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Though a lot of people know well about different types of axes and knives available on the market, very few people know about Tomahawk. They don’t know how effective these could be in a survival situation. If you know that a tactical tomahawk is better than a knife, you should purchase a tomahawk for your security.

People have been using tomahawks for many years for its bush-crafting capacity. It is a versatile tool beside cutting, chopping, breaching and more. And today, we are writing reviews of 5 best tomahawk axes to help you finding the excellent one.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Tomahawks

ImageProduct Name DimensionWeightCheck Price
CRKT Kangee T-hawk16.1 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches1.84 pounds
CRKT Woods Chogan19.1 x 8.2 x 1.5 inches2.14 pounds
M48 Tactical17.5 x 10 x 1.5 inches7 ounces
United Cutlery M48N/A7 ounces
Cold Steel 90RH8 x 4 x 4 inches2.18 lbs

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5 Best Tomahawk Reviews

The CRKT Kangee T-hawk is a multi-function survival axe. It is an ergonomically well-designed axe and comes with right weight and size. This tomahawk is crafted from carbon steel single slab, and robust enough to manage any cutting related jobs. Its tapered cutting edges and unique blade geometry make this efficient for chopping, splitting or shaving.

The handle of this hatchet contains textured grip made of glass-reinforced nylon for added grip security. If you need you can remove the nylon grip for cleaning.

Another reason why we love this tactical tomahawk axe is its durability. We have tested its ability and it has passed through such some hard tasks as the CRKT Kangee said.


  1. The handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon with a textured grip to enable you to hold the ax comfortably.
  2. It is made of SK5 carbon steel to make it robust and efficient.
  3. The textured grip can be removed easily if you need to remove for cleaning.
  4. It is made from a single slab that makes the handle strong, sturdy, and unbreakable.
  5. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty if there are any defects in workmanship or materials.


  1. Brand: Columbia River Knife & Tool
  2. Weight: 1.84 pounds
  3. Model: 2725
  4. Color: Tomahawk + Spike
  5. Dimension: 16.1 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches
  6. Material: Carbon Steel

What We Like

  1. The axe is handy and light enough to manage small tasks.
  2. This is a multi-tool that perform versatile tasks such as splitting logs, chopping firewood, scraping kindle material, etc.
  3. To secure from any accident, the axe comes with a Molle compatible Kydex sheath to cover the blade.

What We Dislike

  1. The blade’s edge is brittle. So, you have to be careful while working.

The CRKT Chogan Tomahawk Axe is one of the best tactical tomahawks which is designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical. It is made of 1055 grade carbon steel. 

The rock-solid head of the axe is made by hot forged carbon steel with a hammer finish. The flat ground edge bevels can cut through timber easily. Also, it has a hammerhead which you can use for pounding in nails.

The CRKT tactical tomahawk features a very hard handle-made from Tennessee hickory that can resist shock. Its butt is a blunt hammerhead which is suitable for camping. With its wide blade, it can cut woods for any firewood.


  1. Slim weight and proper design allow sufficient power and make this an ideal hatchet axe.
  2. 1055 carbon steel is a premium grade steel that provides a rock-solid blade head.
  3. The handle is made of solid Tennessee hickory.
  4. The lacquer coat on the handle increases its durability.
  5. It has a hammerhead that you can use for pounding nails, securing beams or tent stakes.


  1. Brand: CRKT
  2. Weight: 2.14 pounds
  3. Model: 9001310
  4. Color: Axe + Hammer
  5. Dimension: 19.1 x 8.2 x 1.5 inches
  6. Material: Carbon Steel

What We Like

  1. It looks old-fashioned but seems elegant and well-decorated.
  2. It has a hammerhead that you can use for pounding nails or stakes to prepare your tent.
  3. The axe is perfect for outdoor surviving needs.

What We Dislike

  1. The axe’s head will need regular reseating.

The first thing that you will love about this tomahawk axe is the sturdiness. Beside great sturdiness, the hatchet axe works excellent and provide great performance all the time. If you have any heavy-duty project, the M48 tomahawk axe will fit on that project for their sturdiness and constant performance.

The Tactical Tomahawk uses AUS-6 stainless steel which ensures its extended durability that’s always wanted by everyone. Also, the black coating offers a sophisticated finish so that it can protect the blade from scuffs and scratches. And the steel is corrosion resistant too. That is why; more and more people are getting attracted to this tomahawk axe.


  1. The blade is made of anodized AUS-6 stainless steel to make it stiff and stout.
  2. The handle is made of 30% fiberglass reinforced nylon to ensure a solid grip.
  3. Sharp beard, sharpen spine, and a spike on the back end make this ax versatile.
  4. The nylon belt sheath has a belt loop and a nylon snap button for protecting the blades. 


  1. Brand: United Cutlery
  2. Weight: 7 ounces
  3. Model: UC2765
  4. Color: Black
  5. Dimension: 17.5 x 10 x 1.5 inches
  6. Material: AUS 6

What We Like

  1. It is a great defensive tool made of good quality materials.
  2. The handle can be used with single or two hands.
  3. It is light enough to carry comfortably, and it can be used for many purposes.

What We Dislike

  1. The axe is somewhat smaller, so it is not suitable for heavier.

The United Cutlery M48 is a double-bladed tomahawk that is suitable for chopping woods. It works well for hunting or sporting needs. The blade is made of stainless steel. So, its strong enough to take massive action.

If you take the axe at hand, you will feel that the weight is perfectly balanced. Its lightweight construction allows you to transport the axe easily. Don’t worry, though it is lightweight, it is able to make a powerful blow.

The handle is appropriately attached with the head through three bolts. These bolts attach the handle with the head firmly so that you can do some massive cutting tasks. According to the consumers, this is one of the best tactical tomahawks in the market.


  1. Stainless steel blades help for massive chopping or cutting.
  2. Both the primary and secondary blades can cut or chop woods.
  3. The head is attached with the handle with three bolts which makes it strong enough for power cuts.
  4. The indestructible handle is wrapped with 30% fiberglass reinforced nylon to hold it comfortably.
  5. The wide ax blade made it ideal for massive actions.


  1. Brand: United Cutlery
  2. Weight: 7 ounces
  3. Model: UC3056
  4. Color: Black

What We Like

  1. The axe comes at a lower cost, but its durability and performance provide great value.
  2. You can use this axe by single or both hands.
  3. The blade comes with sharp edges from the manufacturer.

What We Dislike

  1. The blade is heavier than other common tomahawk axes.
  2. Instead of wood chopping, the axe works better for throwing.

The Cold Steel 90RH Tomahawk is an awesome chopper. Of course, it can split too. This tomahawk axe is made from drop forged 1055 Carbon steel. You might know that drop forging is the best way to manufacture the best quality weapon that has a cutting edge. The hammer face and cutting edge is hardened completely. So, it keeps well-balanced while hitting with its edge end.

The 90RH tactical double-bladed tomahawk has a straight and smooth handle. It is lightweight enough to swing or throw with one hefty. If you need any hawk to throw, this tactical tomahawk would be your best option.


  1. The axe is made of drop forged 1055 Carbon steel which ensures its extra durability.
  2. American Hickory Handle is strong and long-lasting.
  3. A hex screw helps to attach the head with the handle securely.
  4. 22” overall length means you can use this as a hatchet or as an axe.


  1. Brand: Cold Steel
  2. Weight: 2.18 lbs.
  3. Model: 90RH
  4. Dimension: 8 x 4 x 4 inches
  5. Hawk Length: 8 1/8″

What We Like

  1. The axe can be used as a hatchet for its short and lightweight design, but it is long enough to utilize it like an axe.
  2. Ideal for camping and woodcutting.
  3. The handle is comfortable to hold. It is straight and smooth.

What We Dislike

  1. The screw may detach from the handle.

Closing Word

These axes mentioned above are the well researched and hand-picked by the experts before putting on the list we have tested their ability also. So, you can purchase any one from the list without further thinking.

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