Easiest Way of Cutting Down Palm Trees

Generally, palm trees grow big. And sometimes it grows bigger than you have ever seen. So, to cut down palm trees can be dangerous. Take my word, just leave it for the professionals.


Well, sometimes you want to take down the trees before they reach its height limit. Basically, 15 to 20 feet high palm trees are manageable.


So, if you have selected a palm tree to cut which is not more than 20 feet high you can do it your self. And here I will talk about some old school techniques of cutting down a palm tree.


Then without further due let’s dive into it.

Know Palm Species Before You Cut Down

There have plenty of palm trees which are valuable than the ordinary one. In this case, you can earn money by selling them in. So try to find out the palm tree species you have.


At first, snap a photo of your palm tree and show it to the experts to know what exactly you have. If they assure you that it is one of the valuable palm trees, uproot it instead of cutting down.

uprooting palm tree

To remove the palm properly from the ground you need to hire professionals.


Note: Don’t attempt to remove the palm trees on your own because you may destroy its root. And without root, a tree will be long gone.


Well, if the professionals confirm that the tree palm tree will not add so much value, you should cut it down.


But how?


Catch those in the below.

Techniques of Cutting Down Palm Trees

According to the tools you need to cut the palm trees I have divided the techniques into 2 right below

  1. Power tool (cutting down a palm tree with a chainsaw)

  2. Hand tool (cut down palm tree with axe)

So, let’s see how you need to perform each of the techniques.

Safety First

You need to consider safety in the first place when you are working with sharp tools. And during cutting down a palm tree you need to be more conscious as a palm tree is huge and heavy.

safety first

Here we are listing down some safety equipment below which may come to help you during the operation.

  1. Safety helmet

  2. Harnes

  3. Gloves

  4. Safety goggles

  5.  Closed-toe shoes

  6. Chaps  

As soon as you have gathered the equipment you need, follow my lead.

Preparing The Working Area

Whether you are using the power tool or hand tool for chopping down the palm tree, you need to determine the cutting area. Even before you make your first swing, make sure that you don’t get any structure, electrical line or any kind of obstacles in the palm tree falling path.


And don’t forget to wear safety equipment cause these will help you if you have any sudden accident.


Now, consider the direction of the palm tree falling. In most cases, though the palm tree grows upward, it goes slightly at an angle. And the direction it leans is the best direction for its falling.


However, the direction is not ideal always. Sometimes you may get some obstacles in the felling path. But don’t worry. You can follow the other direction for felling the tree. Pick the left or right side of the lean.


Now you, just have to show your cutting skills to cut down the palm tree.

Cutting Down a Palm Tree With a Chainsaw

Cutting down a palm tree with the chainsaw doesn’t require so much skill. If you have an idea of controlling the chainsaw, you can take care of the regular sized palm tree.


All you have to follow the steps right below.

Step 1

Before starting the cut, at first you have to check your chainsaw.


If the saw isn’t having a sharp chain, replace it with the new one. It is important to have the right tension on the chainsaw chain.

Step 2

After having the right chain and tension you need to check the chain saw bar and bar oil. And one last thing to check is the chainsaw fuel. Don’t forget to use the right mixture it needs.

Step 3

Now, mark the spot you want to make the cut at the 2 feet off the ground.

Step 4

Make the cut on the side which you want to use as the felling direction. Make an open face notch on the tree which is not more than 70-degree. And the apex should go ⅓ rd deep into the tree.

felling angle

Step 5

Now, place the saw at the back side of the notch and start cutting. Cut it till you heard a nice cracking sound. You don’t have to cut the tree entirely.


As you heard the cracking sound it will fall towards it was leaning or in the direction of your notch

Step 6

Step aside quickly from the felling path. If you get others companion, tell them to rush from the path also. 

Note: You need to clear the exit all the times.

Cutting a Palm Tree With an Axe

Though axe is a hand tool, you need years of experience to use it perfectly. Often it is a tricky process to cut down palm tree with it.


And in this segment, I will tell you how to cut a palm tree without a chainsaw.


But before going to cut the tree using an axe, do you have any idea what type of axe you need?


The felling axe is the best for doing such a job. But consider 2 things of your axe before using it. One is its sharpness and another is its handle.


Actually, you need a sharp edge on the axe to cut a huge tree like the palm. When you make swings with the axe it produces so much power. And if your axe doesn’t have a sturdy handle, it can be broken into parts.


So, pick the axe for felling a palm tree which is sturdy enough to control that much destructive power.


And if you are finding such a axe, you can find here

As you are ready with your weapon to fight against the huge palm tree, let’s face it.


Let’s assume you have a narrow space to fell the entire tree at once. If so, follow the steps given below.

Step 1

At first, you have cut down the palm leaves. So, you need to climb up the tree.


Grab a ladder to reach the top if it is possible.


If you don’t have a ladder or it is impossible to reach the top by using stairs, you have to climb the tree manually.


And a harness will help you to do so.

Step 2

Now, you may have a question “what toll Do I use to clear the leaves of the palm tree?”

In general, the felling axe are quite big to handle a tough job. And as it is bigger than other traditional hand axes, it is difficult to use the felling axe at such a height.

So, use a sharp axe which can be controlled easily by one hand (hand axe). And using the hand axe, cut all the leaves it got.

Step 3

As you don’t have enough space to fell the entire tree at once. You need to do the job in several steps means, you have to cut down the palm trunk in sections.

First, get an idea of the overall all length of the palm tree. Then, divided it according to the free space you have for felling the tree.


Now, climb up the tree and cut down the first section using hand axe. And repeat the process till you have left with only the last.

Step 4

At last it is time to cut the trunk of the palm. The trunk is the thickest part of the palm tree and it is harder than any other parts. And now the felling axe get into the action.


Grab the axe and start cutting three feet above the soil on the trunk. I am sure a perfect felling axe will just take a couple of minutes to cut down the palm tree entirely.


Note: If you have enough space to fell the entire tree, you can skip step 1 and 2. Just do as I say in step 3.

James Johnson

James Johnson

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