Chop saw vs Band Saw: Which One Should I Take?

Though chop saw and band saw are two different types of saw belonging the same power saw family, there you have an argument on the chop saw vs band saw. As they are quite different than each other, where is the argument?


Actually, people get confused when they look for a saw to tackle metal. And this time they want a comparison on both of the band saw and chop saw.


So, today I will cover this topic in this article.


I will talk about their general uses, specialties, and differences to help you choose the most suitable one.


General Uses of Bandsaw vs Chop Saw

A chop is similar to the circular saw. Most of the woodworkers and cabinetmakers use the saw to get accurate square cuts on their workpiece.


There you can find an array of chop saws available on the market which have miter making abilities and they are called the miter saw.


Generally, woodworkers use the chop saw for making straight cuts on the wood. But you can also use a chop saw for metal cutting.


A band saw is one kind of power saw which uses two wheels to support its long straight blade. And with the help of an electric motor, it makes cuts.


The general purpose of using a band saw is cutting wood. But you can use the saw for cutting various types of metal also. And it is common to have a giant band saw in most of the sawmills to cut oversized limber.


Specialties of band Saw and Chop Saw  

When it comes to talking about the chop saw (miter saw) specialties, the first thing comes into my mind is its portability and cutting speed.


Most of the band saw out there is small enough and it is possible to transport each of them by only a man. And you won’t find any other saw which can compete with the cutting speed of the chop saw. A miter saw (chop saw) is also renowned for its miter making capabilities.


If you are looking for a saw for setting up a sawmill, a band saw will be the best choice for yours. A band saw is a special kind of saw which is good at making raw rip cut.



As it features a gigantic profile and people use it for cutting long sturdy limber, it is obvious that it features a strong motor. Like the miter saw it can also handle metal. But unlike the miter saw it is able to handle sturdier material.


And the band saw is a super quieter than any other saws you can find. And this feature is enough to choose it over others.


Differences: Bandsaw vs Chop saw

The dissimilarities between a band saw and chop saw are not a few because they are totally different from each other. Let’s talk about one by one.



The profile of the chop saw is smaller than a bandsaw. And if you want a comparison then the biggest chop can weigh up to 56-pounds. On the other hand, the smallest band is not less than 36-pounds, and it is only good for DIYers.


The average weight of the best chop saws are less or more 20-35 pounds. And it is 150-pounds average for the best bandsaws.



The chop saw uses a round shape circular saw blade for cutting wood. And a band saw features a long blade which has evenly placed teeth on it.


As they both use the different types of blade they also feature a different size kerf. And you will find a thinner kerf on the band saw than a miter saw.


So, a band saw wastes lesser material than a chop saw.


Miter making.

Both of the chop saw and band saw can make miter cuts easily. In general, they both have some common miter making options.


Though a band saw can make some of the most common angels it is unable to deliver critical miter angles.


So, if you need to make any size miter cut on your workpiece, you should go or the chop saw. Because the sliding compound miter saw (chop saw) has the ability to make different sizes miter cuts.




If you need to cut the workpiece fast, you should go for the chop saw. Because a band saw is a slow runner.


But as the band saw is slower it is quieter. So, if you want a quite saw for your workshop, I will recommend you to take the band saw.


Dust Management

From the perspective of dust management, a band saw is way better than a chop saw. Because you won’t find any of the bandsaws which don’t have a dust collecting system.


On the other hand, some budget miter saws (chop saw) don’t have any dust bag to collect debris.


Pros and Cons

Let’s have a quick look at the pro and cons of the band saw and chop saw to get an overview of what they are good at and not.


Band Saw


  1. It is good for a big project.

  2. The band saw is quieter.

  3. It can handle a big chunk of wood easily.



  1. It is slower.


Chop Saw


  1. It is good for making miter cuts.

  2. The chop is faster.

  3. And good for a mobile job.




  1. A miter saw is a little bit messy.


Q: What is the best saw for making miter cuts?

A: In a word, it is sliding compound miter saw.


Q: Can a 10-inch blade be used in a 12-inch miter saw?

A: If the blade can run with the rotating speed of 12-inch miter saw, you can use it undoubtedly.


Q: Is a 10-inch miter saw big enough?

A: A 10-inch miter saw can handle most of the wood used by the woodworkers.


Q: Can a band saw cut steel?

A: Generally, the band saw features a sturdy blade that is strong enough to tackle various kinds of metal.


Q: Can a band saw cut curves?

A: Yes a band saw can cut curves quiet comfortably.

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