Circular Saw Repair Troubleshooting - Expert Guide

Circular saw is one of the first most machines you need to start a woodworking business. As it is a power tool and features different parts, anytime it needs to maintain due to failure of any of its parts.

Circular saw repair
ing is costly. And you can cut out the repairing cost by doing it yourself. But before you go on to action, it is necessary to have enough acknowledgment of circular saw problems and troubleshooting.

You may face an array of error on a circular saw and you need to follow various techniques to find them out and to fix up.

In this article, I will help you with the way of finding a number of circular saw issues step by step.
And as a bonus, you will get some circular saw tips and tricks to solve them.

So, without further due let’s hop on the wagon of the circular saw repair troubleshooting.

Different Problems You Can Face With a Circular Saw

Here, I am listing down some of the common circular saw issues which are possibly bothering you.

  • Making noise.
  • Blade overheating and burning marks
  • Circular saw smoking.
  • Circular saw stops to cut.

Circular Saw Troubleshooting and Repairing Tips

Circular Saw Noise Problem Troubleshooting

Noise is an elusive object and finding its cure has made baffle many DIYers for a long time. But in this section, we will try to identify what’s behind of circular saw noise and how to find it.

To troubleshoot the circular saw noise problem at first you have to recognize where the sound comes from. And there you can find three main sources of unwanted sound on a circular saw.

  • Air noise
  • Plate noise
  • And the cutting noise.

Dealing With the Saw Noises

Air Noise Troubleshooting and Fixing
Troubleshooting: Generally, a circular saw can make a soft purr to unbearable ear-piercing train siren type sound. When you run your saw at a low RPM, the sound stays at an endurable stage but the high RPM of saw can make the insufferable sound.

When your saw is making that type of noise, it is nothing but the saw blade and high rim speed which are behind that sound making.

Different models of the circular saw blade have different teeth count. And the number of those teeth are responsible to make that loud whistle. Each tooth hits air molecules with force. As the teeth number increases, automatically the sound will be louder.

So, different blade models make different sound level, as they have different teeth count.     

Fixing: If your circular saw is making that type of unbearable sound, you have to fix the rim speed.

But it is easier to change the saw blade than fixing the rim speed. So, I will recommend you to do so.

To reduce the sound DB, you can try blades which have low teeth count. And you can go with the Rockwell RW9231 circular saw blade to get an effective result.

Plate Noise Troubleshooting and Fixing
Troubleshooting:  If you get the tinkle during operating the saw, it must be the plate which is the main culprit to make the noise. Each different plate having specific sound but the plate which vibrates at a repellent frequency is the lame duck.

Actually, the fan teeth slap to the air and create vibrations to start the noise.  

Fixing: You can get rid of this annoying plate sound by following various tactics. Installing expansion slots to the saw rim is the most practical method I prefer.

First, you need to install a slot. After you have finished the installation process, plug the slot holes to a plastic plug or soft material.

Another funny but useful method you can follow to fix the circular saw noise. Though it is funny, it is effective too.

Grab a hammer and start to tap on the plate where it needs to. Ha ha ha ha.

Seriously it will make your work done. Once, it worked for mine also.

Cutting Noise Troubleshooting and Fixing​
Like any other noise problem of the circular saw, cutting noise problem is simple to identify and you can easily get rid of by fixing it.

Actually, when saw blade teeth throw the wooden debris at a high velocity, it creates noise. Generally, normal sized debris are not the culprit for making the annoying the noise. Rather it is the oversized debris which are behind.

Fixing: Generally, the size of debris depends on the saw blade teeth count. A blade with fewer teeth makes oversized debris so I will recommend you to find a blade with more teeth. And this will definitely help you with making the debris normal.

You can click the link below to find a complete guide for picking up the best circular saw blade.

Blade Overheating Problem Troubleshooting

Blade overheating is one of the most common problems of a circular saw. Sometimes, woodworkers ignore them as it has no impact on the output. But things began to get dirty when woodworkers found burning marks on their wood.

Here, I am listing down the possible reasons behind burning marks and blade overheating.

  • Dull saw blade
  • Incorrect feed speed
  • Misaligned fence

Dealing With The Overheating And Wood Burning Problem

Dull Saw Blade Troubleshooting And Fixing
If you find out the burn marks on the wood, it is possible that your circular saw carrying a dull blade.

The blade will also make the wood hard to cut and will also slow down the cutting speed.

To check if your saw blade is dull or not, detach the blade from the motor arbor.  And you can easily do it by clicking the blade changing switch of the saw.

If you find some missing teeth on the blade or see bent age, you can consider it as a dull blade.

Sometimes, you can see that your saw blade is okay but carrying some dirt and debris on it. And the debris can also pull the cutting power down.

Fixing: There is nothing to say more on a dull blade scenario. You just need to change the saw blade.

But you can definitely wash out the dirt from the saw blade. And it won’t be a boner for you. For cleaning the dirty blade, you need some essential things.

Below, I am listing those things and steps you have to follow.

Things you need

  • A bucket.
  • Solution for cleaning
  • Brush
  • Clean cloth
  • Lubricating oil

Step 1: Detach the sharp blade from the saw.

Step 2: Choose a solution which you want to use for cleaning and put it in a bucket. You can use any of the home cleaner solution available on the market. In this case, your oven cleaner will work just fine.

Step 3: Put the blade into the bucket full of solution and gently rub it with the brush you got.

Step 4: After that, clean the blade with the cloth till it soaks all the water.

Step 5: Use lubricating oil on the saw blade before you reattach it on to the saw machine. It will keep the blade smooth during cutting. The oil will also keep it safe to get rust.

Note: The saw blades are the sharp object so be careful when you are dealing with them.

Dealing with incorrect feed speed
All the wood pieces you use are not the same as they have different hardness level.

You can still get burn marks on wood after changing the blade.

Wanna get rid of this? Just increase the feeding speed a little bit.

After working for a long time you will have the knowledge of which wood needs slow feeding and which doesn’t. So, you need to work on that and eventually, you don’t have to deal with the feeding speed anymore.

Misaligned fence troubleshooting and fixing
Misaligned saw blade and fence can also be the culprit which is responsible for a table saw overheating and can leave the workpiece with burning marks.

If your saw doesn’t have a perfectly aligned fence and blade, it will push the stocks sideways when you will feed the saw. It can be the also case when you will feel the kickback and might possible you won’t get the desired straight cut from it.

Generally,  a table saw fence stays 90-degrees to the blade. You can use a table saw miter gauge to find whether it staying at perfect angle or not.

Fixing: When you find out that the saw fence isn’t in line you have to follow the steps below to align it perfectly.

You don’t need anything more but a miter gauge to align the saw blade and the fence.

Step 1: Make sure that the blade stays perfectly to the motor arbor by uprising its teeth on the table top.

Step 2: Place the saw miter gauge on the table top to mark the fence so that it stays 90-degree parallel to the saw blade.

Misaligned Fence Adjustment Without Miter gauge
If you don’t have miter gauge, you can follow the next steps for your circular saw adjustment. In this technique, you don’t need any extra instrument.

Step 1: Put the fence on the table top and lock its one side to the fence guide system.

Step 2: Slides the other side of the fence through the guideline to make it perfectly straight to the other end. It will definitely help to make your work done.

Note:  To get the most reliable adjustment, use a miter gauge if you can.

Circular saw smoking problem troubleshooting

Sometimes a circular saw can make smokes. And it is certain that all of you guys are not getting the smoke from the same area. According to circular saw smoke splitting position, it needs a different way of troubleshooting and fixing.

There you may face two different types of smoking problem on a circular saw and they are

  • Circular saw smoking from the blade area.
  • Circular saw smoking from the engine.

Actually, circular saw emanates a thin layer of smokes from the blade area when it is carrying problem on its blade or blade related accessories. 

Above, I have already discussed that circular saw problem, so for now, I am skipping that part and going directly to the saw engine smoking problem.

Circular saw smoking from engine troubleshooting and fixing​
To troubleshoot of a circular saw engine, you have to go through its various parts. Because a
circular saw engine can make smoke due to the failure of its various parts.

Here are the parts which are behind that smoke.

  • Dirty air filter.
  • Burned engine oil.
  • Inappropriate fuel mixing.

Engine oil troubleshooting and fixing: If you notice that your circular saw is emanating unnatural amount of smoke during cutting and making unbearable dirty noise, it is time when you have to check the air filter out.

For checking out the air filter, you just need a screwdriver and should follow the steps below.

Step1: First open up the plate which is covering the circular saw engine. You can easily do it by just untightening the holding nut.

Step 2: Most of the circular saw features a simple looking engine. So, it takes more than a few seconds to locate the filter, if you have an idea what it looks like.

Step 3: Detach the air filter from the engine and examine it.

Fixing: If you identify dirt on the air filter, you have to clean it.

For cleaning the air filter of the engine, tap it against any stationary object. It will help you to throw away the debris.

After that, use a normal cloth to wipe out the excess dust it is carrying.

This isn’t the only way you can clean it. Indeed you can try warm water to get the best result.

Note: After washing it with the warm water, don’t forget to dry it.

If the air filter is totally full of dust and not worth cleaning, you should replace it with a new one. Harbot Carburetor AIR Filter KIT is the most favorite of mine, and I think it is worth checking.

Dirty air filter troubleshooting and fixing
For insufficient and
burnt engine oil, a circular saw may stop during operation. You can also find some shady smoke with burning smell from engine, if you saw having a problem with the engine oil.

To check the engine condition follow the stops right below

Step 1: With the screwdriver, open up the engine cover.

Step 2: Now disclose the oil reservoir to check inside. If the oil stays low, you have to fill it up.

In another case, if you find out that the oil tank is full and the oil color is dirty, you have to change the oil.

Step 3: In some cases, the oil remains okay what is need to be. In this case, check out the oil passing pipe. It is the culprit which is jammed.

In my opinion, now you should change the oil pipe. Most of the time I recommend HIPA Fuel Line Hose to the people.

Inappropriate fuel mixing identifying and replacing​​
For using irregular oil mixing your engine can make filthy black smoke. In this case, you will find more smoke than any other time. So it is easy to find out.

Fixing: Every engine needs a specific mixture of fuel to operate smoothly. Check out your circular saw user manual to find out yours.

If you were still using the wrong oil proportion as fuel, change it with the required.

Circular Saw Which Stops to Cut Troubleshooting

A circular saw may stop cutting for a hand full of reasons and it is possible that you can not start it again without repairing. As it is one of the complex members of the saw family, it isn’t so easy to find out the actual reason for not performing.

Troubleshooting: So, you have to go through all the steps given below to find out the villain behind who is stopping it to make a cut.

At first, I want to start the long procedure with the visual inspection

Steps to follow for visual inspection

Step 1: look for the potential mechanism which is jammed.

Step 2: Find out, whether the air filter is clogged or not.

Step 3: Check out the power cord insulation. Most of the cases circular saw power cord can crack for many reasons and it can not pass the electricity to the saw. Especially, check the point where it enters into the saw.

Step 4: If your saw has a reset button, make sure that it is unpopped.

Step 5: Sometimes engine overheating may the cause for its shutting down. In this case, wait for a while and try to restart the saw again.  

Step 6: If the saw has a grounded plug, make sure that it is in one piece. If it isn’t, get the replacement which won’t cost you more than 5$.

Step 7: If you notice grease on the saw surface, it indicates the bearing failure. And other oxxings point directly to motor damage. Sometimes, it may possible that the capacitor is not working properly.

Step 8: Try to rotate the saw blade by hand. Check out if it is moving freely or not.

Step 9:  Get an ohmmeter and attach it to the cord and plug to check it is normal or not.

That’s it. You are done enough with the visual inspection.

Fixing Tips: After finishing the visual inspection, you should try the steps below to run again the saw machine.

Step 1: In case of a damaged cord, replace it with the new.   HQRP has a reputation to make heavy-duty power cable for using in various industrial-grade machinery.

Note: Don’t try to repair it. Because it can guide you to a catastrophe.

Step 2: Replace all the electric parts if needed. Such as switch and saw stops.

Steps to Follow When the Saw is Attached to the Electricity

Step 1: Plug the circular saw into the outlet to check if it runs.

Step 2: Change the outlets to check the condition of it. It is possible that your saw doesn’t have any issue at all, rather it is your outlet which is unable to pass the electricity need to run the saw.

Step 3: Though the saw is not running, try to identify any humming noise is coming out from the motor.

Step 4: Grab a multimeter to check the short circuit on the saw.

Fixing: In this case, I will recommend you to go to the expert. Because most of the cases it is out of hand and must need a saw expert for fixing circular saw.

Sometimes, it is so unfortunate and you are out of luck that it is impossible to fix the saw. And you immediately need a new circular saw to run your workshop. Here, you can find the market’s best circular saws on

5 Circular saw tips to keep it running

To increase your saw’s life expectancy, do follow the tips given below.

  • After using the saw, clean it.
  • Use a good quality saw blade.
  • Often check the engine oil, if it needs to be changed.
  • Keep your workplace clean to keep your saw dust free.

Don’t use the saw when your electric source is passing excessive voltage.

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