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09 Best Wood Furniture Polish | Reviews And Buying Guide

If you are thinking of making your wood furniture look perfect and glossy as new, you’ve got to polish it. And to do that you will need the best wood furniture polishing kit.

Don’t just jump into any polishing kit that you find in the market. You might end up doing more damage than good to the wood. 

To help the wood regain its shine, treat it with the right wood polish wax. If you don’t know where to find one, just go through this wood furniture polish list.

It would only take you a few minutes to get the right polish for the job.

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Aren’t you feeling mysterious to know about the best wood furniture polish? Sure, you are. Let’s check out the article.

01. Howard Products FW0016 Wood Polish And Conditioner Review

Product Features:

  • Polishes with a protective carnauba and beeswax coating
  • Feeds conditioning oil to dry wood
  • Works on both finished and unfinished wood
  • Prevents wood from drying and deteorating
  • Enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain

The Howard Wood Polish & Conditioner is a total polishing solution. 

The main reason wood looks dull after some time is because it dries up. What Howard does is it feeds conditioning oil to the plank to stop it from drying. 

Meantime, the Carnauba Wax and Beeswax offers a lush protective coating that brings back the shine. Not to mention, it also prevents the wood from fading.

You can use this polisher to any wood surface you want. Whether you are applying it on raw wood or polished wood, it will work fine on both. It brings about the natural beauty of the wood grain to make it stand out. 

It will also provide you a darker tone on the wood that gives it a classic appearance. So, if you want a wood surface that lasts for long, go with the Howard natural wood furniture polish.


  • Orange oil
  • Does not dry
  • Easy usage
  • Safe for human and pet
  • Expands furniture life


  • Leaves spot

02. Pledge Lemon Enhancing Wood Furniture Polish Review

Product Features:

  • Shines and protects wood
  • Works on wood, leather, granite and other surfaces
  • Easy spray application
  • Lemon scented 
  • Package includes 3 spray can of 9.7oz each.

The polish furniture from Pledge is one of the most popular shine out there.

It’s a wood polisher that can efficiently work on your wood furniture. And not just wood, you can use it to protect various other surfaces. It provides a layer that makes the surfaces shine while keeping it safe from dust and other stuff.

Whether you apply it on leather, granite, or stainless steel, you will get the same result on them all. It will leave behind a glossy and shiny finish. There will be almost no fingerprint, stain, and surface imperfection. 

What makes it even more enjoyable is that it is much easier to use—no need to use a cloth or anything. Simply take the can and spray it on the surface. And as a bonus, you get the fresh lemon scent. 

Now, you will enjoy polishing more as there is no toxic smell to worry about here.


  • Works on multiple services
  • Perfect for wood furniture
  • Fast process
  • Removes dirt
  • Shiny finish


  • Can doesn’t last long.

03. Howard Products RF9016 Restor Finish Furniture Polish Review

Product Features:

  • Restor-A-Finish penetrates deep to restore imperfections
  • Available in nine colors
  • Simple wipe-on and wipe-off use
  • Removes white heat rings, water marks, sun fade, oxidatin, smoke damage and other blemishes
  • Apply it without removing existing finish

To restore your wood furniture to make it look like new, go for the Howard Products RF9016 Restor-A-Finish polish. 

With the wood furniture cleaner, you will get the right finish on any type of wood. That’s because the Howard comes in 9-colors to match all kind of wood finish. 

What’s great about the polish is that it goes deep into the wood to restore it. If there are any scratch, blemishes, or abrasions on the wood, it will hide it. With a simple wipe-on, wipe-off process, you can get a refinished job on any wood surface.

And it not only hides the imperfections, but it also creates a layer to avoid future damages too. Therefore, you will get wood that doesn’t crack easily, even in extreme situations. 

Just take it and wipe it to get rid of those annoying water rings on the wood. And if the wood is fading way, simply polish it with the best wood furniture polish.


  • Very easy to use
  • No odd smell
  • Beautiful color
  • Goes with wood shading
  • Durable coating


  • Need to apply couple of times to get the right shade

04. Guardsman 461100 Clean And Polish For Wood Furniture Review

Product Features:

  • Gives natural luster and shine to wood
  • Fresh woodland scent
  • Helps to prevent furniture discoloration using UV sunblock
  • Conceals scratches on the surface
  • Silicon-free formula to give a dust-free surface

The Guardsman 461100 Clean & Polish For Wood is the best way to polish furniture.

The combination of this wood polisher and wood cleaner is perfect. You can apply it to your old or raw wood. This polisher will work great on both types of planks just fine. The finish leaves on the natural wood is all-natural. It highlights the grain of the plank, which looks better than those fake gloss. Not to forget, it gives the wood surface a protective coating. It will protect the underlying wood surface from scratches, drying, fading, and also UV rays.

Besides that, the wood furniture cleaner doesn’t leave an oily surface. Therefore, it won’t attract dust like others. Your wood furniture will now be more attractive and long-lasting at the same time with a simple spray formula. 


  • Smooth finish
  • Fast process
  • Comfortable to work on wood furniture
  • Natural gloss
  • Easy to apply


  • Container is small.

05. Therapy Wood Cleaner and Polish Kit with Large Cloth Review

Product Features:

  • Therapy Wood Cleaner comes with polish and a microfiber cloth
  • Safely cleans, conditions and shines wood surfaces
  • Prevents wood from drying and deteriorating
  • Removes spill and stain marks from surface
  • Bottle has 16 oz of liquid.

Try the Therapy Wood Cleaner and Polish Kit as your dark wood furniture polish. Yes, this is a kit as it comes with a microfiber cloth.

Now, simply pour the liquid on the wood and start wiping it with the soft cloth that’s perfect for the shining and cleaning. With one swipe, you will get rid of spills and stains from the wood.

If sunlight directly falls on the surface, no doubt it gets dry and starts to deteriorate—UV rays do damage. However, the cleaner will provide a layer on the furniture to prevent it from drying and deteriorating. 

You will love the Therapy as it is a toxic-free formula. There is no bad smell or harmful chemicals. Therefore, you can use it around kids and pets without any problem.

Just apply it and bring back the shine to your dull furniture in seconds. It isn’t greasy at all, so it won’t attract dust. Apply it once on the furniture and forget about it for months.


  • Easy usage
  • No toxic element
  • Protects your wood surfaces
  • Hides imperfections
  • Dries quickly


  • Bottle isn’t large enough.

06. Howard SWAX16 SunShield Outdoor Furniture With Polish Review

Product Features:

  • Prevents wood drying and fading
  • Enhances the natural beauty of wood t
  • Unique formula  uses a blend of carnauba wax, beeswax and orange oil to prevent UV rays
  • Protects surface like teak and tropical hardwoods
  • Perfect shiny finish

Make your furniture durable and perfect for use with this furniture waxing kit. It is Howard SWAX16 SunShield Outdoor Furniture Wax with UV Protection.

Yes, this polishing/waxing kit provides you an extra option, which is UV protection. After applying the coating, you will get a protective layer on the wood surface. This layer helps the wood color from fading. Also, it lets the surface to hold its moisture and doesn’t let it get dry.

The best wood furniture polish uses a blend of carnauba wax, beeswax, and orange oil to give you a natural polish. Instead of giving an oily surface, it goes deep to bring out the natural wood grain beauty.

The surface of the wood will be free of any ups and downs. With a smoother finishing surface, you will get furniture that will look good. Even if it has any white rings, it will wipe it away. So, consider this wood polishing kit for your next project.


  • Safe usage
  • Increases natural beauty
  • Perfect for DIY’ers
  • UV protection
  • Dark finish


  • Has some sorts of chemical

07. Rejuvenate Cabinet And Furniture Restorer Polish Review

Product Features:

  • Seals Wood and protects it too
  • Works on wood, Formica and Laminate surfaces
  • Made in the US
  • Restore kitchen cabinets comes with a microfiber cloth
  • Ultra-violet (UV) ray protection
  • Easy one wipe-on application

The Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture Restorer is the ultimate wood polish wax. 

With this wood polishing kit, you will get a microfiber cloth. Now, you will get the polishing project done more effortlessly. All you to do is pour and wipe with the fabric that comes with, and that’s all.

The polymer formula creates a thin layer that seals the surface. But that’s not it. It also fills in the scratches to hide any flaws on the wood. And does the main job of bringing the shine back on it.

It will easily blend into the wood surface. When it blends with the wood, you get a dark, shiny wood just like new. And not only wood, use it on Formica and laminate surfaces too. 

On top of all that, the layer helps wood from further damages from UV rays as it blocks out the sun. Apply one single coat, and you don’t have to worry about polishing for months to come.


  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • Handy bottle
  • Comes with microfiber fabric
  • Protects UV rays


  • Does not removes hard grease

08. Pledge Multi-Surface Wood Furniture Polish For Mulit-Surface Review

Product Features:

  • Shines and protecs wood
  • Simple, easy spray and wipe use
  • Perfect to use on wood, leather, granite, stainless steel and other surfaces
  • Removes dust and fingerprints 
  • Includes 3 packs

If you want a different wood furniture polish colors, then go with the Pledge Multi-Surface Furniture Polish Spray. 

This one has an orange scent to it. You will feel like walking through an orange orchard while using it on the wood. Unlike other toxic polishers, it doesn’t make you feel sick. 

On the subject of polishing, you will get a lovely orange looking coating on your furniture. It will not only make it look attractive but also provide a protective layer to it. It gives a smooth, glossy finish that removes dust and fingerprints from the wood.

You can just take the can and spray it on raw, new, or old wood. The result you will get is free of scratches, hot rings, and other unwanted marks on the surface. 


  • Multi-Purpose polishing kit
  • Faster working
  • Does not provide odd smell
  • Easy to work with
  • Ergonomic grip on the can


  • Doesn’t protect from UV rays

09. Orange Glo 2-in-1 Clean And Polish Wood Furniture Spray Review

Product Features:

  • Multipurpose wax is perfect for wood, leather, marble and other surfaces
  • Leaves no fingerprints
  • No wax buildup
  • Requires NO BUFFING
  • It cleans, moisturize and restores vibrant color on the surface

The Original Bee’s Wax Old World Formula is the perfect polish for wood if you don’t want to do much work.

Not only in wood, but you can also apply this on leather and a couple of other surfaces. So, you can get more use out of it. The wax formula creates a nice wax layer that improves the durability of the wood.

Applying the polishing solution is easy and safe too. There is no toxic chemical that might hurt you, your kid, or the pets running around in your house.

When you apply the polish, it will penetrate deep into the wood and moisturize it. It will prevent the wood from drying and give you a vibrant color back to the surface.

And once you apply it, the wood color won’t fade away anytime soon. Nor it will let your wood crack. This formula is perfect for rejuvenating unfinished or old woods.


  • Easy process
  • Shiny finish
  • Protective coating
  • Multipurpose
  • Safe to use


  • Doesn’t protect from UV rays.

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best wood furniture polisher, you might think it is not a big deal. But you need to be a little bit careful which wood furniture polish you get. And to help with that, I’ve got the buying guide ready just for you.


The first thing you should consider before buying any wood polisher is the finish. You would love to get a finish that will leave you satisfied. But first, you need to figure out what finish goes with the wood surface of yours. Check out the furniture wood and be sure in which category it falls. 

Depending upon the wood type, you might look for oil finish, hard finish, and so on. So, check out the wood carefully, then determine which type of finish you will need. After you are final in your decision, then you can choose the wood polishing kit. That would be far easier to do. 


The usability of the wood polisher makes a real difference. No matter how perfect a wood polishing solution is, if it’s hard to use, the results will be poor. So, look for a solution that is easy to use. Get a formula that can easily reach deep into the wood to provide you with a smooth surface.

Wood polishers that come within a trigger bottle are easy to apply. All you need to do is aim at the surface and pull the trigger. Then there are other solutions that you can simply pour on the surface and wipe with a microfiber cloth to coat the wood properly. 

Look for such options to make your work easier and get a better result. 


We most often forget this aspect of any polisher. No doubt, chemical solutions have that awful smell that gets you all dizzy. That’s because the coating uses various artificial elements to give you the desired result. But not solutions have such toxic smell. So, make sure that the wood polisher you are using has a low or no smell at all.

However, on the other side, some wood polishers come with the fragrance of lemon, orange to provide you with a natural fragrance. Those work great as they provide you with a pleasant aroma that not cause you any dizziness. They hide the toxic smell completely.

You can go with such options too. Those are better if you have kids at home. 


One of the reasons wood loses its shine and becomes dull is the UV rays. It dries the wood from inside. Not only it makes the wood look worn out. Due to it, it also becomes more prone to cracking.

That’s why you need to consider a polishing that can protect the surface. There are many options out there that provide UV blockage against the blazing sun. Even if your furniture gets exposed to the sun directly, the layer they provide won’t let it damage the surface.

Your wood furniture will remain all shiny while retaining its natural beauty. 

Besides protecting the wood from the sun, you also need to consider other kinds of protections. You want it to avoid scratching, scuffing, and accumulating dirt. So, look for a formula that does that all. 

That way, you will get to increase the lifespan of your furniture without doing a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Will a wood polisher remove white rings?

Answer: Yes, they will remove it if you rub it perfectly.

02. Will the polisher prevent the wood from drying?

Answer:  Yes, the best wood furniture polish would penetrate deep into the wood and moisturize it to prevent it from drying.

03. Can I use a wood polisher to remove hard grease?

Answer: No, you should not use a wood polisher to remove hard grease.

04. Will wood polishers increase the lifespan of wood furniture?

Answer: Yes, they will increase the lifespan of your furniture by keeping it moisturize and vibrant.

05. Where should I store my polishing kit?

Answer: You should store them in cold and dry spots.


Take your time to get the best wood furniture polish from the list. No doubt, all the wood polish wax in the list does the job brilliantly. 

If you are a professional or DIY enthusiastic person, those kits are great for both. Just think about the surface where you’re going to use it and pick the right option from the list. If you’re having trouble in that, use the buying guide to make the decision.

I can guarantee you won’t regret picking any of the polish for wood.

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