Chain Saw Chain Keeps Coming Loose –Easy Fixing Guide

As I am a DIYer and tool enthusiast, often I visit various blogs and community forums to learn something new about tools. A few days ago, during my web visiting, suddenly my eyes stuck on a specific question about chainsaw problem.

One of the DIYer folks like me asked the solution for his chainsaw chain keeps coming loose crux. I was astonished that he didn’t get the desired answer which can be aggregable.

I also didn’t know the answer that time. But later I have researched on that matter, and from my next-door handyman, I have learned how to fix a loose chainsaw chain.

After learning from my buddy, I have emailed that poor guy who needed the solution. And I think you people also may need this for sure to fix your chainsaw chain on your own.

And that’s why you are here. Am I right?

So, if your chainsaw chain keeps coming loose, you are at the right place to fix it yourself. In this article, I will talk about that specific chainsaw troubleshooting.

What’s The Right Chainsaw Chain Tension?

Before you start using a saw, you need to check the condition of its various parts. And it is the first saw safety rules you have to follow. And for the chainsaw, you have to check its chain in first place.

Before starting the saw tune-up, you have to acknowledge the difference between an appropriate and inappropriate chain tension.

Here is the catch-

Sluggish Tension

To find out whether the chain tension is loose or over-tighten, pull out the chain from its bar.

If the chain comes off easily from the bar, it doesn’t have the tension near about you need. Actually, it indicates a loose chain you need to tighten it asap.

Again, an overtightened chain of the chainsaw is also considered as bad tensioned. If you don’t leave a tiny place between the chain and the bar, it is impossible for the chain to play a little bit. And the chain can break during the operation.

Proper Tension

Hold your chainsaw’s chain and try to pull it up. If you can notice a tiny fraction of space between chain and the bar, then the chain is attached correctly.

But remember, the space between those shouldn’t be too much. The area should stay at a reasonable size so that the chain can play on the bar smoothly and doesn’t come off. Sometimes you can notice that your chainsaw chain tightens itself. And it is not the typical scenario. In this case, you have to troubleshoot your chainsaw also.

Steps to Tighten A Chainsaw Chain

As you’ve just learned to measure the right chainsaw tension, you should be certain of low much lose it is right now. Even though tightening a chainsaw chin is easy and takes a couple of minutes to do, you need to follow the chainsaw chain tensioning method. Because forgetting one of the steps to do can call up a dangerous situation during the operation.

So, try to do it with care.

Tools You Need

Most of the time chainsaw comes with a specific tool kit called Scwrench. Actually, it is one kind of screwdriver or wrench given with the chainsaw for loosening and tightening its different nuts.

Many of the DIYers don’t care for it, and eventually, they ended up by losing it. So, it is best if you have one. Otherwise, you can have one from the list

Step 1: To make room for the chainsaw guide bar and chain, at first loosen up the nuts of the sidebar. This will provide you with easy access to the chain.

Note: Some chainsaw feature attached break directly to the side panel. If your chainsaw has so, unlock it before you go to the side panel.

Step 2:  Now it is the main step. For tightening the loosen chain, rotate the guide bar’s side panel nut clockwise till you feel it is enough. You can pull up the chain over and again, to check it if it is perfect.

Easy huh!!

Note: Don’t forget to hold the chainsaw nose upside. It is essential to get proper tension of the chain. Actually, the nose secures the guide bar and the side panel of a chainsaw.

Final Verdict

If you were following me till now, your chainsaw is ready to go on the action again. and the chain won’t come off soon. Well, some exceptional cases have where the chain will still come off. In that case, you need to find out the chainsaw chain replacement.

Here, I am listing some of the chainsaw chains for your easy finding.

James Johnson

James Johnson

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