Can You Cut Tile With a Miter Saw?

A wet tile saw is the best machine to cut tile smoothly. But do you do when you don’t have a wet saw to cut tile? Most of the DIYers don’t need to cut tile often. So for them, effort one is nothing but luxury.


However, a miter saw is one of the most common power saws which can be seen to both DIYers and handymen. A miter saw is good for cutting miter cuts on the wood but the question is can you cut tile with a miter saw


Though a miter saw is not the most convenient for cutting tiles, you can use to cut tile in half. But how you will cut tile with a miter saw?


Let’s find it in the below.

Things You Need to Cut Tile With Miter Saw

Just having a miter saw is not enough to cut tile. You will need some additional things to do it safely and properly. So, let’s see what you need.

  1. A miter saw

  2. Safety Goggles

  3. A pair of hand gloves

  4. Earplugs

  5. And a miter diamond tip miter saw blade.

  6. Permanent marker

  7. Measuring tape.

Process of cutting tile with miter saw

If you have already managed these tools and safety equipment, you are good to go for following the next steps for cutting tile using a miter saw.


Step 1: Before starting the cutting procedure, you need to inspect the miter saw to make sure that it is working perfectly.


Step 2: Regular miter saws are not meant to be used for cutting tile. So, they don’t come with a strong blade. And you need to replace it with the carbide teeth or diamond saw blade.


Step 3: To get the precise cut you need to measure the tile. So, to do that, get the measuring tape and measure it.



Step 4:  Now, mark on the tile where you want to make the cut.


Step 5: Tiles are too messy to cut. So, if you will cut it dry, it will make so much debris and sawdust which is injuries for your health and saw itself. To catch the debris I have a magnetic idea that works.

Attach a household wet or dry vacuum with the saw’s vacuum port.


Step 6: At this stage, put the tile flat on the cutting surface to cut the tile with miter saw. And inline the tile with the miter saw blade. Ensure the tile is tight against the miter saw fence.


Step 7: Plug the saw into the electrical outlet and by pressing the start button start it. Wait until the diamond blade reaches its full speed.

At last, slowly chop down the tile.


Note: Let the blade do its work slowly. Don’t force it to cut it quickly. If you force the saw to make the cut quickly, it will occur chipping or will shatter the tile.


Q: Can a miter saw cut metal?

A: With a diamond tipped blade you can cut metal with a miter saw. But remember, a miter saw cannot take care of dense metal.


Q: Do you cut ceramic tile face up or down?

A: If the blade cut with a downstroke, you need to face up the tile. And if it cuts with an upstroke, you have to face down the tile.


Q: Can I use a dry saw to cut tile?

A: the answer is yes. You can use a dry saw as a miter saw or the circular saw to cut tile.


Q: Will a Dremel cut tile?

A: with a diamond tipped wheel a Dremel can also cut tile.

James Johnson

James Johnson

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