5 Best Tile Saw Reviews In 2019

The best tile saw is an essential tool, if you are working with the tile. It Is tricky and sometimes it is also difficult to pick up the best saws from the market because marketplace is full of them. But don’t worry, we have already searched for you by spending a whole lot of time.

Today, we are here to present you top-rated tile saws which are dominating the market right now. Our saw expert team has personally used them to provide you the reliable saw reviews.

Let’s hop on to our 5 best tile saw reviews in 2020.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Tile Saws

ImageProduct Name Blade SizeMotor PowerCheck Amazon
SKIL 3540-027-inch4.2-amp/3600-rpm
Husqvarna 96731810110-inch1.5-HP/3000-rpm
DEWALT D24000S10-inch15.6-amp/4200-rpm
Lackmond Beast 1010-inch15-amp/4200-rpm
2.5 Horsepower 10-inch10-inch2.5-amp/3800-rpm

5 Best Tile Saw Reviews

It is wise to buy the SKIL 7-inch wet tile saw because the rental of a tile saw and the buying cost of SKIL 3540-02 both are quite same. Our experts think, the 3540-02 would be the budget-friendly saw for homeowner.

Because of its features and versatility, we are forced to tell it as the best wet saw for tile. Unlike professional grade, it is small and cannot tackle all kinds of tile cutting task. The wet saw has a 4.2-amp powerful motor that can produce as high as 3600-rpm.

Though the motor is not as strong as the Husqvarna 967318101 or DEWALT D24000S, it can handle all of the primary home-based tile cutting jobs.

The diamond powered blade is able to cut all types of tile. Tabletop of the saw along with adjustable rip fence can easily take care up to 12x 12-inch tile.

It is not the limit of SKIL. Model 3540-02 wet saw has cross cut and diagonal cut capacity of 7.75-inch and 7.25-inch respectively.

Like the miter making saw, SKIL made model 3540-02 tile cutting saw can make bevel cut. It can also make 0-degree and 45-degree bevel without showing any cause.

In a word, this 7-inch tile saw is the best cheap saw you can have on the market.


  1. 2-amp can rotate the motor at 3600-rpm.
  2. Need just 120-volts to operate the SKIL 3540-02.
  3. Diamond powder coated blade helps to cut the tile.
  4. Adjustable rip fence helps to get accurate cutting operation.
  5.  3540-02 tile saw can make 0-degree and 45-degree bevel cut.


  1. Brand: SKIL
  2. Weight: 17.69-pounds
  3. Model: 3540-02
  4. Color: Red
  5. Power Source: Corded-electric
  6. Amperage: 4.2-amp
  7. Voltage: 120-volts
  8. Dimension: 18×14.5×7.8-inches

What We Like

  1. The small size of this particular tile saw makes it portable.
  2. Ideal for home based small work.
  3. Comes with a diamond coated blade.

What We Dislike

  1. It is annoying to fill up the water reservoir before every operation.

Husqvarna 967318101 is one of the best contractor-grade tile cutting saws available on the market. To be a professional tile saw, it comes with some advanced features.
1.5-horsepower motor is there to provide 3000-rpm. The enormous power is enough to handle all kinds of tile cutting.
Water management is an essential part of the tile saw to cut tile smoothly. Unlike other professional tile saws, 967318101 has advanced water management technology.

It keeps cool the blade from overheating and prevents any dent during operation.
The 10-inch diamond coated blade is able to cut the tile without leaving any uneven mark on the tile. TS 70 has an impressive rip cut capacity of 32-inch, and diagonally it can handle up to 20×20-inch tile.
Clearly, the rpm of Husqvarna TS 70 is lower than the DEWALT D24000S, but it can handle a large piece of tile.
This 10-inch tile saw is large enough to make 22.5-degree, and 45-degree miter cuts to small, and even on the big tiles.
So, if you are a professional and want to handle immense tile cutting pressure, you would go for the Husqvarna 967318101 TS 70 wet tile cutting saw.


  1. Husqvarna TS 70 comes with a diamond tip blade.
  2. Can cut up to 28-inch length tile.
  3. Easy to make 22.5-degree and 45-degree miter cuts.
  4. For moving around easily, the tile saw is adjustable to a stand.
  5. Improved water management system reduces the water use.
  6. Features a separate removable water tank.


  1. Brand: Husqvarna
  2. Weight: 126.8-pounds
  3. Model: 967318101
  4. Color: Orange + Steel
  5. Power Source: Corded-electric
  6. Voltage: 115-volts
  7. Dimension: 43.7×25.6×21.7-inches

What We Like

  1. Detachable tank allows easy water refill.
  2. Adjusting the water flow is easy.
  3. Also, easy to make a miter cut on it.

What We Dislike

  1. TS 70 doesn’t come with a stand.

Our experts have picked DEWALT D24000S 10-inch saw as their great choice, so we have listed it in the “Editor’s Choice” segment.  Weighing over just 50-pounds D24000S is another professional saw we have on our list.

The DEWALT 10-inch tile saw has an enormously powerful motor of 15.6-amp which is capable of delivering 4200-rpm.

DEWALT has been in the tool making market for a while. They have made their position strong by providing precise tools. Like others on their list, the D24000S wet tile saw is very accurate. It can perform to cut up to 1/32-inch thin.

Well, if you have already read the review of Husqvarna 967318101, you can easily compare it with that. After examining you won’t find so much significant difference between them. Though DEWALT is offering the tile saw under 1000 bucks, you will get an almost similar performance like Husqvarna.

18×18-inch tile is the limit of cutting the particular 10-inch tile saw. However, our experts think that you can handle much bigger tile than that size, if you hold your workpiece cleverly.Though it is quite similar to the Husqvarna, and have a similar range of working capacity, you cannot replace the TS 70 with the DEWALT. They two are both best from their standing.


  1. Comes with a built-in Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI).
  2. The saw can handle 18×18-inch tile easily.
  3. 6-pounds of lightweight allows one person to carry it easily.
  4. Easy to make 25-inch rip cut.
  5. The DEWALT D24000S can cut up to 1/32-inch accurately.
  6. You can easily make 22.5-degree and 45-degree miter cuts on this saw.
  7. The saw also allows plunge cut.
  8. 15-amp with 1.5-hp motor can deliver 4200-rpm of rotating speed.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Weight: 53.6-pounds
  3. Model: D24000S
  4. Color: Yellow + Black
  5. Power Source: Corded-electric
  6. Voltage: 120-volts
  7. Dimension: 26.8×25.9×13.7-inches

What We Like

  1. DEWALT D24000S is light enough for one person to carry.
  2. Comes with a cutting cart for storing other tools.
  3. It can also handle glass easily.

What We Dislike

  1. You have to spend some extra money to get a stand with it.

Beast 10 10-inch tile saw is designed and engineered by a joint venture of Lackmond and DELTA. It is one of the most accurate tile saws right now.Beast uses 13-bearing system for providing 1/32-inch accuracy to a tile cutting operation like DEWALT. It features a 2.4-hp powerful motor which can produce 4200-rpm.

Both of the tile cutting saws have a similar price range, and they share some similarity on their features also. 

However, some of the features of the Lackmond made Beast 10 help it to stand above from all.

You will find a laser marking system to the Lackmond to get most accurate cutting operation, and the 10-inch wet tile saw features a LED light to see clearly in the dark.
BEAST 10 can easily handle 34-inch rip cut, and the capacity is higher than the DEWALT. Don’t worry about the miter cut, the 10-inch tile cutting Beast can perform 22.5 and 45-inch miter cut also.
What else you need to take this Lackmond saw as your best pick?
In our opinion, the BEAST 10 is another best value tile saw to pick under 1000$. So, if you have allergies with the DEWALT or want to try another tile saw, you can choose it without thinking twice.


  1. It can perform 34-inch rip cut.
  2. Using the plunge, the rip capacity goes high to the 39-inch.
  3. To cut various tiles, the Beast 10 has a 15-amp 2.4-hp motor.
  4. The motor can deliver 4200-rpm.
  5. It features a laser guide for performing most accurate cut and has LED light.
  6. For durability, the frame of the saw is made from steel pipe.


  1. Brand: Lackmond
  2. Weight: 117.5-pounds
  3. Model: BEAST10
  4. Color: Red + Black
  5. Power Source: Corded-electric
  6. Voltage: 115-volts
  7. Dimension: 45x26x18-inches

What We Like

  1. Comes with a folding stand.
  2. Easy to transport.
  3. BEAST tile saw comes with a laser guide.

What We Dislike

  1. Attached LED needs to be upgraded for getting better light.

DEWALT, Skil, Makita, Delta, Lackmond, Husqvarna are the common name which provide the best tools for your job. They are almost every time doing the decent. 

However, here has an out of box contested who can throw a fight against all the saws to get the best title.
Chicago Pneumatics is offering a professional grade tile cutting saw with low price. Thus, makes it one of the cheap industrial tile saws. We think just above the 200$ mark, it is providing so much stuff, and after knowing those things, it is up to you to decide to pick this up.

The 2.5-hp motor can kick enough power to produce 3800-rpm which can easily defeat the Husqvarna 967318101 featuring just about 3000-rpm. Chicago Pneumatics made 10-inch industrial brick saw can also handle the big chunk of tiles easily, to do that it features a steel constructed sliding.

With just a fraction of money, the company is also offering you the miter cut at the 0, 22.5, and 45-degree. 

We spent hours after hours on the market, but we didn’t see another professional tile saw which could replace this particular saw. 

But it got some negative reviews on the web because some buyers received the saw with 5-6 missing bolts. They were pissed off and threw some negative comments, but they didn’t talk about its ability. You have to understand one thing that the saw got 80% positive ratings also. And the thing makes it one of the best tile saws on the market right now.


  1. It has 24-inch tile cutting capacity.
  2. The adjustable cutting head allows you to adjust the blade up to 3-1/2-inch deep.
  3. The tile cutting saw can set the bevel at the 0-degree, 22.5-degree, and 45-degree.
  4. 5-hp motor provides enough power to produce 3800-rpm of cutting speed.
  5. Cutting blade can be adjusted to two positions. 


  1. Brand: Chicago Pneumatics
  2. Weight: 100.3-pounds
  3. Color: Red + Black
  4. Power Source: Corded-electric
  5. Voltage: 120-volts
  6. Dimension: 40.4×24.7×17-inches

What We Like

  1. The tile cutting saw is easy to use.
  2. You will get an industrial grade tile saw with a little amount of money.
  3.  It is easy to detach and clean the water tub.

What We Dislike

  1. Attached pump for the water doesn’t fluently.

Buyer's Guide for Tile Saw

Sometimes it is tricky to find the best tile saw for your job site. Even to find the saw for your home base task isn’t easy also. Always, you have to remember some facts while purchasing a saw. Our tile cutting experts have listed some points for your easy tile saw picking to keep in mind. Let’s check those facts to pick up the best tile saw for the money. 


First thing first. When you want to buy a tool having a motor, you definitely have to keep an eye on it. The motor gets the power from a source and produces rotating power to move the blade for cutting down the objects. Every company on the market is not same, and they don’t use same types of motor with equal power. If you look to our reviews, you will find, we have listed down some top saws available on the market featuring different horsepowers. Generally, our team has experienced that the best tile saw features from 1-hp to 3-hp motor.


Sometimes it is just enough to get a tile cutter to cut the tiles. However, the tile cutters are not the best to have a precise cut. So, the contractors love to have a tile saw for their work site instead of having just a cutter for tiles. Some of the companies wanted to keep low of their saw price by offering clumsy and low-quality construction. These poorly constructed saws are not precise, and these cannot deliver the accurate straight cut. So, for getting the most accurate tile saw check out the saw reviews from above and pick up the best saw according to budget..


Just miter saws are not able to make the bevel cut. Some of the great tile saws also offer you the bevel cutting option. If you want bevel, and want to give versatile angel cut to your tile, try to pick up the saw which has the bevel capacity. To make your finding easy we have added some of the best tile saws with bevel on to our list.


Generally, all the construction workers want portable tools. Portable tools are easy to move around, and it is essential for the changeable worksite. 

On the other hand, it is not helpful to have a heavy stationary tile saw, because tiling projects are not stable in the same places forever. 

So, when you are looking for the best tile cutting saw, try to pick up the saw which is sturdy enough along with lightweight.


Saw without a blade is like a warrior without his sword. They both can’t fulfill their purpose. Some of the companies are offering saws without a blade, and you have to spend some extra money to have a diamond coated blade.

Again, companies may offer you the saw with a normal blade which can’t cut the tile. Even if it can, it will leave scars on the tile. So, try to be smart and, without looking further, pick up one saw from our best tile saw list.


Q: What is the best tile saw?

A: We have listed some of the best tile cutting saw above on our review. Go through the entire review to find the best match for you.

Q: Do you need a wet saw to cut ceramic tile?

A: Actually, a wet saw will make your ceramic tile cutting task more manageable than the others.

 Q: What is rip cut tile?

A: Cutting sizes measured by the inches, and it is often called the rip size.

Q: Can you cut tile with a dry saw?

A: Most of the time thin tile, and ceramic tile is possible to cut by a dry operation.

Q: What is the difference between a rip cut and crosscut?

A: Cut goes across the grain is called cross cut, it is shorter than rip cut. On the other hand, cut goes along the grain are called rip cut.

Closing Word

It is normal to be choosey to pick up the right tool, but it is quite hard to pick up one best tool for your task. Our team of experts has done that job for you. They have picked up 5 best tile saws from the market to make your list even shorter. Before going on the store, check out our top tile saw reviews and a buying guide to get the best-wet saw.  

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