Easiest Way of Cutting Tile With a Circular Saw

Tiles are made of either stone or stone-like substance and they are very hard. Despite of being hard, tiles are not the hardest. Rather they are very fragile and it is hard to score them.


If you want to cut the tile, you have to use the wet tile cutting saw instead of using a normal circular saw. Because a normal circular saw is not meant to make for cutting tile. It is also unable to handle the dust generated during cutting. And the dust is harmful both for your saw and your inhalation.


Then the question is what type of saw you need to cut the tile? Well simply grab a wet tile saw to do it easily.  


But what is the way of cutting tile with the circular saw?


Let’s hit upon in the below.


Things You Need for Tile Cutting

Like the marble mosaic tile cutting, I won’t recommend you a long list of things for cutting the porcelain tile. So, what are the things you need to start the porcelain tile cutting beside the wet saw?


Check out the list below to find out.

  1. Wet circular saw

  2. Marker

  3. Clamps

  4. Measuring tape

  5. Sawhorses

  6. Diamond tip saw blade

Prepare Your Saw Before Cutting The Tile

Before cutting tile with circular saw, you need to prepare your wet saw. As the wet saw has a water system to tackle the sawdust, you need to check the water level of it before you start the cutting process.


Note: You should unplug your saw from the electrical outlet when you are checking it.


To make a smooth cut on the tile, you need a new sharp blade on your tile cutting saw. So, if your saw is having a dull blade on it, replace it with the new one.



A wet tile cutting saw uses a water jet to keep the cutting path dust free. So, before starting the cutting procedure, check the water reservoir to see whether it contains water or not. If you find out there has not enough fluid in the reservoir, you need to fill it up with the new batch.


After checking all of this you are ready to go on the action. Just follow the steps below to get your desired tile cut with saw.

Steps to Follow for Cutting Tile With Circular Saw

The steps you need to perform are given right below.


Step 1: Tile Measuring

Start the process by measuring your tile. Grab the measuring tape and measure out the spot where you want to make a cut on the tile.


Now, mark the spot on the tile with a marker where you want to start the cutting.



And finally, draw a straight line on the tile using the straight edge. And it will provide you a straight line for following.


Step 2: Placing Tile

If you don’t place the tile on the saw properly, it will vibrate during the cutting. And it will shatter it. So, it is essential to keep the tile tight on the saw.


Just place the tile face up across the sawhorse. Then use the clamps to secure it in the right place.


Step 3: Adjusting Saw Blade

Don’t turn on your saw yet because still you need to adjust the tile saw blade to get the exact cut you need.


Set the height of your wet tile cutting saw so that it can cut all the way through into the tile.


Step 4: Cut Tile With Wet Saw

Now, you are at the last stage and allowed to start the saw. Plug your saw into an electrical outlet and start the saw by pushing the start button.


Don’t forget to start the water system of the wet tile saw.


Note: When you are starting the saw, make sure your tile is not touching the blade.


Now, slowly drive the tile into the saw. And remember one thing, don’t ever force your tile to cut it faster. Otherwise, you will end up with a shattered tile.


Just slowly follow the line you have made in the step above.


Hope it will make your work done.



Q: Do you have to use a wet saw to cut ceramic tile?

A: Though cutting ceramic tile with the wet saw is faster and efficient, it is not essential to get the job done. A nipper can also take down the tile but it will do it slowly.


Q: Can you use a circular saw to cut tile?

A: A regular woodcutting circular saw can be used for cutting tile also. All you need is a diamond-tipped blade on it. But cutting tile with a circular saw is not conventional. Because it will make so much dust that is injuries to workers health as well as the tile.


Q: Why do you need water to cut tile?

A: To keep the diamond tipped blade cool, a wet tile cutting saw need water and it is the first most importance of the water in the wet tile saw. But water is also used for minimizing the sawdust made by the tile.


Q: Will a carbide blade cut tile?

A: using a carbide blade is risky to cut tile. Because it can shatter the fragile tile.


Q: Can you cut tile with miter saw?

A: wet tile cutting circular saw is the most convenient tool for the tile cutting. But if you don’t want to spend extra money on buying or renting one, you can make your work done with a miter saw. Just attach a diamond-tipped saw blade on it.

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