Most Proper Way of Installing and Crowning Bandsaw Tires

Basically, the bandsaw is a machine which runs with the help of 2 or 3 wheels. And the band saw blades directly depends on them.

So, if you find out that your band saw tires have worn out or having bumps, you have to change the tires and recrown them. Because in this case, the saw blade can make vibration for bumping on the tire and your bandsaw will be struggling to deliver a straight cut.        

Crowning bandsaw tires is a tricky task to perform and some of the DIYer literally have a little idea to that. Even sometimes the professionals do it in a wrong way or simply they hire a tool mechanics to do that for them.

So, If you are a DIYer or a professional who need to crown their bandsaw tire, follow these simple bandsaw tips and tricks to do it easily. I sware, these trick are so easy to perform that you will be thankful to me after performing these.

Well, welcome in advance.

Now, let’s begin.

Bandsaw Tire Installation Process

Before crowning the bandsaw tire, you have to change the worn out tire of it. So. start the process with changing the bandsaw tire. To complete the task you need things listed right below.
  1. Brand new bandsaw tire.
  2. Utility knife.
  3. Razor.
  4. Sandpaper. ( 220 grit and 60 grit)
  5. Acetone.
  6. Adhesive (All-purpose Cement Quart)
  7. Cloth.   
Now, you have to just follow the two steps below for changing the bandsaw tires.
  1. Removing the worn out tire
  2. Attaching the new tire.
Note: Before starting any further process, you have to unplug the saw from the electrical outlet. It is hazy to find the right tire for the bandsaw. So, before picking up one from the market, make sure what is the exact size you need for your saw. There, I am listing down some of them with different measurements. You can easily pick one according to your bandsaw wheel size.
  1. Sulpher groove tool 1-inch wide by 14-inch diameter.
  2. Sulpher groove tool ⅞-inch wide by 12-inch diameter.
  3. Sulpher groove tool ¾-inch wide by 12-inch diameter.
  4. Sulpher groove tool ½-inch wide by 9-inch diameter.

Removing The Band Saw Tire

Though a band saw tire is attached by the glue, it is not so hard to detach it as it seems.  Just come along with me and see on your own. Step 1: The worn out bandsaw tire is useless. So, cutting down the tire isn’t a problem. And you have to start the removing process by cutting down the tire horizontally. Step 2: After cutting down, now you have two edges of it. All you have to do is to hold one end of it. Step 3: Now, just rotate the wheel and the tire will come out on your hand.   Removing Glue And the work is not finished yet. You need a clean wheel to attach the tire.  Actually, the bandsaw tires are attached on the wheel using some glue. So try to remove the excess glue from the wheel. Step1: To do so you can use a razor. It will roughly remove the glue. Step 2: Then use 220 grit sandpaper to scrape off the glue a bit more. Step 3: Finally, apply acetone on it and rub the wheel surface using a cloth. And you will end up getting a smooth wheel which is ready to receive the tire. Note: Make sure you don’t get any dots or remaining on the wheels. If you get any, you are going to have a bump on your tire. And your band saw blade will end up making vibration by hitting up there.

Attaching Bandsaw Tire

You need to perform these 4 certain steps to attach a bandsaw tire on its wheel. And they are

  1. Preparing the tire.
  2. Placing the tire on the wheel.
  3. Tension equalizing.
  4. Gluing

Preparing the tire

Actually, the band saw tire comes with a smooth inside. We need to glue the tire on the wheel,  and the smooth surface is not perfect for that task.

So we need to make it rough.

Just using sandpaper, scuff it. That’s how you will be able to make the surface rough in no time.

Placing Tire on the Wheel

It is challenging to stretch the rubber band on the wheel, if you are handling it by yourself.

In past, woodworkers used to use the clamp to hold down the tire in one end as their third hand. But this woodworking technique has a major flaw.

If you are using this technique till now, I will recommend you to no to do so anymore. Because, after attaching tire following this technique, the tire will be worn out soon as the clamp flats the tire where you attach it.

Well, then what method should you follow?

Just follow the steps right below.

Step 1: Place the tire top of the wheel and make a knot with the scrap pieces of t-shirt cloth. And that should hold on the tire on the wheels.

Step 2: Then stretch another side of the tire and stretch it to place on the other end of the wheel.      

That’s simple huh!

Step 3: And just remove the piece of cloth now. Boom, it is ready to go for the next step.

Tension Equalizing Process

To take care of the tension of that bandsaw tire is important. In this case, as you forced attached the tire, it might be tighter in one place and another. Still, it doesn’t get the chance to equalize its tension.

So, you have to normalize it on your own by following the steps right below.

Step 1: Mark the place where you want to begin with.

Step 2: Now, insert the round piece of metal rod under the rubber tire.

Step 3: And start rolling the rod till you reach where you have marked. If you are still confused, do it for a couple of times to get everything equalized.

Note: Make sure the tire stays on the wheel. Sometimes it can be slipped and the tire can come out from the drum.

One more thing you have to remember, always finish there where you started.

Don’t pull off the rod yet because it will help you to put glue on the wheel.

Fastecc all purpose cement (contact cement)

Gluing the Wheel

Before starting the gluing process, you have to remember one thing that you definitely put the glue on both sides you want to join.

With leaving the rod under the tire you have enough space for gluing.

Step 1: Now, using an old toothbrush, put the glue both on the tire and the wheel.

Then just roll the rod as you were doing during the normalization process and keep gluing.

Note: Don’t miss out even a tiny place to put the adhesive.

Step 2: After finishing the gluing process pull out the rod and roll it over the tire. This process will eliminate the air bubble under it.

Step 3: I am pretty much sure the glue is dripping down from all around the wheel. So, wipe the extra glue using cloth.

Step 4: Just let the band saw alone for a day or two to set the glue properly.

Crowning the tires

The most important thing for which you have landed here is to know how to crown a bandsaw tire. And Now I will discuss that.

There you can find the various method of crowning bandsaw tires. Most of them work pretty much well. But here, I will discuss my favorite method of bandsaw tricks to do that.

Some of the woodworkers do it by detaching the tire from the bandsaw but I will do it leaving on the machine. And will describe the process as an easy way as possible.

You just need these two things, to begin with

  1. A stick and
  2. 60 grit sandpaper.

I will describe the process just for the upper wheel of a bandsaw. As the upper wheel has no motor attached and you have to perform this process just using your bare hand.   

Step 1: Roll the sandpaper on one side of the stick.

Step 2: Then place the stick on the upper tire’s left or right at a certain angle you need and put pressure on it.

Step 3: Now rotate the wheel by hand. And this process will sand off the tire gradually.

Step 4: Next, repeat the process on the other side.

Step 5: And I am pretty much sure, repeating the process for 15-20 minutes will definitely make your work done.

For the wheel of the below, perform the same technique. But this time I will recommend you to use the motor power of your band saw. This will make your work done shortly and easily.


Q: Can I use urethane bandsaw tire?

A: It is absolutely fine to use a urethane tire on the bandsaw.

Q: Can I use a band saw to cut meat?

A: A meat cutting bandsaw can easily take care of the meat. And modern butchers are using it vastly in the industry.

Q: When to replace bandsaw tires?

A: If you find out jerking on the bandsaw blade when it is on the action, you need to change the wheel tire. Because a worn out tire is the culprit behind to that vibration.

Q: Which bandsaw blade do I need to use?  

A: Use the blade according to your need.

Generally, woodworkers use the coarse blade for resawing the wood and this type of blade features 2-3 TPI. and they are excellent for taking care of the thick pieces of wood up to 8-inch.

On the other hand, bandsaw blade with 18-32 TPI is best for cutting the thinner workpiece.

And you can use blade which has 4 TPI to get fast cut.

However, 14 TPI bandsaw blade will cut the wood slowly leaving a smoother finish.    

Q: How are bandsaw blades measured?

A: To measure the bandsaw blade’s length follow the steps right below.

  1. Place the saw blade on the floor.
  2. And make a straight mark on the blade and the floor.  
  3. Then roll the blade in a straight line till the spot touches the ground again.
  4. Make a mark on the floor again where the blade’s mark touches.
  5. Finally, measured the distance between two markings with an inch tape. And the measurement you get is the length of your bandsaw blade.

5 Band saw tips and tricks for tire crowning

  1. Unplug the saw before starting all the procedure.
  2. Use only top quality bandsaw tires. Otherwise, a cheap bandsaw tire will be worn out soon and you have to go through all the procedure soon.
  3. Don’t place the tire before rubbing it with the sandpaper. This process is very important for gluing.
  4. Don’t skip the tension equalization process of the tire. If you jump this step, it can ruin your whole process as the tire will be worn out very soon.
  5. Start the crowning process after you make sure the glue is set properly on both tire and wheel.
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