woodworker power up the jigsaw, it sends that power to the motor. And motor transfers it to that gear system.


Finally, the eccentric gear turns the rotary motion into the up and down movement.




Usually, DIYers and the professionals use the jigsaw for their various projects as it can take care of wood, plastic, and metal. So nowadays, manufacturers are releasing variable speed jigsaw.


And how a variable speed works for the jigsaw?


Well, when you are working with the wood you need higher speed and you should use the slower speed to cut metal and plastic.


To cut with the jigsaw you have to place the saw foot firmly on the workpiece you want to cut. And the blade should face forward in the same direction you are facing. Actually, the jigsaw blade cuts on its upstroke.


Sometimes the angle of your jigsaw blade can be costly for your workpiece as it can chip down the material you are cutting.


Don’t worry even at this time. I have a quick solution for that.


You have to just flip over the wood.


How to Use a Jigsaw For Cutting?

Just follow the steps below to cut with the jigsaw.


Step 1: At first, you have to clamp down the material you want to cut on the table. To do so you can use hold down clamp.


Note: Don’t start cutting the material without clamping it firmly. And don’t attempt to hold the workpiece by using your bare hand either. Because without a firm grip on the material, you won’t get the desired cutting you want.


Actually, you can end up getting a terrible cutting means the waste of money and time. And most importantly, you can hurt yourself.




Step 2: In the next step, you have to select the blade you want to use. Usually, thinner jigsaw blades that have smaller tooth are good for smooth cutting. And the thick jigsaw blades are made for getting rough cuts.


Step 3:  Now, put the foot of the jigsaw on the workpiece and with squeeze the start button. It will start the saw and will move the blade for cutting.


Note: Don’t place the foot at an angle on the workpiece.


Step 4: Now, drive the jigsaw through the cutting line you want to accomplish.


Note: If you want to cut curves or angles using the jigsaw, you have to trace on the workpiece before starting.



Q: How thick of wood you can cut with the jigsaw?

A: Usually, a jigsaw can cut up to ¾-inch thick material.  


Q: What materials can a jigsaw cut?

A: A regular jigsaw can cut plastic, thin metal, softwood, and hardwood.


Q: Can a jig saw cut 2×4?

A: A jigsaw is not meant to make for that type of cutting. If you want to cut that type of wood, you can use a table saw.


Q: Is it possible to cut Corian using a jigsaw?

A: If you need to resize the Corian during installation, you can cut it using any saw even a jigsaw can help you to do that.


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