Follow These Fixing Method When Your Circular Saw Stops Mid Cut

It is so much annoying for a woodworker when his circular saw stops mid cut because this interruption delays the work.

And in this situation, you don’t have to go all the way through the entire circular saw repair troubleshooting. Rather you need some specific circular saw fixings to get rid of it.

I came from a woodworker family and I am also a pro. As woodworking is our family business, at the early age of my life I spent a whole lot of time in our workshop working with the saw. That time I used to use my fathers old circular saw.

Though it is painful to say, it is true that the saw usually stopped during the operation. I am not saying that we had no other saw to use but my father intentionally gave it to me so that I can learn saw troubleshooting and fixing along with the wood crafting.

In short, it was my internship as growing up being a  professional woodworker. Ha ha ha ha.

By the way, during that struggling time of my early age, I have learned various circular saw basics. And now I know how to take care of a problematic circular saw.

And in this article, I will teach you how to take care of a circular saw which stops mid cut.

So, I am putting a pause in the intro to dive into the core. Let’s begin.

What is Making Your Saw to Stop Mid

Before fixing up any circular saw problem, at first, you have to find out the reasons behind it. And it is obvious for this specific situation also.

From my experience, I know that the problem of two main parts of your circular saw can stop your saw during the operation. So, you have to look at them at the first place

  1. Blade and
  2. Motor

Finding and Solving the Blade Issue

In this situation, you have to change your circular saw blade.

However, don’t do the mistake of taking a cheap quality blade because after using those blades for a very short time can call up that circular saw problem again.

If you have enough time to do research on the best quality circular saw blade, do it before picking up. Otherwise, you can click on the link below to find one easily.

Note: During the blade replacement, make sure about its alignment. Don’t forget to tighten the blade adjustment nut properly. Because a loosen saw blade will slip during the operation and your circular saw can stop cutting.

Finding and Solving the Motor Issue

If your circular saw doesn’t feature a powerful motor, the circular saw won’t cut all the way through. And a problematic motor of your saw can do the same thing as well.

So, when your saw refuses to cut in the middle of the operation, find out is it just the motor is stopping or the entire saw is pretending die.

When it comes to talking about the motor of the saw. Basically, you have to look into just 4 things about it.

  1. Attached blade
  2. Motor brass and
  3. Grease
  4. Motor arbor

Checking the Blade

If you find out just the motor is collapsing, it is pretty much sure you are having a dull blade on the saw. And I have already discussed that matter above.

Checking Circular Saw Motor Brass

It is also very much possible that your motor brass has worn out and it is struggling to cut. So if you have any doubt on the motor brass, open up the motor and check that out the brass.

In case of worn out brass, replace it with the new one. It won’t cost you a whole lot of money though.

Checking the Grease

Form my experience I have seen that a tool works well with the new grease than the older one. If you don’t change the motor gear grease regularly, it can be solidified. And solidified grease is nothing but junk for any machinery which forces it to run slowly and sometimes it shuts down the machine. All you have to do is just to remove bolts of the saw’s shell to reach the motor core. And if the grease has already entered its last life, restore it with the new batch of lithium gear case lubricant. And after you reattach the nuts, your saw is ready to go on the action again.

Checking the motor Arbor

The last thing you need to check out is the motor arbor if your circular saw stops mid cut.

The arbor holds the saw blade with the help of a couple of nuts and washers. And after running for a long time, those tiny little parts can be worn out and can not hold the blade properly. Thus your saw ends up with a wobble blade.

I have seen that a wobble blade can be the cause of stopping the saw during the mid cut.

So, if it comes out your saw motor arbor has worn out parts, replace them with new.

Note: When you are re-attaching them, make sure you place them in the order they were seated before.

Wrapping Up

=After checking all this if your circular saw is still refusing to cut all the way through the wood, you need a new circular saw.

And to help you find the best circular saw on the market, the expert team of review infinite has prepared a post with 5 best saws of the market with a buying guide. So, it will be easy and time saving to pick one from there.

James Johnson

James Johnson

Hi, James speaking. I'm a handyman with my own home service startup and a writer. Friends call me tools-nerd, where I call myself a machine-enthusiast. I'm working as a co-editor at Review Infinite, and I'm so in love with my job.

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1 thought on “Follow These Fixing Method When Your Circular Saw Stops Mid Cut”

  1. Sue

    I have a brand new Ryobi circular saw and have made several beautiful cuts using it for the first time last week. Today I cut a couple of 1×4 and the saw blade stopped right before ending the cut, maybe 1/32 away from the end . I’m just trying to make some planked risers for my porch steps. The wood is pressure treated. Does that suddenly make a difference?

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