Finding out the Reasons Behind Chainsaw Chain Tightens Itself

Before stepping on the solution of the chainsaw chain tightening problem, you have to find out the hidden culprit behind it, as we did it for the chainsaw chain keeps coming loose crux. I have listed down some of the possible reasons behind it

  • Lack of chainsaw bar oil.
  • Outworn sprocket
  • Cranked chainsaw chain

Now, you know who are the possible candidates which are you looking for.

So, let’s boot them out.

Troubleshooting and fixing

Taking Care of the Bar Oil

You have the check the chainsaw bar oil at first place when your chainsaw chain stuck. It is possible that the oil has run out and the chain is running on the bar without getting oil treatment.

Thus the chain is running without oil it comes contact to the bar and wood rapidly and it gets so much friction. This excess friction generates intemperance heat which increases the volume of the bar.

As the bar gets bigger, the space between it and the chain decreases. And with a narrow space, the chain cannot move freely.

In this situation, the chain gets stuck after operating chainsaw a couple of minutes.

To solve this issue you have to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Pull out the lid of the oil reservoir and check out the oil position in the reservoir.

Step 2: If it is run out already, refill it with the new batch.

Step 3: In some cases, the bar oil tank may be found full. This time, it is the oil line which is going through the trouble.

Step 4: If the line is locked by some debris, clean it. Hope it will solve your particular chainsaw issue.

Note: Sometimes it can be the cheap oil which is unable to make your bar cool. So, before picking up the bar oil check its quality.

It is so much complicated to pick up a top quality product from the market full of cheap quality products.

So, here I have already extracted one for you. Click on the link below to get that.

Got Old Chainsaw? Check out the Outworn Sprocket

Like the other saw motor (engine) chainsaw engine doesn’t have any arbor to hold its cutting edge. Rather features a sprocket to support the chain.

If the bar is doing okay, it is obvious that it is the sprocket which has worn out.

Just disclose chainsaw side plate to reach the sprocket. If you find out that the life expectancy of it has run out already, you have to change it.    

Depending on your chainsaw model, you can see two different types of the sprocket in your chain saw. And they are

  1. Spur Sprocket and
  2. Rim sprocket

Spur Sprocket

Spur sprocket features a star-shaped hub attached on its drum. And the chain drives directly through the arms of the star. Sometimes,  the arm can lose its shape due to heavy chainsaw uses.

This time you have to change the sprocket to restore the chainsaw cutting power.

Another scenario you may come close to, If your clutch comes with multiple valleys. It is possible when you start tightening the lower valley, the drivers tighten the higher valley. And that’s how you got the problem.

Rim Sprocket

On the other hand,  rim sprocket doesn’t have any star-shaped hub attached on it. Rather its clutch drum has a hub with small splines for accepting the rim.

The rim has slots to accommodate the saw chain. And the hub spins against the drum.

Sometimes the hub may jam and this time it cannot rotate freely.

Maybe it got some debris or if it isn’t, change the whole drum set or just the hub. It depends on the situation.

In my case, I had replaced mine with Oregon and it is still running without any issue.

Cranked Chainsaw Chain Issue Solving

Sometimes a cranked chainsaw chain may be the culprit behind this specific chain saw problem.

A dull chain doesn’t have sharp cutting edge and it stuck during the operation. And with a dull chain, a chainsaw can make smoke also.

So, if your chainsaw is having a dull chain, replace it with the new. I think this will make your chainsaw working again.

Or, if you don’t want to spend that much money on buying a new one, you can sharpen the chainsaw chain of your garage.

Chainsaw Chain Sharpening
Chain Sharpening

5 Tips to Prevent Chainsaw Chain Tightening Problem in the Near Future

Here are some effective chainsaw tips you can follow to prevent this type of chainsaw problems in the future.

  1. Check out the chainsaw bar oil before you start cutting.
  2. Repeatedly sharpen the chainsaw chain when it needs.
  3. Don’t use a dull chain with the saw.
  4. Overtightened chain is another cause of this specific crux so don’t do it.
  5. If you are having a damaged bar on the chain saw, immediately replace it.


Q: How to measure chainsaw chain?

A: With the tape in your hand, measure the chain bar from its tips to where it meets the chainsaw casing to get the number. If you get a fractional number, round it to the nearest even number.

Q: How to sharpen a chainsaw chain?

A: Chainsaw chain made of a series of tiny cutting parts. With a file adjust the height of them.

Bottom Line

These are all, what I got. I think these tactics will definitely resolve your chainsaw issue with chain tightening. But if you are still having a problem with the chain when it is not moving, check out the motor.

Maybe it has lost its ability to run the chainsaw. So, bring a new one to run your woodworking shop.

Before picking up a new chainsaw from the market, do research on them. Otherwise, you can check out the best chainsaw from Review Infinite. Here, our team has spent hours to pick up the best from the market.

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