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Aprons are pretty much handy apparel in woodworking. It provides protection to woodworker’s body. And that’s not the only thing it does, it also keeps the dresses scratch-free. In a word, it is one of the essential safety equipment of woodworking.

So if you don’t have one yet, you should have it. Because it will protect your clothes from messing up. 

However, though an apron is simple looking, all of them are not the same. There are many facts which define the quality of apron. As the price depends on their quality, you need to know everything about an apron. And today I am here to help you with that.

To do so, I have created a list with some of the best woodworking aprons. And I have prepared a buying guide for which will help you to find the right one. 

So, without further due, let’s dive into those woodworking apron reviews.

Quick Summary: Some Good-Quality Aprons

ImageProduct Name Weight Number of Pockets Check Price
Hudson Durable Goods Adjustable woodworking Apron1.75-pounds7 Pockets
Texas Canvas Wares Apron1.4-pounds4 Pockets
Gidabrand Apron1.8-pounds5 Pockets
Readywares Waxed Canvas Tool Apron1.45-pounds12 Pockets
Angry Beaver Apron1.4-pounds9 Pockets
Readywares Waxed Canvas Utility Apron1.25-pounds3 Pockets
WirtaWork Woodworking Aprons1.27-pounds11 Pockets
Bucket Boss 80200 Duckwear SuperBib Apron7.8-ounces16 Pockets
KNG Adult Shop Apron7-ounces5 Pockets
Dickies Work Gear 57027 Bib Apron8.8-ounces 16 Pockets

Best Woodworking Apron Reviews

Key Features:

  • Comes with padded straps. 
  • Featuring two hammer loops.
  • Quick-release featuring buckle fasteners.
  • Made from rugged waxed canvas.
  • The entire apron is resistance.
  • For reinforcing the producers have used brass made rivets and grommets.
  •  The tool pockets are double stitched.

On top of my list of 10 best woodworking aprons, I have added apron made from Hudson Durable Goods. It is one of the flagship work aprons released by them. Why is it called flagship? Well, the answer is, virtually it got everything you can imagine in an apron

The Hudson Durable Goods woodworking apron is made from 16-oz waxed canvas. So, without a doubt, it comes with a great build quality which ensures its durability.

It features a cross back stripe design. The stripe has a comfort pad to provide you the most comfortable tool carrying for a long time. It also allows its users an easy size adjustment. And that’s why Hudson Woodworking apron comes with  plastic made snap buckle at the edge of its lace.

In general, the pocket is the most important part of an apron. And the specific Hudson Durable Goods Apron comes with 7 pockets which are double stitched and supported by rugged brass rivets. So, the pockets will withstand the apron, no matter how heavyweight tool you put on it.

Two of the pockets on the front hip side of this apron feature flap cover. The cover ensures that the things on those pockets won’t get any dust and debris.

Most amazing facts of the Hudson Durable Goods Woodworking Apron is its usability. The apron is not only made for woodworkers, this commercial-grade apron can also be useful for metalwork, lightwork, gunsmith, blacksmith , and the list is so long.  

What We Like

  1. Prevent neck pain with padded strap.
  2. Large pockets
  3. Easy to put on and off.

What We Dislike

  1. It can be long if you are not huge. (But you can tie it up and you are good to go. A quick solution for a problem.)

Key Features:

  • Made from premium grade 16oz water-resistant canvas.
  • Comes with reinforced pockets.
  • To make it premium they have put steel rivets and grommets.   
  • For providing most comfort it features cross-back straps.
  • Adjustable shoulder pads.
  • Has pocket flaps for preventing it from getting sawdust and debris.
  • Featuring 7×7-inch big pocket for carrying long tools and also have a 5-inch long pocket on the chest for carrying a mobile phone.

If you are looking for an alternative to the leather woodworking apron, Texas Canvas Wares Apron can be your best choice. Because the woodworking apron is made from 16 oz waxed canvas. And that’s not the ending, you will find some of the astonishing features on this apron which are seen only in the shop aprons

Texas Canvas Wares Apron is made from a durable material which is appreciated for making the best woodworking aprons. And along with durability the apron also has the ability to resist water.

For holding the apron on the shoulder, designers of the Texas Canvas Wares uses straight forward, simple, adjustable apron strap. By using that adjustable strap, a man with a 50-inch waist can be fitted into it.

 And to provide the maximum comfort they have added a cushioned pad with it. So, no matter how long you wear this woodworking apron for holding your tools, it won’t make any pain on your shoulder.     

Now, it is time to tell about the pocket of this heavy-duty apron. The producers of the Texas Canvas Wares heavy-duty work aprons look after every detail of their clothing. So, they do the same for the apron’s pockets making.

You will find two pockets on the chest and two pockets on the front hip of this fashionable apron. 

One of the chest pockets is tiny because it is for holding the pencil. And another one is big enough for holding the mobile phone or calculator. Other two pockets have tuckable flaps.

What We Like

  1. Easy to put on and off
  2. Comes with enough pockets.
  3. Water-resistant.

What We Dislike

  1. The steel rivets and grommets will surely get rust over the time period.

Key Features:

  • Made from heavy-use waxed canvas 
  • Gidabrand apron is 27-inch wide and 34-inch long.
  • The apron is adjustable up to 50-inch on the waist.
  • It features long straps.
  • Has two large tool pockets measuring 7×7-inch.
  • Also has a chest pocket measuring 8×5-inch.
  • The apron is backed up by double stitched.
  • Cross back strap design.

Next, in the list of the 10 best woodworking aprons, we have Gidabrand Apron. It is one of the most stylish aprons you can find on the market today. The apron didn’t just get a place due to its stylish looking, but it also has some of the astonishing features.

Let’s start from its top.  Gidabrand tool apron is made from 16-oz waxed canvas. Thus makes it water-resistant. On top of it, you will find two holes supported by circular brass. That parts hold the shoulder strap of the Gidabrand stylish apron. You will find an extended lace on this woodworking apron. And it is capable of accommodating waist up to 50-inch. There you will find a plastic made buckle to that easily.

It is also one of the best multipurpose aprons. Because it is perfect for technicians, carpenters, utility, and mechanics. It can be used as the cooking apron also, and some of the baristas are using so. 

For use in different purposes, the apron comes with an array of pockets, three on the chest and the other two on the front hip. All the pockets are double stitched so it is no matter for them to carry some heavy tools.

Chest pockets have different sizes and they are there for holding pens, pencils, and mobiles like lightweight products and tools. 

But the pockets situated on the front hip are heavily armed for taking intense heat. They both have the tuckable flap on their top. So, things you want to keep safe from getting dust can be taken place there. The pockets are also backed up by brass rivet. And it makes them sturdy to carry some extra weight than the other pockets.

What We Like

  1. The apron is water-resistant
  2. Made from high-quality material.
  3. It is a multipurpose apron.

What We Dislike

  1. Buckles of the back is made from plastic.

Key Features:

  • Made from waxed cotton canvas.
  • Comes with two straight straps made of cotton or poly material.
  • Fits the various bodies like small to XXL.
  • The measurement of the apron is 26.5x 26-inch.
  • Plastic made snap buckles holds the apron on the body. 
  • Featuring astronomical 12 number of pockets.
  • Each of the sides of the apron has hammer holding loops.
  • The woodworking men’s apron is water-resistant.

Whether you are a man or a woman the  Readywares Waxed Canvas tool apron will fit you perfectly. And it just won’t help you to look fashionable, it also will carry your tool easily. People who need some extra pockets on their aprons can try this.

The tool apron is made from 20-oz waxed canvas. And this material makes the apron water and liquid resistant.  You will find a strap made of poly material. The strap allows adjustment on the waist so that it can be fitted up to XXL size. And for holding the apron tight to the waist there has a plastic snap buckle.

Cushioned pad can also be found on the strap which sits gently on the shoulder. Generally, after carrying tools the woodworking apron gain weight and puts pressure on the shoulder. But thanks to its shoulder pad which provides comfort.

Though it sounds astonishing, the Readywares Waxed Canvas woodworking apron has 12 different sizes pockets. The chest pockets are there to help carry mobile, pencil and pen. And other pockets are ready to carry the weight of various tools. The pockets are ergonomic and double stitched so it is no matter for them to hold as much as tools you can put in.   

Like other waxed apron Readywares has two loops to hold the hammers. And you can also use it for holding other tools.

What We Like

  1. Easy to put on and off.
  2. Adjustable to various body size.
  3. Well stitched.

What We Dislike

  1. The pockets are not backed up by rivets.

Key Features:

  • Made from high-quality water-resistant cloth.
  • 4 large grommet of the apron helps the users to adjust it.
  • Long straps ensure  fitness.
  • You will find 6 pockets on the front.
  • And 3 chest pockets are there to hold the additional tools.
  • Pockets are adjusted to the apron with rivets.
  •  For providing maximum comfort they have used minimum wax to their apron. 
  • Woman and man both can use the Angry Beaver woodworking apron.

The clothing with excessive wax is uncomfortable to wear. And so many of the aprons on the market use too much of it. After wearing them for days after days they become normal. But no one wants that kind of apron.

Keeping that thing on the mind Angry Beaver has made their apron with less wax. And this makes them comfortable to wear. They have used a heavy-duty fiber to make the apron which makes it durable.

The straps of this woodworking apron are made from poly materials. And backed up by a cushioning pad to provide comfort to the users. But this Angry Beaver waxed apron has a dissimilarity to the other best woodworking aprons. And unlike other on this list, it doesn’t have any buckle to hold the two ends of the strap. Rather you need to tighten the apron to fit it yourself. The Angry Beaver – waxed canvas workshop apron can be fitted from M to XXL.

Though the apron doesn’t have any pocket featuring flap, it is not the shortage on the pocket counted. Actually, it is the second-highest pocket holder woodworking apron in the list. 

Note: Want to know which one has the highest no of pockets? Then click here. 

The pockets are arranged in two different places of the apron. One row of pocket is on the chest and another line is on the belly. The pockets situated on the belly are arranged uniquely. A row sits top of another row. And that’s how they have saved the places of placing the pockets. The bottom of the pockets are double stitched and tops are backed by rivets. So, they are able to carry so much weight.

What We Like

  1. Great substitute for a leather woodworking apron. 
  2. Easy to carry and clean.
  3. Hassle-freeing.
  4. Comes with a carrying pouch.

What We Dislike

  1. Doesn’t have any buckles to adjust the size. Rather it depends on the tie.

Key Features:

  • Made from sturdy waxed cotton canvas.
  • Featuring 3 pockets, one on the chest and the other two are on the waistline
  • Compatible for men and women.
  • Can be fitted up to a man who has a 42-inch waist.
  • It is not only a woodworking apron, but you‌ ‌can also the apron for cooking, blacksmithing, tattooing and many other purposes.
  • Has buckle on the neck stripe to adjust it.
  • The straps are made from poly straps.

If you are looking for the apron which has the minimalistic design with pockets as less as possible, you should take a look at the Readywares Waxed Canvas Utility Apron. It is the total opposite of the previously mentioned Readywares Waxed Canvas Tool Apron. Though these two got different looks, the built quality is the same. 

This particular woodworking apron is made from 20-oz waxed canvas. And it is advanced to resist the water. But some of you might not possibly love to sue it with this extra wax. Don’t worry. Here is the trick to remove extra wax from the cloths.

Note: Use a scrap piece of clothes under both sides of the apron. Now iron it. That’s how it will soak all the extra wax. But remember one thing, as you are removing the waxing that the apron color will change a little bit.

If you are thinking of it as a men’s woodworking apron, you are wrong. It can be used as both men and women aprons. And the apron allows adjusting to various sizes. To adjust the apron you won’t find any kind of mechanism. All you have to do just tie it.   

You will also find a metal made buckle on the lace of the neck to adjust it. So, no matter what is the height of your, you are able to fix the size of this woodworking apron easily.

As I mentioned earlier, the Readywares Waxed Canvas Utility Apron comes with three pockets, one is one the chest and two are on the thigh. The chest pocket is there to receive mobile, pencil, pen and other lightweight tools. And two pockets on the thigh can accommodate various types of rugged tools. 

So, you can use this utility apron for your various tasks like woodworking, blacksmithing, gunsmithing, and so on. Even it is allowed users to use it as the kitchen apron also.  

What We Like

  1. Water-resistant
  2. Sturdily made.
  3. Well stitched.

What We Dislike

  1. Comes with just 3 pockets and don’t have any loops for holding hammers.

Key Features:

  • The apron is hand crafted.
  • It is made from sturdy 16-0z waxed canvas.
  • Comes with two loops to hold the hammer.
  • Has 11 different size pockets to accommodate maximum number of tools and things.
  • Pockets are well stitched.   
  • It has a design similar to the hiker backpacks. 
  • The strap on the waist helps the users to hold the load on the waist.
  • Can be fitted different size men like S to XL.

Most of the best woodworking aprons can be fitted on the minimum M (medium) size body. But what about you need a working apron which can be fitted to the S (small) size body? Stop thinking about that. Because I have already one in this list. WirtaWork Woodworking Apron is the perfect which can be perfectly fitted from S to XL(extra large) size body.

We all know that size is not the only fact which you are looking for in a woodworking apron, as the produces know also. So, they have included some features which proves that WirtaWork apron is perfect for using in different scenario.

The WirtaWork versatile apron is made from high quality material and with unique design. Producers of the WirtaWork made it as a hiking backpack. So it allows the maximum weight carrying. By using its unique design you are allowed to distribute the weight through your waist or neck where you want to. 

Straps of the WirtaWork are made from poly/cotton material and they are sturdy enough to carry the huge weight. For a day long use you need a comfortable neck lace. So, they have added a comfortable padding on the straps.

Though the pocket of this woodworking apron doesn’t come with any metal rivets, they are well stitched. You will find robust bar tack – stitches on the upper side of the pocket, and double stitches on down to the pockets.

Additionally, each side of the apron got one loop. The loop helps the users to use it for hanging their hammers.

What We Like

  1. Reinforced critical points.
  2. Sturdy construction.
  3. Has plenty of pockets.

What We Dislike

  1. Doesn’t have rivets to support the pockets.

Key Features:

  • The apron is made from 80% EVA and 20% elastic.
  • They have used 180z duck wear canvas to make this apron.
  • Comes with cushioning pad on the shoulder strap.
  • To adjust the waist it features a plastic snap buckle.
  • Bucket Boss 80200 comes with 16-pockets.
  • Each side has a hammer loop. 
  • Can be fitted up to 52-inch waist.
  • The size of the apron is 23-inchx23.5-inch.

If you want to carry a large number of tools with your apron but don’t want to put on a large one, you should try Bucket Boss 80200. This work apron is one of the pioneers of modern aprons. The apron features 16 pockets which is the highest number of pockets you can find in this list of the 10 best woodworking aprons.

The Bucket Boss waist apron is made from high-quality 18-oz Duck wear canvas. Thus makes the apron water resistant and sturdy. To make the apron more durable they have reinforced corners. And the strap of this tool apron is made of nylon/cotton.

Nylon is harsh and if you carry the apron on just nylon you will end up with a shoulder injuries. Actually you need a comfortable padding to carry the apron along with the weight comfortably. So, to make sure of that, Bucket Boss has used a comfortable pad under the nylon made strap.

Bucket Boss 80200 is not so big. Actually, it is just the waist height. On the waist of the Duckwear SuperBib Apron has a plastic made buckle. And using that you can adjust the fitting of this apron so that it can fit up to 52-inch waist.

You will find 2 loops (one on each side) on this Bucket Boss super vest. By using that you can hang your hammer. The pockets are also sturdily made so that they can carry a large number of tools without falling off. To make them strong, producers of the Bucket Boss put 2 lines of stitching on top of the pockets and bottom lines are reinforced with bottom of the apron.

However, the pockets situated on the chest are are not made so well as the pockets of the bottom. Because the chest pockets are made for carrying light weight things and tools like mobile phone, pen, pencil and etc.

What We Like

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Love its durability.
  3. Lightweight.

What We Dislike

  1. The buckle is made of plastic.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% genuine spun polyester.
  • KNG adult shop apron is 33-inch long.
  • People who got the waist not more than 40-inch can use it comfortably.
  • Doesn’t have any flimsy buckle to tie this woodworking apron.
  • Comes with a 57-inch long lace to tie the apron easily.
  • 5 different size pockets to hold all the tools.
  • You won’t find any metal rivets to hold any of the parts of this woodworking apron. Rather it uses tough stitching.

People who are looking for affordable aprons can take a look at the KNG Adult Shop Apron. It is one of the budget friendly aprons you can find on the market today which can be used for different purposes such as woodworking, painting, gunsmithing, blacksmithing and so on.

The apron is a bit more different from traditional woodworking aprons. Where other aprons are made from waxed canvas, KNG uses .2-oz heavy duty 100% spun polyester. The material makes the apron sturdy and lightweight as well. So, if it won’t be a problem for you to carry the apron for a long time.

From my point of view, the apron is not perfect for the professional woodworkers or other shop owners. Actually it is good for the DIYer as they don’t need to carry that much tool. 

Unlike other professional grade aprons on the list it doesn’t come with a wide strap. Rather it has a lace to hold it on the neck. So, if you are a professional and carry heavy weight tools on this, it will be very painful for you. The apron even doesn’t have a shoulder pad for providing comfort.

The apron comes with a 57-inch lace which is 40-inch usable for the waist fitting. So, you can fit this on you whatever your body shape is. But now the question arises that where does the other 17-inch go? Other 17-inch is used for making neck loops to hang the apron from your shoulder.

KNG Adult Shop multipurpose apron is made from foldable cloth and doesn’t have any kind of metal or plastic buckle. So, you have to depend on tying. But it lets you wash the apron comfortably and after washing it won’t lose its color.

What We Like

  1. The color doesn’t change after wash. 
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Very lightweight.

What We Dislike

  1. Doesn’t have the cushioning on the shoulder.

Key Features:

  • Made from high quality canvas.
  • Featuring 16 different size pockets.
  • Pockets are not supported by rivets.
  • Has reinforced edges.
  • The waist belt is adjustable from 32-inch to 52-inch.
  • The shoulder straps don’t have any cushioning.
  • It is measuring 21.5×23.5-inches.

We are at the end of our review segment of the 10 best woodworking aprons. And to wrap up the segment, I have Dickies Work Gear 57027 Bib Apron. It is a good quality apron for use in woodworking, or any other workshop. Though it is not so good for protecting your trousers from a power saw, it will surely carry your tools.

For carrying the vast number of tools all together, Dickies Work Gear 57027 bib apron has 16 pockets. You will find 3 of them on the chest for carrying light tools or things like pen, pencil, mobile, calculator and other things. 3 big pouch pockets on top of the 10 slip pockets for carrying goods. And also has two loops to carry the hammers.

To deliver a true sturdy woodworking apron, they have used high-quality material. And not only that, to provide one of the strongest aprons they have put reinforced corners to it.

The shoulder strap of this tan 16-pocket bib apron is made from nylon poly cloth. And they are strong enough to carry much weight. But you won’t find any pad attached to it. So it is kinda uncomfortable to wear it for a long time.

Let’s talk about the size of this multipurpose apron. No matter what your waist size is if it is between 32-inch to 52-inches you can easily accommodate that into this.

What We Like

  1. Offering two color options.
  2. Easy to put on and off.
  3. It is sturdy.

What We Dislike

  1. Lack of the pad cushioning on the shoulder stripe makes it uncomfortable to use for a long time with heavy tools.

Woodworking Apron Buying Guide

Before you go for purchasing the woodworking apron, you need to consider some core facts of it. But how you will know which facts you should know? Here I have listed down some of the special facts to follow which will help you to choose the best apron for woodworking.

Building Material

The quality of the apron depends on its building material. As the material quality raises the price raises as well. And the quality of the woodworking apron determines how much protection it is going to provide your clothing.

Apron needs to be water-resistant. Because a water-resistant apron can keep your clothes safe from splattering liquid. In this case, the waxed apron will be the best choice. And most of the apron mentioned above in the list are waxed. They are also waterproof.

Just being waterproof is not enough for an apron. It needs to be sturdy also. Because you don’t want to change the apron very often. The clothing of the apron needs to be strong enough so that it can provide you service for many years.


Pockets are very crucial parts of the woodworking apron. Whether you are desiring a lather one or it might be made of cloth, the array of pockets are the must-have item. 

Pockets help the users to use it for keeping their various tools. And not only that, you don’t need any extra holdings for your mobile phone. You can easily accommodate it in your chest pocket. So, you don’t have to be detached from it. Almost every apron I have listed in this best apron for woodworking is versatile. So, you can use them for not only woodworking, they can be your go-to partner for any other hard tasks.


Usually, we don’t think about the reinforcement when we buy our daily clothes. But it is different for purchasing the apron. Because every kind of reinforcements ain’t the same. 

Sometimes it is so annoying to have unique reinforcements on the apron. Those unique styles may cause trouble put on and off the apron. To get rid of that kind of annoying situation you should consider taking the apron which features snap-on buckle or rivets and grommets.


One of the main facts you cannot neglect is the size. There you will find so many woodworking aprons out there which comes with different sizes. According to your body shape and size, you should pick up the right one. To do so, you can follow a chart.

Size does help you to pick the right apron for woodworking but apron which can be adjusted to a variety of sizes is wise to pick.    

Straps of Apron

The straps sit on the shoulder and hold the entire apron weight. Generally, the weight of the apron depends on what is the material used to make it.

The kitchen or doctor apron is light because of their lightweight material. On the other hand, a woodworking apron needs to be strong so they use robust material like nylon or leather to make this. That’s how it gains so much weight. And we all know as the weight increases it is hard to carry. In terms of wearing a woodworking apron, the whole weight sits on the shoulder. 

So, sometimes it may cause shoulder or neck pain. But most of the best woodworking aprons come with soft padding on the shoulder that helps workers to carry that weight easily.


Though it seems like all of the aprons look like pretty much the same, they come with different designs. If you look closely to them, you will find the difference.

Not every apron have the same number of pockets. And the positions of the pockets vary design to design. If you are a professional woodworker, possible you need to do versatile woodworking tasks. And this time you have to use array types of tools. And it will be wise to pick an apron which has the maximum number of pockets.

Shoulder design is another crucial part you need to look at. Because after putting the tools in the pockets your woodworking apron will gain so much weight. And it is important to distribute the weight evenly throughout the whole apron. The cross-back design does that perfectly.


Q: What is a woodworking apron for?

A: A woodworking apron will help you carry the tools and will save your clothes from getting damaged.

Q: Is it essential to have an apron for woodworking?

A: I personally always use a woodworking apron when I am in my garage completing tasks. It gets me protection from an accident and saves my clothes. It also helps me to carry my tools easily. But if you are comfortable without it, you can carry on your work, it is not essential to have the apron. But remember those facts I have mentioned.

However if you want to full fill the woodworking safety you should always wear one.

Q: Are the woodworking aprons and the aprons used in medical purposes are the same?

A: Not really, they are different from each other and have different using purposes.

Q: How to clean a woodworking apron?

A: most of the woodworking aprons are water-resistant, so you need to follow the steps given below to get them clean. 

  1. If you find sawdust, debris, or any kind of abrasive material, brush it off.
  2. Use the sponge to wipe the spot with cold water.
  3. You can use a little bit of Castile soap for removing tough stains.
  4. You should dry it in the air.

Closing Word

Let’s wrap on the 10 best woodworking apron reviews. But before I leave I want to share a few words more that are really helpful.

In the crowd of so many aprons it is possible that you will get confused to pick up the right one. If so, just find out your requirements first. 

If you need more pockets, go for  Bucket Boss 80200 Duckwear SuperBib Apron or Dickies Work Gear 57027 Bib Apron. And if you want a budget friendly one, KNG Adult Shop Apron will be the perfect among these 10 best woodworking aprons.

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