Chainsaw Bogs Down Fixing Guide

A chainsaw is one of the most common tools for you if you are in the lumber business. And you need to use the saw very often. After going through hard working days, a chainsaw may face some problems like smoking and chainsaw bogs down.


Earlier I have discussed the chainsaw smoking in my other post and it was pretty much helpful for the chainsaw users. So, they did respond well.


And Now, here  I am with the solution of chainsaw bogs down problem. Generally, you may find spark arrestor, carburetor, and the dirty air filter are liable for this specific chainsaw problem.


But we wanted to go deep to find the exact culprit to get rid of it. And to do so we performed a chainsaw troubleshooting. We were surprised after finding the reasons behind that specific chainsaw issue.

Things and Tools You Need

For performing each specific task you need some specific things and tools. And to run a chainsaw troubleshooting you need the things listed right below.

  1. Work gloves ( for hand safety)

  2. Sheds (to protect the eyes)

  3. Screwdriver

  4. Dust Blower

  5. Soapy water

  6. Wire brush

  7. Tachometer

Reasons Behind Your Chainsaw Bogs Down

The main culprit who is playing from the behind is one of from the below.

  1. Dirty air filter

  2. Poorly adjusted high-speed screw

  3. Filthy spark plug

  4. Poorly adjusted carburetor.


Now let’s find out which one is pulling your chainsaw backward to perform and kick them up to work properly.

Dirty Air Filter

At first, check out the air filter of your chainsaw engine. If you find out it is dirty. Probably it is the mouse you were looking for.  So, you should Immediately clean it up.


To clean the chainsaw engine air filter, follow the steps right below.


Step 1: Begin the cleaning process by removing the air filter from the engine.


Step 2: With the help of air compressor try to blow off the dirt it got.


Step 3: If it is still containing dirt, clean it with the soapy water.


Note: After performing step 2 and 3 if you notice a significant amount of dirt on the air filter, replace it with the new one.

Dirty Air Filter

Step 4: After you have taken care of the air filter, it is time you go for the spark arrestors. Though chainsaws are designed differently, most of the chainsaws contain spark arrestors behind their mufflers.


Step 5: At first, remove the muffler cover then pull it out.


Step 6: Now, clean it using the wire brush.


If your chainsaw was having really a problem with the air filter, after performing those steps will definitely solve the chainsaw issue. And it will run once again without bogging down.

Misaligned High-Speed Screw

Check out your chainsaw’s high-speed screw located on the carburetor. Generally, most of the chainsaw available in the market comes with the properly adjusted screw and to adjust it again is not recommended by the manufacturers.


But don’t worry. It will not harm your chainsaw. And I think if it is necessary to readjust the screw, you should definitely do that. But the question is, can you do it your self or need a professional?


Don’t have enough confidence to do this, leave this for the professional. But who is brave enough to take the risk, come along with me.

If you find out that the screw of the carburetor is not adjusted properly ( sitting so far from it need to be), it will allow so much air in the combustion chamber. This excess air is impossible to ignite for your chainsaw. As a result, the chainsaw smoking and low-performance issues are common. And the ultimate fate is the chainsaw bogs down under load.


To get rid of that kind of annoying situation, you need to make sure that the screw is closed but it is maintaining a reasonable distance. Otherwise, if it is too tight it can lead you towards another massive chainsaw issue.


After adjusting the screw, you have to run the chainsaw and need to hear its sound. If it is making an unusual sound then the speed of it not correct. Actually to adjust the speed by hearing the sound is pretty much difficult. In this case, you should use the tachometer.


Sometimes, chainsaw oil mixture can be too thin. And if you burn this to run your saw, you will feel heavy heat coming from the chainsaw engine. After sometimes the engine can be stopped with a piston seize.


So, before starting the chainsaw, make sure that it is containing the right mixture if the oil. If you have any confusion, see the users manual given by the manufacturers.

Dirty Spark Plug (The Sign of Wrong Oil Mixture)

When you are performing a chainsaw troubleshooting for your chainsaw bogs down at full throttle, you have to check out its spark plug.

Pull out the spark plug of your chainsaw engine. If you notice excess carbon on the spark plug, it indicates the oil mixture is too thick.

In such a case, you will also find excessive oil on the spark arrestor too.

And what’s the solution?

Just get a new batch of properly mixed oil in the reservoir.

Check The Carburetor

It is important to adjust the idle of the chainsaw engine. But most of the time, it is too difficult to adjust the fuel volume passes by the carburetor.


But when do you need to adjust the idle?

Well, start your chainsaw and put it for idling. If it stops, you need to tighten the idle.


In another case, if the chainsaw doesn’t blog down until you depress the switch, you should tighten the low or high-speed screw to improve its offering.

Tips to Run a Chainsaw Without Issues

Though you may have the best chainsaw to cut the timber, every time it may not you serve the desired performance you want from it. To get the most out of a chainsaw follow the tips given below.

  1. Before hop on to the cutting with the chainsaw, check the bar oil. If it runs out, fill it up with the new batch.

  2. Do attempt to cut, if your saw doesn’t have a sharp chain on it.

  3. Always use the perfect fuel mixture.

  4. Change the bar if you find out that it is broken or crooked.

Don’t forget to wear safety equipment and always follow the saw safety rules.

James Johnson

James Johnson

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