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Last weekend I was trying to install tiles for my wife’s kitchen. So, I needed to cut tiles to make an exact fit for the corners. I started cutting,but after making some cuts, the cutter was chipping away my tiles. I stopped working to find out which was responsible.

After searching for a while, I marked out the culprit; it was the blade. So, I had made a paused to my work to find the best tile saw blade for my cutter.

Then, the last couple of days I was busy researching the saw blade. A handyman from the community also helped me to find it out. Finally, I found the aftermarket blade I needed.

I think you folks may face the same problem any time. Without a proper guideline, you also may have problem to find the perfect blade. So, before facing odds, you can go along with my article to find some of the best tile cutter blades. I have done this review with my experience to help you out.

Then, let’s go quickly through 5 top tile cutting saw blades and their buying guide which may help you to find your best one.

Quick Summary: Best Tile Saw Blades

ImageProduct Name Blade SizeArborCheck Amazon
MK Diamond 1584347-inch0.625-inch
QEP 6-7003Q7-inch0.625-inch
GOYONDER Saw Blade7-inch0.88-inch
Rockwell RW92283 3/8-inch0.56-inch
DEWALT DW47254 ½-inch.875-inch

5 Best Tile Cutting Blade Reviews

To start the tile saw blade at first, I have MK Diamond 158434. If you have plenty of money to spend on a high-end product, you should go for it. 

Best Feature:

This is a premium quality wet blade and is excellent for cutting porcelain and hard vitreous tile. The ability to cut vitreous tile helps it to come above on our list as the high-end tile saw blade.

We all know that a thin rim is the key to cut tile without chipping. This 7-inch saw blade features an excellent thin kerf. So, every time it provides the cleanest and chip less tile cutting.

The MK Diamond 158434 features a continuous rim blade model. And the profile is best for the wet tile saw. The wet tile saw uses water for cooling,and with the help of water, it can provide a clean cut.

It is one of the best professional tile saws on the market. With this, the professionals can cut slate, granite, limestone, marble, quartz, blue stone and other materials easily.

From my research, I have come to know that a saw blade needs to rotate at a convenient speed to deliver a fine cut. And the MK diamond made model 158434 saw blade can rotate most 8730-rpm.

Moreover, the saw blade can improve its life expectancy by flushing out debris and dust from the cutting surface. Furthermore, you can easily use this blade with any traditional saw which has a 0.625-inch arbor diameter.

What We Like

  1. It can easily cut porcelain.
  2. Features an ultra-thin kerf.
  3. Provides smooth surface after cutting.

What We Dislike

  1. It is pricier than other saw blades on our list.

The second saw blade which is enlightening our tile saw blade review is the QEP 6-7003Q. It comes at under 50$ decent price range. If you are looking for a continuous rim style tile saw blade, you can have a look on this.

Best Feature:

QEP 6-7003Qis able to take care of any tile cutting, porcelain,and marble slicing job. And where other saw blades do that with nasty chipping, there it doesn’t.

To make it is easy to attach for most of the traditional tile cutting saw, engineers designed it with a 0.625-inch arbor size. For cutting various materials like marble, porcelain, and various type of tiles, it can run at raging 8730-rpm.

With a thin kerf size, the 7-inch tile cutting saw blade is able to cut deep in the tile. So, if you want to cut a thick piece of tile, the 6-7003Q can cut it smoothly without leaving a chipping mark on the material. Thus, you get the smooth surface after cutting it, like tile comes out from the factory.

As the producer makes it as a continuous rim blade, it is well suited with wet tile saw. Tile cutter saw uses water to cut material,so this unique design of the blade ensures its usability with wet saw and also confirms its long life.

What We Like

  1. It can cut materials with a minimum chipping.
  2. The blade is durable.
  3. Can make a smooth cut.

What We Dislike

  1. Some experts don’trecommend it for making a long cut.

Maybe you didn’t hear the name GOYONDER until now. It was also unfamiliar with me. But after a recommendation from my handyman mate I have reached this company made tile saw blade. If you are looking a tile cutting saw  blade under 25$, this can be the right choice for you.

Best Feature:

The feature makes us select it for our review is; it is a universal blade to use in any tile saw. So, whether you got a dry or wet tile saw, you are allowed to get this blade on any of them.

Unlike,other saw blades available on the market, the GOYONDER tile saw blade has an X-teeth style edge. And the unique design of the edge allows smooth,and fast cutting operation.

So, when you are in a hurry, just grab the blade,and it will deliver you the fast and accurate cut easily.Thanks to its turbo rim design. Because of the design, the saw is able to run at 12,000-rpm. So, it makes the cutting quartz, sandstone, ceramic tile, granite, and porcelain so easy.

This 7-inch diameter saw blade comes with a variation of 0.88-inch and 0.625-inch regular arbor. So, it lets you choose the blade size according to your saw machine. Have a hand tile cutter? No problem. You can grab a blade according to your machine arbor size.

Moreover, the saw blade features a thin kerf to reduce the chipping mark and eventually finish the cutting task with a smooth finish. I think, with all of the features it is overall best tile cutting saw blade and choose by the editor.

What We Like

  1. Can effectively cut tough material.
  2. Best for the money.
  3. Can make a deep cut.

What We Dislike

  1. It can be wrappedwhile taking care of the stone tile or even more sturdy material.

Rockwell is one of the Goliath to make best saws available today, and many of you have them. If you are looking for a tile saw blade for your favorite Rockwell tile saw you should definitely look to the Rockwell RW9228.

Best Feature:

This is one of the best saw blades under 20$ available on the market. The feature which helps it to make a position into our review is its capability. Unlike other blades, it is not only able to cut ceramic tiles, it also can take off the thick stone tile, backerboard and cement also.

For cutting some of the robust materials of the construction site engineers packed it as a #60 grit diamond blade. So, when it is time to adorn the robust material with a smooth cut, it won’t disappoint you.

Usually, the blade is specially designed for Rockwell Versacut saws,but if you have another saw featuring 0.56-inch arbor, you can attach it to that.

This 3 3/8-inch saw can endure maximum torque of 20,000 rpm. No other saws on our list are capable of tolerating that range. So, it is easy to assume that it has a longer life expectancy than the other you can have at the same price range.

The tiny size of this beast makes a perfect for using in hand tools. And this is the plus point to have this saw blade. However, I think it is also its drawback because with this small radius body it is inconvenient to make a deep cut.

What We Like

  1. The blade is sturdy.
  2. It is able to cut robust materials.
  3. Comes with a low price.

What We Dislike

  1. It is unable to make a deep cut.

DEWALT is a renowned brand for making some fantastic tools. And most of the time it is impossible to finish a tool discussion without this brand. I cannot also make myreview completewithout mentioning the DEWALT DW4725 tile cutting saw.

Best Feature:

The price. Yes, it makes us select this tile cutting saw blade into our list. Just around 10$ you cannot find another tile saw blade which is as good as DEWALT DW4725.

With a fraction of the bundle, it is offering some decent qualities which are enough to take care of your home-based tile cutting tasks.

Featuring a 4 1/2-inch blade can make a steady cut on most of the soft masonry materials. It has a thin kerf which helps to tolerate the bade a raging 13,300-rpm. The unique design of the blade helps to cut cleanly without throwing much dust and ensures 30X’s longer life than the traditional bonded abrasives.

So, with this blade, you will be tension free for the years for cutting masonry and tiles.

The versatile saw blade comes with two different arbores. 625-inch and .875-inch. So, it is easy to use in various types of tile cutters.

So, if you are a DIYer and want to play in your garage with your own cutter, you can purchase this saw blade.

What We Like

  1. Can tackle softer masonry materials easily.
  2. Comes with a cheap price range.
  3. Easy to use.

What We Dislike

  1. Faces hard time to tackle sturdy material.

How to Choose A Tile Saw Blade- Buying Guide

Before hitting on the market for purchasing the tile saw blade, you have to consider some of the facts. From my experience, those are crucial to pick up the right blade.


Size is hell of an important thing to consider before buying a saw blade. If you search on the market, you will find various bladesof different sizes. Generally, the size of a tile cutting saw blade can be seen from 3-inch to 10-inch. Bigger the size, bigger your cutting depth will be. So, choose the blade size according to your need.


Generally, a tile saw blade is made from the combination of diamond and other materials. But the proportion of the materials are not the same for the different blades from various companies. A poorly constructed blade may shatter during the operation,and anyone doesn’t want this type of situation. So, before purchasing one carefully look at the building quality of the blade.

Blade Type

There you can have three basic types of tile saw blade on the market according to their edge. According to their rim style, they are called Continuous Rim, segmented rim, and turbo rim. They all are expert to cut different types of specific materials. So, first be sure about your cutting habit and according to your habit pick any of them you want to.


Kerf is another important thing to look on. Smoothness of the kerf depends on the kerf size. If you have a thick kerf on the blade, it won’t perform a smooth continuous chip less cut. So, try to pick up the blade which has a thin kerf.


You can see a metal bar holding the blade with the saw machine. Usually, you have to feed the metal bar into the middle hole of the saw. And each saw has a specific size of that metal piece. So, you need just specific hole on the blade to fit tightly to the saw. Actually, the hole is named arbor size. Before purchasing the tile, cutting saw blade don’t forget to check that arbor size.


Q: Who makes the best tile cutting saw blade

A: Here are some of the best tile cutting saw blades available on the market today:

  • MK Diamond 158434
  • QEP 6-7003Q
  • GOYONDER Saw Blade
  • Rockwell RW9228
  • DEWALT DW4725

Q: It is possible to cut metal with the tile saw blade?

A: As it is made from the diamond, you can easily use it to cut metal.

Q: what are the materials tile cutting saw blade made from?

A: The main ingredient of the tile saw blade is diamond.

Q: What type of rims tile saw blades have?

A: Here you can find three type of rim on the tile cutting blade,and they are

  • Continuous rim.
  • Segmented rim.
  • Turbo rim.

Closing Word

I have finished the review. I think this ultimate guide to choosing the tile saw blade would be the last one you need. Just follow the buying guide and try to pick up the one from the list. I think this will be your best tile saw blade for the work. You can easily purchase your blade by clicking the link simply.

Try to stick with to find more tools related reviews.


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