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10 Best Workbench Light | Reviews And Buying Guide

Light puts up with more fabulous experience and importance in our lives than you have ever imagined.  The best workbench light and temperature have their way to light up your moment. Specially designed LED lights produce efficient lighting, which is more than 80%, compared to the regular lights.

Whether you are a regular guy to work on your desk or relaxing in your retired life by reading and writing, the workbench lights will help you to see all the details.

The workbench lights vary from a person’s hobby to industrial works as it costs a reasonable price and quite easy to assemble on your workbench. These lights usually save the energy of light and efficiency from getting wasted.

Most probably, regular people face a common problem in their work with workbench lights, and that is the durability and power consumption fact.

Let’s buckle up your life smoother by suggesting some highly appreciated and unfailing workbench lights, and also a buying guide to acknowledge you with buying.

10 Best Workbench Light Reviews

Aren’t you feeling mysterious to know about the best workbench light? Sure, you are. Let’s check out the article.

01. Brightech LightView Pro Flex Lamp Light Review

Product Features:

  • 3-inch lens
  • 13.5-inch adjustable lamp
  • 6W and 570-lumen lighting capacity
  • Magnifies 175% with glass magnifier
  • Last 20,000 hours

LightView Pro Flex from Brightech is a magnifying lamp that is meant to be a versatile product for a workbench. This plastic built desk lamp has a 6watt LED light and produces 570 lumens of light to give a full view picture of your workstation.

Importantly, it features a 13.5-inch flexible gooseneck, so that you can point the light where you want to see. This light features 6000k daylight cool color.

A 3-inch lens holds the LED light to light the table or your workbench. This lens is manufactured with genuine diopter glass, and it magnifies 175% that provides a clearer view in your reach and makes the best bench light magnifier.

The reliable, built quality makes the lamp stay steady and durable so that you can do your work with comfort.

LightView Pro Flex comes with versatility, as it proves to be used for repairing electronics, sewing, painting, jigsaw puzzles, jewelry making, cross-stitch, etc. Besides, it is renowned as a craftsman workbench light.

The diopter glass and led lights ensured the maximum brighter output from the desk lamp. It is built to provide 20,000 hours of light if you are using it for 3hours daily. The professionals notice no issues of heating, time out, or scratches.


  • Easy to install
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Longer durability
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Saves energy


  • Tough to open its clip

02. Globe Electric 56963 Metal Clamp Light Review

Product Features:

  • Spring-loaded arm
  • 31.5 inches long
  • 6-foot long cord
  • 60W bulb
  • Adjustable metal clamp

The Globe Electric 56963 features a sturdy metal clamp that helps you to mount the lamp where you need the light.

A spring-loaded arm allows you to adjust the light’s direction where you need most of the light and gives you the ultimate comfort.

Who doesn’t want a long cord to set the light? Well, surely you might be one of them. To answer your question, this metal lamp comes with a 6-foot long cord to reach out to any space.

This long cord makes it the best lighting for garage workshop as it can reach any power.

Easy on/off switch gives you an easygoing light to use, and a 60W bulb produces the ultimate energy to light up any of your desks.


  • Extra-long cord
  • Easy switching modes
  • 2-inch width metal clamp
  • Strong built
  • Quick setup


  • If you over-tighten the clamp, it may break

03. Brightech LightView Pro LED Workbench Light Review

Product Features:

  • 225% magnifying power
  • 9W and 650 lumen LED lights
  • Adjustable clamp
  • 3-inch lens
  • Last 20,000 hours

Are you finding any light to work closely and do precise shots? Here is another Brightech LightView Pro with a more magnifying capacity of 225%. 

This kind of magnifying function helps in saps and salons, beauticians, and makeup artists for better makeup. Mostly, the details on hair works put more view and light color temperatures to work.

This magnifying lamp claims the best workbench light tag with its cooler light and soothing vision experience without any problems. It removes eye-related issues like macular degeneration and ageing.

Importantly, a 3-inch lens holds the LED power to let you enjoy knitting, quilting, drawing, cross-stitch, and painting, which remarks as the best led workbench light.

The genuine diopter glass is constructed in the lens to stand up against scratches and time warp or heating issues. It makes sure to last longer than any other cheap acrylic glasses.

For an endless power source, it features 650 lumens of lights and 9watt energy that is built to serve 20,000hours if you use it 3hours regularly, which calls for the best led light for workbench. Moreover, a cooler color temperature of 6000K is put inside for a balanced white color.


  • Easy installation
  • Heavy-duty lens
  • Better magnifying quality
  • Improved working experience
  • Cooler temperature


  • Small focusing area

04. Under Cabinet LED Workbench Lighting Review

Product Features:

  • Six pieces of 12 inches cabinet lights
  • 2000 lumen power
  • 31W bright warm light
  • Higher-quality power supply
  • 115MC cord

Form the Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit, you will get the best led lighting ideas for your store. These lights are also the best led shop lights if you ask us about shop lights.

This kit features six pieces of led lights, which measures 12 inches per light. And these light delivers 2000 lumen of lights that is super bright to reach every corner of your workbench.

The 31watt energy source creates a warm white color without any dots or spots.

A premium higher quality cable of 115 cm connects the light to the power source. And a rotary switch dimmer is included for stepless dimming for 0 percent to 100.

To install the package, the LED light kit comes with mounting clips, extension cords, wire clips, self-adhesive pads. So that you can install it easily with proper instruction.


  • Perfect lights for kitchen and shop
  • Multiple packs
  • Included instruction
  • Higher energy source
  • Long cord


  • It may heat a bit

05. Brightech LightView Pro LED Floor Lamp Review

Product Features:

  • 24-inch flexible gooseneck
  • 1.75x magnification within 13 inches distance
  • 6.5-inch by 4-inch lens
  • 9W and 540-lumen lights
  • Rectangular lens

LightView Pro LED Magnifying Floor Lamp from Brightech features a 24 inch long flexible gooseneck, and it can be directed according to choices.

The extra-wide and rectangular-shaped lens allows you to cover a full page of a book with light. Its magnification can reach 1.75x and focus within 13 inches distance.

For beauty makeups, you can use this led light and makeups like facials, tattoo, eyelash extensions, and many more specific works.

If you are a hobbyist, it is another good choice for you. Hobbies like reading newspapers and books, knitting, cross-stitch, crosswords, crocheting, beadwork, repairing electronics, drawing, painting, soldering, sewing, and more.

To protect your eyes from diseases, it could be the best workbench light for your workbench or reading table. It saves the eyes from ageing and macular degeneration.

The rectangular lens measures 6.5-inch x 4 inches, made of genuine diopter glass. This material ensures no heating issue and scratch-resistant.

Do you know about the best workbench led light? Here it is. This lens acquires a 9watt bulb and produces 540 lumens of lights. It provides 20,000hours of light, which is about 3hours daily.


  • Strong base
  • Flexible and adjustable neck
  • Brighter light
  • Higher magnification
  • Perfect for small projects


  • Some may feel gooseneck a bit longer

06. Phive LED Desk Lamp Workbench Light Review

Product Features:

  • Metal swing arm
  • Rotatable body- 180-degree swivel lamp head
  • Last for 50,000 hours 
  • Diffusion panel
  • Adjustable neck

Phive LED Desk Lamp is a versatile architect lamp and desk lamp. It features 5,000K cool color temperature.

To protect the eyes, the drafting lamp has daylight illumination and comes with a diffusion panel to emit soft lights. 

The interesting fact about this desk lamp is that it has a rotatable body with 180-degree swivel lamp head.

Featuring two joint parts, each measures 16.3 inches metal and high-grade aluminum alloy arm.

A sturdy clamp is installed in the Phive LED lamp that supports the base up to 2.3 inches tabletop.

Consuming an 8watt power, it is claimed to support 50,000 hours lifespan, and in that case, it should be delivering 500+ lumens.

So, in the case of packaging, what do you get in total? Don’t you want to know? A desk lamp, a metal clamp, arm adjusting tools, instructions, and a power adapter.


  • 20% energy consumption
  • No bulb changing issue
  • Built with proper eye care tech
  • Adjustable body with a strong clamp
  • RA85 high CRI LED light


  • Lamp head moves in a directional way

07. Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting Review

Product Features:

  • 3000K color temperature
  • 12watt and 900 lumens
  • Strip lights
  • Saves 85% energy
  • Made of plastic and aluminum

The Albrillo LED Under Cabinet lighting is widely known for the best lighting for garage ceiling as you can install on the roof with ease.

Who wouldn’t like the strip-type lights? It mesmerizes the room and working place. A pack of 3 lightings comes in this packaged with producing 9watt of energy and 900 lumens.

The whole set of Albrillo can save 85% of power, and 3000K for soft white color temperature lights up the dark areas. This light is perfect for multiple uses, like closet, kitchen, cabinet, cupboard, shelves, etc.

If you work in a garage or any repairing shop, this light is the best lighting for garage workshops also. You can set the brightness at any level with its dimmer switch.

Each of the lights measures 12 inches in size, and the body is made of plastic and aluminum to have a low profile and lightweight factor.

A frosted pc cover protects the eyes by making the light soothing and softer. DC12 voltage ensures safety touch.

Albrillo can be installed easily in moments. It is included with all necessary instruments for setup, such as mounting clips, screws, adhesive strips, and so on.


  • Included necessaries
  • Instructed setup
  • Vass light
  • Softer glow
  • Safe to touch


  • Not long cables

08. ADDIE LED Magnifying Lamp Light Review

Product Features:

  • 6,000K cool white light
  • 1,200 lumens
  • 225% magnification power
  • 4.1 inches optical lens
  • Adjustable swivel arm

If you want the best workbench light with the brightest light and advanced technology, then ADDIE LED Magnifying Lamp is waiting to be unwrapped.

Advanced technology means a greater output, so is ADDIE LED light. It has a 6,000K cool white color temperature with the latest LED technology and produces 1200 lumens of light.

Choose Addie Lamp if you wish for high brightness bundled with no dizziness feeling in the real optical magnifying glass.

The magnifying glass is manufactured with a 4.1-inch diameter real optical glass, which can zoom up to 225% without any distortion. Your eyes will have no issue of ageing or macular degeneration.

Whether you are a hobbyist or DIY worker, you can use it for reading, writing, sewing, arts and crafts, working, electronic repair, beading, needlework, and many other works or hobbies.

You can change the brightness level as you need it, form super bright to soft bright.

It has a convenient middle screw to tighten the base and clamp so that it doesn’t fall off easily and keeps the balance. A thumb screw for 2.2 inches aluminum clip does this job.


  • Dust and scratch protected lens
  • Sturdy base
  • Well balanced construction
  • Versatile feature
  • Maximum output


  • A bit costly

09. Niulight Swing Arm Workbench Lights Review

Product Features:

  • The 300-degree swivel lamp head
  • 40 inch 3 foldable metal body
  • Consume less energy of 80%
  • Six color modes
  • 2 inches supported clamp
  • Built with premium aircraft-grade aluminum

Swing Arm Lights from Niulight can be your ultimate choice. This led light has a feature of rotating 300 degrees. You can set the head anywhere you need it.

Each arm counts 40 inches in size, and they are built of the metal body. This rotating base can help you to light up your computer desk, reading table at night.

The dimmable lamps are maintained with 9W high-efficiency power, and it consumes less energy, which is around 80% than traditional bulbs and lights.

This light can be one of those led workshop lights if you are planning to buy for your garage. With the touch control function and stepless dimmer, you can change the color modes in 6 variants, warm to white. Plus, it has a reading mode and a timer of 10 to 40 minutes.

The Niulight is a versatile product that used for many works, like working, homework, repairing electronic, painting, craft, makeup, gaming, etc.

A robust clamp comes attached to the body, which supports more than 2 inches of the tabletop. It can be easily mounted on any surface like office table, headboard, workbench, besides table, bunk bed. Moreover, it lists the best light for workbench because it is perfect for designers, secretary, editor, architects, students, kids, teens, accountant, and many more places of the home also.


  • Strong clip for metal clamp
  • The user manual has given
  • Longevity 
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile usage


  • Some may want more light from it

10. YOUKOYI Desk Lamp with Clamp Light Review

Product Features:

  • 350-degree body rotation
  • 3 color temperature- 3000K, 4000K, 6,500K
  • Adjustable gooseneck up and down 180 degrees
  • Powered by any USB device
  • Adjustable brightness

The multi-rotatable desk lamp is enlisted as the best workbench light because of its ultra-rotating feature and various color modes.

It comes with a flexible adjustable neck, which can be adjusted 180 degrees up and down and turn 350 degrees for perfect lighting and easy positioning. 

A press brightness button can change the level of brightness from 10% to 100% to be the best workbench with light

You can find the right colors modes as it features three color temperatures, following 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, so that you can have various reading nature.

The drafting lamp can be powered by any computer plug-in, or any power adapter or any USB devices. 

This desk lamp will save you time while installing it. It comes with easy instruction, and it can be installed on any surface that is 2.4 inches thick.

It emits soft light by adopting diffusion material, and daylight immolation without any glare, ghost, or flicker. This one is suitable for reading, work, drawing, or study.


  • Easy to install
  • Perfect lighting
  • Various color modes
  • Can be powered easily
  • Consumes less power


  • You may need to buy extra adapter

Buying Guide

The best workbench light needs the best buying guide. As you have come across this far to know about the workbench light, so let’s know a bit more before you go to the store.

Color Rendering Index

Color Rendering Index, short from CRI, shows how amusingly a light discloses colors. The highest CRI value counts of 100. You shouldn’t be disturbed much about this feature as the manufacturers don’t mention the CRI. However, choose a light with maximum CRI if you need higher color values.

Color Temperature

The taste for color temperature varies from person to person as it can affect your work. Color temperatures come in two types, cool and warm. The cooler temperature is over 5000K, which can improve your working experience and concertation, whereas warm temperature starts around 2700 to 3000K, which helps you to relax. You should choose cooler temperatures, but remember your taste.

Gooseneck Vs. Arm Neck

For some, these two necks vary in a significant difference; let’s know about it.

A gooseneck features an adjustable neck at ultimate heights, as like Brightech LightView Pro Led Light. While on the other hand, arms neck can be regulated, and it is secure. You just need to squeeze and fold it so that you can bring it lower. 


A few led workshop lights come with a dimming system. Dimming features allow you to set the light in different brightness levels. Go for a dimming functioned light so that you can set different levels of brightness.

Lumens And Watts

Lumens stand for the total amount of emitted light, and watts denote the sum of energy applied. The brightness of a regular bulb has been measured by the watts, but the advanced LED technology lights require less energy. So you should go for higher lumen light if you need brighter picks.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is the best light for a workbench?

Answer: A LED light with higher lumens can be your choice of the light. Because it will give your brighter insights.

02. Are LED shop light worth buying?

Answer: Sure, they are. An investment for led light will be worthy because you don’t need to change the bulbs, and you can turn them on and off immediately.

03. How many lumens do I usually need for my workbench?

Answer: For per square feet of your workbench, you need 130 to 150 lumens of light. So measure your workbench and the required lumens.

04. Are LED lights brighter than the fluorescent?

Answer: Yes, a LED light is more glorious than the fluorescent lights, and they don’t break easily from prolonged usage. They come in lightweight also.


Thanks to the advance LED technology that helped us to differentiate LED lights in our best workbench light list. We mentioned all the necessary facts and issues above about the workbench light. Hopefully, we have been able to narrow down your time and problems of choosing workbench lights. Have a good time!

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