5 Best Woodworking Roller Stand Reviews In 2019

Sometimes it is annoying to work alone in the workshop without having any stand to feed the machine. I have faced it quite often, and I know how it delays the working process.

But a wisely picked woodworking stand may end up the problem forever!

That’s the reason I put into a 6-days research and sort out the top 5 of them. A fellow handyman next door, helped me out in the process.

At the end of the enduring research, I finally found the roller stand of my dream. And I’m working happily ever after with it.

In this post today, I’ve decided to put down everything I found important about buying the best woodworking roller stand. I’ve made out a list of 5, reviewed them in an ascending manner, and backed up the research with a short buying guide.

Therefore, I can promise you that, this is going to be the last article you need to find the right roller stand that meets both ends of your price and quality.

Enough of introduction, let’s get going-

Quick Summary: Top Rated Woodworking Roller Stand

ImageProduct Name Maxi: & Mini: HeightCapacityCheck Price
Vestil STAND-HMax: 38.5-inch Min: 23-inch1760-pounds
PROTOCOL Equipment 67109 Max: 45-inch Min: 28-inch150-pounds
HTC HSS-18 Max: 45.5-inch Min: 28-inch500-pounds
ToughBuilt TB-S200Max:42.91-inch Min:26.57-inch265-pounds
Portamate PM-5093Max: 44.33-inch Min: 27-inch300-pounds

Top 5 Woodworking Roller Stand Reviews

At first in our review, we have selected Vestil Stand-H. We think it is the best roller you can find under 100$.

Best Feature:

At a low-price range, it offers heavy load carrying capacity. Where other rollers get their sweat out to hold up just 500-pounds, it can hold up to 1760-pounds easily. So, the Vestil H woodworking roller will allow your bulky workpiece on it without hitching.

Engineers design it as a portable feed stand with just 30.6 -pounds. So, you can quickly change its positions and use it in front of the versatile saws, shears, drill press, and other machines.

The roller stand is made of heavy-duty cast iron which provides the strength to hold that enormous weight.

You can easily adjust the height of this roller stand. To do so, it has a locking screw system. So, if your workstation has people of various heights, you can easily set the different height for them for their easy handling. And the height can be adjusted to maximum 38.5-inch and minimum 23-inch.

What We Like

  1. It features a chrome plated 2-inch roller.
  2. To support the enormous weight, it has a cast-iron made base.  
  3. The Vestil STAND-H is portable.

What We Dislike

  1. Comes disassembled.

If you have a tight budget, and looking for a stand for handling your workpiece’s tail, you can take a look on the PROTOCOL Equipment made 67109 3-in-1 roller stand.

Best Feature:

The reason we have selected this particular roller stand is its price ratio with the versatile features. As it is equipped with a 3-in-1 roller head and has various other cool features, it has made a position to our review. Moreover, it is the most lightweight saw roller stand on the market until now.

Whether it could be pipe or wood, the roller will take care of your every type of workpiece with ease. It will roll out the different workpiece to multiple directions.  

 The head works as a metal stopper also. Moreover, the 8-independent roller help to roll out different pieces of the workpiece in any direction. So, it is easy to control the multiple workpieces at a time.Just 10-pounds lightweight stand is capable of taking as much as 150-pounds weight. So, it can easily tackle your home-based DIY work.

Though it doesn’t cover up the high-price, the producers put so many features as a high-end roller has. You can easily fold it into a small piece for easy transportation, and it will also consume small space if you want to store it in a place. Moreover, the stand can be adjusted to the working height of 28-inch to 45-inch.    

What We Like

  1. Extremely lightweight.
  2. Easily portable.
  3. It comes at a low price.

What We Dislike

  1. Can not take a load more than 150-pounds.

If you have a ton of money to spend on a roller stand, you can put that on the HTC HSS-18. This adjustable roller stand will make you tension free for the years.

Best Feature:

The feature makes us put this stand in our list is its body structure. It is one of the robust roller stands you can find today. With the heavy-duty galvanized steel, it is able to take as much as 500-pounds of weight.

Another feature which amuses us is its leg. To support the whole weight of the workpiece along with stand itself, it has 4-strong leg. And the legs are supported by individual rubber. If you put the enormous weight on it, it will still hold that easily.

To support the weight of your heavy workpiece, it also equipped with a wedge lock system. The lock will help to hold the neck of your roller after adjusting the height. Moreover, the stand will allow you to adjust the height from 28-inch to 45.5-inch. So, it is easy for users to synchronize the height with various machinery for easy feeding.

The standing roller also features a set of ball-bearing for smooth feeding. And in my opinion, 23-pounds is not so much to consider the stand as an easily portable machine.  

So, open up your pocket and get an HTC HSS-18 to get a strong extra hand for feeding your table saw, band saw, planner and so on.

What We Like

  1. Adjustable height.
  2. Can take a heavy load.
  3. Non-skid feet hold it in one place.

What We Dislike

  1. It is heavier than the others have on our list.

Sometimes the fraction of money can get you the excellent quality product, and it proves that you always need not to sneak into your pocket for a bundle to pick a high-quality tool. An excellent example for those words is ToughBuilt TB-S200 table saw feeding roller.

Best Feature:

The ratio of the price and the features make a spot for the roller into our list. Under 50$ price tag, the TB-S200 is offering a pack of fantastic features. We have already declared another roller the best budget, but ToughBuilt is also a claimant for the same title.

Well! To provide you one of the best rollers on the market, engineers of the ToughBuilt made their TB-S200 from high-quality galvanized steel which makes it sturdy and rust proof.

Only weighing 10.7-pounds makes it super easy to transport. So, it allows you to move it from site to site easily.

The sturdy stand roller is capable of holding 265-pounds on it. Thus, it is possible for you to use the roller to work with wood or other heavy metals.

To make easy to use it for the versatile projects, engineers design it especially so that you can change its height. Not only that, the minimum 26.6-inch and maximum 42.9-inch height adjustment provides a comfortable working station for different people with various height.

You can easily fold the ToughBuilt TB-S200 stand roller also, so when your work is done, you are ready to accommodate in just a meager space.

What We Like

  1. Easy to transport.
  2. Made from a sturdy material.
  3. Easy to set up also.

What We Dislike

  1. Cannot hold more than 265-pounds.

We are almost at the end of our review and to wrap up this section I have Portamate PM-5093 in my hand. I have selected this tri-function pedestal roller as Editor’s Choice.

Best Feature:

With a decent amount of money, the roller is offering a pack of futuristic features. The fascinating thing about this roller is it can take a heavy load with a slick looking dashing body.

The roller stand is made from rust resistant powder coated steel, and weighing just 10-pounds. With this, it is able to manage up to 300-pounds of weight on it. So, woodworkers can easily take care of their wide chunk of wood with this roller by using it as a helping hand. And the coating of the roller will keep it rust proof over the years.

You can easily adjust the height of the roller according to your need. It allows minimum 27-inch and maximum 43-inch.

Deluxe pivoting head is there to take care of the three types of work. The 11.25-inch steel ball-bearing glides the workpiece smoothly to the saw machine or out of it. With the help of 6 ball-bearing, it works as a multi-directional roller which helps the users to take care of the multiple wood pieces altogether at a time. And finally, there you can find stationary support also.

Amazingly just 10-pound weighing sturdy roller can tackle the heavyweight without slipping, and it uses a unique rail-line style standing system supporting by rubber.

So, if you are looking for a lightweight still sturdy roller which can tackle the heavy workpiece, you can go with the Portamate made Tri-Function Pedestal Roller Stand model PM-5093.

What We Like

  1. Made from sturdy material.
  2. Can support heavy weight.
  3. Multi-directional head.

What We Dislike

  1. Comes disassembled.

Woodworking Roller Stand Buying Guide

Woodworking rollers is considered as the helping hand for a woodworker. To get the right roller for your workshop, you have to consider some facts. Here I am adding some of the most important facts right below

Built Quality

Roller stands are made to hold the enormous weight of the workpiece. Either during out-feeding or in-feeding, the roller has to tolerate the pressure created by heavyweight. To hold up that massive weight a roller needs to be very sturdy and well-constructed by high-quality material. So, check for the building quality of a table saw roller stand at first when you set your mind for purchasing one. I think the steel made rollers are sturdy enough to tackle the heavyweight.


As other tolls on the market, design plays a vital role for the woodworking roller stand also. If you take a leap to the market, you will find various rollers with different designs. Some of the companies put wonder-inspiring design to their tolls, but all the designs are not practical. They can not make a significant impact on the tools, and sometimes it could be wrong for them. So, before picking up the rollers check out its various features.

Custom Feet

Feet is another crucial feature of the rolling stand which should pay attention. Feet of the stand provides stability to the rollers and supports the bulky weight of the workpiece. Custom made rubber featuring feet is able to hold down the load to the ground. And it doesn’t slip during doing so, because the rubber can grab the land pretty much tightly. So, get a roller which has custom feet and able to support the weight.

Height Adjustment

We all don’t have the same height, and we are not comfortable with the same height of the tools. So, we different people prefer different height. Almost all table saw roller stands feature adjustable height. Producers enabled this feature for synchronizing the stand with various tools also. However, there you can find some cheap roller stands which don’t have height adjustment feature, try to avoid them for getting a better saw feeding stand.


Finally, select the budget you have for the roller stand. In my opinion, you should make the budget line before checking out other things.

Well! Once I wanted to purchase a tool for my garage. I have seen plenty of reviews and features. After a while, I have selected one for buying. However, I have forgotten to select the budget before. So, when everything was set up, the tool didn’t match my budget line. I was so disappointing. So, if you want to curve situation like this, try to set your budget before hitting anythi


Q: Who makes the best woodworking roller stand?

A: It is impossible to name a just one who produces the best roller. We have found a pack of roller stand from various companies which are the best. We have listed down them below:

  • Vestil STAND-H
  • PROTOCOL Equipment 67109
  • HTC HSS-18
  • ToughBuilt TB-S200
  • Portamate PM-5093

Q: What is the capacity of a roller stand?

A: Generally, it can take 150-pounds to 1800-pounds weight at a time without breaking.

Q: Is it essential to have a table saw roller stand?

A: If you have no helping hand and you work alone with the large working pieces, then you should definitely have one.

Q: Can I use a roller stand with a drill press?

A: Yes, you can use it with versatile saws, shears, drill press, and other machines.

Closing Word

I have finished our woodworking roller stand reviews and buying guide also. I think this will obviously help you to find the best from the market. So, without being further late let’s pick up a suitable roller stand by clicking the given link.

To find out more tool reviews, please visit Review Infinite. You can also write your own opinion about the toll in our comment section.

Thanks for being with us till the end.

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