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9 Best Tree Cutting Hand Saw | Reviews And Buying Guide

Hey everyone, do you know the best tree cutting hand saw? A hand saw doesn’t provide the same power of a chainsaw but it will get your job done. I surmise that you won’t go imbecile while picking up a chainsaw always. 

You won’t likely storm your neighborhood by making sound waves of a chainsaw. The best saw for pruning trees is obvious to take care of those sounds.

As you are reading this, I guess you have come across your life as a profession or green woodworker. So, you need to take a look at finding a proper pruning saw.

Question is what does the best hand saw look like? 

Let me clarify to you; we have assembled a list below of the best saw for cutting trees and how to choose a hand saw for cutting trees so that you can get the perfect view.

Since it doesn’t favor shopping online always, we’ll walk you to a buying guide for having a better idea. Let’s hop in.

comparison Table: 9 Best Tree Cutting Hand Saw Lists


Heavy Duty Comfort Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Our Rating

Corona RS 7245 Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Our Rating

Corona Razor Tooth Tree Cutting Hand Saw | Best Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Our Rating

Corona RS 7510D Tree Cutting Hand Saw | Best Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Our Rating

Fiskars 15 Inch Tree Cutting Hand Saw | Best Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Our Rating

The 9 Best Tree Cutting Hand Saw Reviewed

01. Heavy Duty Comfort Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Product Features:

  • Easy to hold
  • Lock feature
  • Ergonomic

It is our top pick for the best hand saw for cutting tree trunks.

This Heavy-Duty saw is a blade of Japanese style and comes with Japanese steel. It has a smooth grip for cutting with both push and pull stroke of the blade.

It offers a good alternative for those who face problems with one-way blades. The double-ended blades summarize that the cutting is held faster. 

The blade is thin and made in a curve style to make cutting and trimming effortlessly for the woodworkers.

The thickness of this blade makes it sturdy. The unique design of this blade has the weight balanced. You can use it without fear of bending.

The blood has the design of a pistol-type grip, which will give you a comfortable, sturdy feel while cutting down branches. You can easily hang it in a convenient hanging hole at your storage.

A weak point to notice in thin blades that if you push it too hard, they can flex. But this Heavy Duty is thick enough to endure all of that with its performance.

The teeth of this blade are elegant and precise. They are incredible and robust enough to cut through including branches, limbs, shrubs, trees, plants up to 8-inches thick. It is so smooth while cutting or sawing.

The blade is manufactured by Tarvol who offers you a lifetime guarantee of their tools and 100% safety.


  • Lightweight
  • Good Cut
  • Well performed
  • Pistol type grip
  • Sharp blade teeth


  • Difficult to remove from the sheath

02. Corona RS 7245 Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Product Features:

  • 7-inch blade
  • High Carbon Japanese SK5 steel
  • Curved blade

Corona RS 7245 comes from the namesake company, Corona. It is one of the best-curved blades, built with High Carbon Japanese SK5 steel with exceptional durability and hardness for an extended period.

It aligns a 7inch curved blade which is perfect cutting up to 3-inch diameter branches. It also cuts unknown shapes of small and medium-sized branches.

It claims the helm has a functionally designed co-molded grip that covers the blade in a folded position.

The blade features a professional style of the folding saw which is easy to transport and keep safe in the store. And the pistol grip mitigates hand slippage on the handle. 

The blade is comfortable to hold as it cuts, and the grip won’t even allow you to realize if you work for an extended period of time

The teeth on these blades are excellent and sturdy for logs as well as pruning trees. Cutting is easy with this blade, and it saves you a lot of time.

The blade is generally used for pruning tree branches and agricultural usages.

The razor-toothed curved blades with up to 6 teeth per inch add more significant and cleaner cuts on wood limbs rather than any conventional saws. Each tooth is triple ground providing 3 multi-faceted angels to expand cutting capacity.

This blade is layered with hard chrome to reduce friction during cuts for less effort. It provides a rust protective layer for longer cutting life.


  • Sharp blade teeth
  • Comfortable grip
  • Cuts thick branches
  • Great for budget buyers
  • Lightweight


  • Blade can flex
  • The screws may fall out easily

03. Corona Razor Tooth Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Product Features:

  • 13-Inch blade
  • Curved blade
  • Co-molded pistol grip
  • Cuts twice as fast

If you are finding a long blade from Corona, you will love this tool designed with both safety and power. It comes in a 13-inch curved blade for smooth cuts in all wood joints.

The blade has more teeth than any conventional saw for efficient cutting. Good to know that, the blade is replaceable. You can change it if one blade fractures.

Corona Razor Saw has a co-molded pistol-grip handle with a finger hook. It shows a slight hole in the grip for convenient hanging.

Who doesn’t want a faster blade for pruning? Of course, all do. The Corona Razor has triple ground and impulse-hardened teeth that cut twice as fast as any conventional teeth.

The blade can cut through medium to large branches of any trees. Moreover, the saw teeth are whetstone ground. It is set for non-binding cutting. 

The build material of the impulse hardened teeth extends the life of the saw.


  • Ideal blade
  • Welcoming budget
  • Easy to transport
  • Faster cutting
  • Comfortable grip


  • The plastic handle can break

04. 13-Inch DocaPole “GoSaw” Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Product Features:

  • Dual usage
  • Extension pole
  • 13-inch blade

If you need to throw out some branches that are out of your reach, the DocaPole “GoSaw” is waiting for you at the store. The best solution for you. 

The DocaPole “GoSaw” is the best offering of13-inch blade with precision ground 3-sided tooth design and bi-directional cutting action.

The DocaPole saw is a tool for homeowners, property managers and landscape professionals for its ultimate functionality. 

The multi-mount handle grip design allows the saw to function as a pole saw or pruning saw and grooming lower branches, shrubs or logs.

You can combine it with a 12’ or 24’ DocaPole Extension pole. By using an extension pole, you can reach the high of the trees to cut branches and limbs. 

It is best to use with metal-tipped poles. It has an internal set screw that locks the handle securely into place for smooth and good cuts.

The pull and push stroke performs in beast mode with the comfort-grip handle design which eliminates the pain and suffering of hand.

The hard-chrome plate finish provides rust-resistant, smooth cut and durability that extends the life of the blade.

The poles are not included with the “GoSaw” product set. You have to buy it from an affiliated store.


  • Fully assembled
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • FlexibleRust resistant


  • It is too light that can bend

05. Samurai Ichiban 13-Inch Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Product Features:

  • Sheath belt
  • rgonomic design
  • Rubber cushioned handle

The name seems familiar, isn’t it? The name Samurai is ported from Japan. Well, you can assume that the blade is also built in Japan.

The name “Ichiban” stands for “Number 1” which means the Samurai Ichiban backs up with the latest and best in the blade and handle technology.

The Japanese company claims, at present, it is the best saw for pruning trees.

The Samurai Ichiban saw have a unique precision toothing design that cuts aggressively. The curved blades manipulate on easy joints.

It comfortably works quite well on green wood and other fine woods.

The 13-inch blade has impulse hardening of the teeth with tapered that reduces binding and it makes them keep their edge longer than traditional saw.

A hard-chrome plate layer gives the blade a long durable life and resists from rust and pitch.

A rubber cushioned handle offers easy gripping for a better experience. It comes with plastic scabbard and sheath with a belt loop.

You can bleed in a single touch of it, but it’s quite safe and comfortable to cut with.

It would be best to use if you don’t have much strength and want to sharpen the thick branches.


  • Strong and durable
  • Comfortable handle to grip
  • Effortless tree cutting
  • Long sharp blade
  • Incredible for greenwood


  • Scabbard may break easily
  • Quite expensive

06. FUJIWARA Folding 10-Inch Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Product Features:

  • Foldable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Secure lock mechanism
  • 10-inch blade

This hand saw is a well-made folding hand saw for perfect gardening, camping, clearing trail, trimming the tree or general household use, and as a survival or emergency utility tool. You have choices of using it for multiple purposes.

The FUJIWARA Pruning Saw is manufactured by SK4 stainless steel to make it a powerful one and sturdy and coated for less friction and resistance. It collaborates with an extra 10inch blade, featured for replacement.

The superior folding and quick locking mechanism make it easier for the workers. And the secure lock mechanism keeps the blade in its place during use and safe when it is not in use.

The teeth of this blade tips triple-cut razor teeth hardened to stay sharp for smooth and fast sawing.

The comfortable ergonomic design of the handle, the anti-slip soft grip is designed to ensure efficient cutting for less hand ache.

The handle comes in two-colored designs, Black and Red. One of the major attractions of this blade.

The curved handle design makes it more comfortable to use.

A nice feature to mention that it has a gear lock system. It must be pressed and held down to open and close the saw.


  • Comfortable
  • Transport free
  • Gear lock
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy assembling


  • The lock mechanism can lose the screw

07. Corona RS 7510D Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Product Features:

  • High Carbon Japanese SK5 Steel
  • 18-inch blade
  • Ergonomic handle design

This Corona RS 7510D from Corona Clipper Company is an 18-inch blade offering to cut branches up to 9 or 10 inches in diameter.

The handsaw-style ergonomic handle provides excellent cutting facilities for a more exceptional grip and sawing process through large branches.

It has a disadvantage to notice. It doesn’t come with a blade sheath, and it doesn’t fold. So you have to be careful about storing space.

It’s a larger blade than any other conventional saw with each tooth is triple-ground, providing multi-faceted angels to maximize the efficiency of cuts and removal of wood.

The handle comes in an ergonomic non-slip D shaped handle as old saw designs which provides excellent comfort on the job.

High Carbon Japanese SK5 steel blade offers exceptional sturdiness and hardness in this blade.

Featuring an impulse-hardened teeth and a heat-treated blade, it becomes a tool that is eager to last season after season.

The hard-chrome layer coat provides efficient cutting action and blade resistance.


  • Hand saw style handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Long blade
  • Heat resistance
  • Long durability


  • Looks cheap
  • No blade sheath

08. Gonicc Professional 9.4-Inch Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Product Features:

  • SK5 High Carbon Steel
  • Foldable
  • Lock features

From many Foldable Saw, Gonicc offers a professional touch to Folding Hand Saw 9.4 inch. 

Gonicc manufactures the quality of blade with SK-5 High Carbon Steel, which makes it ultra-strong, sharper and stays sharper than the ordinary ones. 

The SK5 confirms the long-lasting and light flexibility of the blade. You can be assured that it won’t go dull after a few cuts.

The handle design is hassle-free. It offers a slip-resistant comfortable grip, and the razor tooth remains stable during strong pulls and pushes, resulting in accurate grooves.

The teeth are sharper and stay sharper longer than ordinary teeth of any blades. You can notice that the head is black in the teeth.

The foldable saw can smoothly cut up to 4-inch diameter woods, bones, plastic materials, and branches.

A triple-razor design gives an amusing touch to the teeth, and it assures to stay sharp for smooth, fast sawing and easy use at any angle.

Providing the folding system, the lock mechanism keeps the blade steady and safe. It won’t collapse or snap while cutting. No teeth are sneaked out while closed.

The blade can be easily stored anywhere because of its smaller size. It packs in only 10.8 inches while folded.

Make sure to wiper the blade with oilcloth before storing it. And remember to oil the moving parts regularly for efficient outcomes.


  • Lightweight
  • Non-slippery
  • Smaller in size
  • Easy to store
  • Smooth cutting efficiency


  • No sheath

09. Fiskars 15 Inch Tree Cutting Hand Saw

Product Features:

  • 15-inch large blade
  • D shaped grip
  • Sharp cutter

Fiskars Pruning Saw comes in a 15-inch long blade, which offers to cut high branches. It was designed to reach the top branches.

Fiskars power-level technology sports the blade that increases the leverage and provides you two-time faster-cutting power.

The Fiskars 15 Inch is an ideal hand saw for making quick, clean cuts through large branches. It is one of the best hand saws for cutting trees.

Harnessing the maximum speed, the triple-ground power tooth blade cuts on the push and pull stroke to plane away wood.

The larger blade does quick undercuts beyond sacrificing control. The d-shaped handle provides excellent grip while slashing the wood.


  • Adjustable in wood joints
  • Blade cuts well
  • Better than an ordinary saw
  • Able to reach high branches
  • Sharp teeth


  • Not a fruitful handle

Buying Guide

By measuring all these productively selected top hand saws, you need to go for your preferences. You might still face complications of buying the best pruning saw for you. We’ll make it handy for you. 

Let’s get you through a buying guide to solve your complexities.

The Design

When someone needs buying a hand saw, this is one of the significant factors to look for. Design is not something that just about looks. You need to check out the ergonomics also. 

A hand saw that offers excellent ergonomic design is comfortable to manage and use. It will refrain your hand muscles from aching.

The handle needs to be handy and secure gripping, and it should be layered with non-slip materials. In case you can work longer than expected.

Regarding the blades, you will find curve and straight-blade designs. 

The tree branches are mostly shaped in tubular form and in case, curved blades are useful to use. The straight ones are handier in normal usage.

Some saws have a pistol type design to get a good grip on the saw. By contrast, many people may like the straight vertical handles.

The folding saw makes a better combination to cut smooth edges.


The sharpness is an undeniable fact, but it has some controversies to talk about.

Sharpness eventually defines how proper you can yield the wood. If you can’t take away your tree branches, look for better sharpness in your hand saw.

The sharpness lies in the teeth. The sharper the teeth, the faster you can yield. It gives you the power to cut down trees.

The sharp teeth might give you the sharpness of your desire, though it might be a pricey one.


The one that operates the hand saw is teeth. Handy amounts of teeth offer amusing cuts.

The more prominent teeth are measured to cut softer wood and smaller ones for harder wood. The big teeth designs will cut faster than the smaller ones, but it eliminates more wood in the edges.

In case, if you want more elegant and clean-cut, choose the hand saw with smaller teeth. It will do your work.

Easy to use

You won’t need a large hand saw to shade the trees around your house or workplace. Figure out the one that comes in one hand.

When you go trimming or camping, a handy saw would be adequate to clear a few bushes, shrubs, limbs, or tree branches.

The hand saws are lightweight to carry. You can transport them anywhere you wish. 

You may choose the one with a pistol-shaped handle. It is soothing to grip.


The hand saw is easy to store because it is rigid in size.

You can hang the pruning saws on your store wall with ease. The saw hardly takes a space, that can’t even be noticed by an empty eye.

While going on a campaign, tracking, or some long drive, you can just generally put in your backpack or trunk. It requires only a limited space.

Length of blade

The length depends on what purpose you want to fulfil with your hand saw.

If you want to cut tree branches, you might have to look for a longer blade. You might think a long blade is the best.

Essentially length is an excellent factor for cutting down trees. But the longer blades have chances of bending over on worn out.

On the contrary, a shorter blade would work for pruning trees. But it would be worse to go with a too-small saw.

A length of medium level can be a handful for most of the work.


Finally, the most dominant factor to think of. Two types of durability may occur.

The first one is about quick durability. It can take some rough handling and keep its performance still. This one might be used regularly. 

In case of long term durability, you will need something sturdy and strong. This one should be able to last for a long time. 

If the teeth don’t lose their sharpness for a period, it will offer you sufficient working skills. But after a while, the teeth may pile out of the blade.

Well, you should buy a saw to cut down trees that provides a one year or more work efficiency.

Go through our review as mentioned above; one might suit your need of the best hand saw for trees.


The price concerns every buyer to bargain. A hand saw offers a lot cheaper price than the chainsaw. The hand saws are maintenance-free.

The hand saw is the best tool for cutting down small trees. It doesn’t need any power to operate. So, no power cost or supply is required to operate the hand saw.

Moreover, the price is needed to buy just the hand saw to cut down trees. You won’t need to spend on any other materials. 

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to sharpen the blade?

Answer: Of course, it is possible within no time. You can use a sharpening stone to sharpen the teeth if they become dull. Moreover, you can buy a new set of teeth if the old ones are worn out.

Which is the best hand saw to cut high tree branches?

Answer: The DocaPole “GoSaw” will be able to fulfill your needs. It can stretch its legs via a pole that can reach up to 24 inches high.

Can you trim your tree?

Answer: Well, basically large pruning jobs should be handed over to professionals, but one can manage to trim their small trees.

Is it worthy of having more teeth on a saw blade?

Answer: The blades that offer more teeth can provide a smoother and cleaner cut. On the other hand, blades with fewer teeth may leave edges while cutting.

Does my blade need a sheath?

Answer: It depends on the saw what type you are using. If you are using a folding saw, you won’t require that. But Look for a sheath if you don’t have that on your saw. It provides extra safety.


Lastly, we mentioned some essential tips for getting the best hand saw for you. We hopefully gave you the information that you need. Check our reviews and buying guide point by point. By measuring several factors, you can get the right saw for your trees. Best of luck with your work!

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