Is Your Circular Saw Not Cutting Straight? Here Is The Quick Fix

Some days back, I was needed to cut some 1×4-inch pine wood for crafting a french cleat style hanging strip. To make some straight cut on those workpieces I picked my circular saw.


But I was wondering that my circular saw was not cutting straight. Though my circular saw got ages, it was totally fine when I used it last time.


I was totally clueless why the saw wasn’t delivering me a perfectly straight cut.


As I am a DIYer and like to solve problems on my own, I wanted to find and fix this particular circular saw problem also. But after a couple of fail attempts, I had moved on to the web for finding the answers for my circular saw issue. And after spending a whole lot of time finally I got some.


I have tried them all but they all weren’t helpful. Rather some of them wasted my time.


But don’t worry.


In this conversation, I will exactly take you on the tour what you are expecting and why you are here.


Step by Step I will go through all the possible reasons for this particular saw issue and I will also tell you how to troubleshoot a circular saw when it is not cutting straight.

So, without spoiling another moment, let’s hop on the core to fix the saw so that you can cut straight with circular saw again.


Possible Reasons for a Circular Saw Not Cutting Straight Problem

Before you go on the circular saw troubleshooting for not cutting straight problem, at first you have to find out the reasons behind it. And below I am listing down the causes.


  • Sliding workpiece

  • Unstable blade

  • Wrapped blade edged

What You Should Do to Resolve This Circular Saw Issue

To get an even straight cut you have to resolve those issues. But don’t go crazy, I will explain all the things you need to do in an easy way.

Dealing With the Sliding Workpiece

If you are struggling with the circular saw to cut straight line on the wood, at first, look at your workpiece. It is possible that you have selected a heavy wood to cut and that wood is tough to hold down on the table.


As it is hard to tackle the workpiece on the table when you attempt to cut it with the saw, it moves. And upshot, an uneven cut on the wood.


Well, in this case, you don’t have to be worried about your circular saw. Actually, it is totally fine and you don’t need to attempt any circular saw troubleshooting.


So, if you find out that your saw is okay and the problem is with your unstable wooden piece, just have a set of hold down clamp. It will lay hold on the workpiece with the table to make it stable.


You can check out some of the best hold down clamps of the market on the Review Infinite, if you don’t have one. Our expert team has spent hours after hours to find only the best at a budget-friendly price.

Unstable Blade

It is important to have the stable blade to get perfect straight cuts with circular saw.


So, after solving the issue with the unstable wood, secondly, you have to check out your circular saw blade.


After running for a long time, the circular saw blade holding nut can be loosened. In this case, your saw can’t carry the blade perfectly. As a result, your circular saw end up with a wobble blade.


And it is obvious that a wobble blade is unable to make straight cut.


Okay, if your saw is having such a problem with its blade, tighten the blade holding nut immediately.


To tighten your circular saw blade nut, grab a screwdriver and turn the nut clockwise couple of times till it ends up being tightened properly.


Easy huh!

Sometimes, woodworkers find out that their circular saws with a misaligned blade.  Just look at the circular saw shoe. If the saw blade is staying in the middle of the shoe, it is perfect to go on the action.

Or if you find out the blade is staying away from the middle, it is time you should align it.


Just, turn the blade arbor nut slightly counterclockwise to make the blade loose from the arbor. Then place the blade at the middle of the shoe, and retighten it.


Note: Before aligning the blade, set the shoe angle at the 180-degree. Otherwise, you won’t get the perfect alignment of the blade.

Wrapped Circular Saw Blade

To cut out the production cost of the saw, producers of the circular saw provide cheap-quality blade with their saw. After handling some tough wood, this blade can lose its shape. And a loosened blade will never give you the perfect straight cut.


So, check out the pre-installed blade of your circular saw. If you find out that the blade has lost some of its teeth and has a wrapped edge, it is sure that the blade is the culprit you are looking for. Because a  wrapped blade cannot provide a straight cut.


In this scenario, you have to change the blade.  Below I have already listed an array of best circular saw blades

Final Verdict

I hope discussed points on the above will help you to take care of your circular saws and it will start to cut straight again.
But if you want to cut more precisely in an effective way, just grab a track saw. Though a track saw won’t be the alternative to your table saw which is not cutting straight, it can definitely be the substitute for your circular saw.Remember, to pick up a top quality track saw from the market is not so easy and it takes time to research on them. And I know most of you folks have a little scope to do the proper research.

Well, don’t worry. If you really want to pick a track saw for cutting straight, you can check Festool TS 75 EQ with a 75-inch track.


Q: Can you cut drywall with a circular saw?

A: The Answer is Yes. By using a diamond tip blade on your circular saw, you can easily cut any masonry object as well as drywall.


Q: Can you cut 4×4 with a circular saw?

A: There have plenty of ways you can find to cut 4×4 with a circular saw.


Q: Is it possible to make bevel cuts with a circular saw?

A: It is very much possible to cut crisp or bevel cut with a circular saw. But you have to follow some circular saw tricks to do it properly.

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