Best Table Saw Taper Jig

Miter saws are masters to make miter cut. But when you need tapper cut on the workpiece, you won’t find another special tool like a table saw. 

However, to make a tapper with table saw, carpenters usually use tapper jig.

Today, we will review some of the top-class tapper jigs available on the market.

To find the desired taper jigs, we have gone deep down to the market. After, researching through the whole bunch of tapering jigs, we have settled down with five best of them.

Our findings will reduce your time to research on them again, and will help you to find you a top-class taper jig.

So, without further due let’s dive into Review Infinite presenting 5 best table saw tapper jig reviews in 2019.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Table Saw Taper Jig

ImageProduct Name WeightLengthCheck Amazon
Fulton Taper Jig2.15-pounds24-inch
MicroJig Tapering Jig3.4-pounds25-inch
Rockler Taper Jig6.7-pounds36-inch
POWERTEC 710351.7-pounds24.5-inch
Wood River Taper Jig1.82-pounds24-inch

5 Best Taper Jig for Table Saw Reviews

We got stuck to find the budgeted-tapper jigs. We were lost in the crowd of the same range products.

Finally, we have come out with an entry level taper jig named Fulton taper jig.

Fulton 1254 jig is made from aluminum, so it is undoubtedly a sturdy, and durable taper jig.

And, it comes in two parts. Actually, they are two sliding bars. One of them slides parallel to the rip fence. And other bar slides next to the saw along with the workpiece.

Fulton Taper Jigs
Best Budget

Moreover, you can be stress-free because two bars are attached with a hinge. And the hinge makes sure that the bars cannot come out.

You don’t have to be afraid about holding of the workpiece. Backside stops screwed down to the bar which is able to hold the workpiece tightly.

24-inch overall length of the Fulton 1254 table saw taper jig is pretty much convenient to handle almost every outstretched table leg. 3-inch taper per foot and up to 15-degrees tapper capacity allows users to execute various shapes.

So, if you are looking for a low-price taper jig which can serve the general purpose, you can go along with it.   


  1. Made from aluminum.
  2. Built-in adjustable scale.
  3. Stops in backside.
  4. Can be used in both left and right side.
  5. Overall length 24-inch.
  6. Can make 3-inch taper per foot.
  7. Maximum 15-degrees tapper capacity.


  1. Brand: Fulton
  2. Weight: 2.15
  3. Model: 1264
  4. Color: Gray + Black
  5. Material: Aluminum
  6. Dimension: 24.4x3x1.5-inches

What We Like

  1. It can be used with a rip fence.
  2. Metal-constructed body.
  3. You will be able to use either side.

What We Dislike

  1. Customers have an issue with the holding screw in some circumstances.
MicroJig Tapering Jigs
Best High-End

First thing first. If you have a narrow budget for the tapering jig, you can skip this product to the next one.

Now, we will talk about the “High-End” Micro Jig TJ-5000 which can easily make a big hole in your pocket by its price.

However, if you have enough money to cover the costing, it can be your ultimate saw taper jig for making the finest taper cuts easily.

The table saw tapering jig is made of high-quality plastic. Plastic is rustproof and has a long life expectancy than the other metal made jigs. And it is able to take more pressure than the aluminum. So, it will be handling your task with ease, without bending or losing shape.

TJ-5000 allows a limitless range of taper cuts between 0-degree to 10-degree and also has progressive 1/8-degree stops. That means it will help you to achieve most of the tiny angles and impressive taper cuts.

To make repeated taper cuts easy, it has two individual memory lock. By using those locks, you can quickly make same types of angel as many as you want. Unlike other jigs available on the market it can make taper cuts on the 8-side of the table leg. Thus, you can get elegant looking furniture so easily.  To get better performance and safety, you can use it with the GRR-RIPPER Advanced Model.


  1. Rise and run scale is perfect up to 1/16-inch per foot.
  2. Degree scale can make up to 1/8-degree accurate cut.
  3. Features two separate scales.
  4. Able to adjust taper between 0-10 degrees.
  5. Two individual memory lock.
  6. Can make 8-sided taper with the help of GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock.   


  1. Brand: MICRO JIG
  2. Weight: 3.4-pounds
  3. Model: TJ-5000
  4. Color: Yellow
  5. Material: Plastic
  6. Dimension: 25×8.2×3.5-inches

What We Like

  1. MemoryLocks make the work fast.
  2. Features two micro dials for ensuring precision.
  3. Also, can make up to 8-sided tapper with extension

What We Dislike

  1. Using the MICRO JIG TJ-5000 without GRR-Ripper is hard.

Rockler made tapering jig is one of the best jigs you can have for the lifetime. Its unique feature along with the convenient price made it the crown holder. In my opinion, it is the safest taper jig.

Rockler tapering jig comes with a 36-inch miter bar. Unlike other jigs on our list, it sits down to the miter slots to surf.

Rockler Taper Jigs
Editor’s Choice

Engineers of the Rockler put two dual tape measures to get exact references which also help to set the angle. Thus, you get the perfect taper cut for your table legs.

For holding down the workpiece tightly to the taper jigs, it has two hold-down clamps. It also features non-marring rubber caps. That caps along with clamps prevent the stock from drifting.

The main feature of this taper jig is; it can provide safety to make a straight cut.

Just zeroed out the taper angle and you are ready to get the safest rip cut with the Rockler table saw taper jig.


  1. 36-inch miter bar.
  2. Angle setting index mark.
  3. 1/2-inch thick MDF.
  4. Can fit to any standard miter slots measuring 3/8-inch x 3/4-inch.
  5. Large push handle.
  6. Two hold down clamps.


  1. Brand: Rockler
  2. Weight: 6.7-pounds
  3. Model: 1
  4. Color: Multi
  5. Material: Wood and Iron
  6. Dimension: 7.9 x 36.2 x 1.2 inches

What We Like

  1. It is the best deal for the price.
  2. Can cut straight also.
  3. Very sturdy.

What We Dislike

  1. It is a little bit heavier than the traditional taper jig.

If you are a fan of light-weight, the POWERTEC 71035 taper jig would be your best choice. From the market’s whole bunch of taper jigs, it is proven the lightest.

The light-weight 71035 jig has two aluminum bars which are attached by a hinge. To provide you a better tapping experience, engineers made it totally adjustable.

So, it is no problem what hand you use to do the work; always you will be comfortable. And you are allowed to change the handle position also.

POWERTEC 71035 also features graduated scale for getting an accurate measurement of degrees and inches. The measuring system allows users to get an exact measurement to get the desired taper.

Backside stop of the jig holds the wood in place to get excellent straight cut and also prevents kickback.

So, if you need a taper cut which is not achievable by the miter, you can definitely try this budget-friendly table saw taper jig.


  1. Fully adjustable aluminum guide bar.
  2. Features a graduated scale.
  3. Able to make accurate tapper up to 3-inch per foot.
  4. Backside stops.
  5. Overall length 24-inch.


  1. Brand:
  3. Weight: 1.7-pounds
  4. Model: 71035
  5. Color: Steel
  6. Material: Aluminum
  7. Dimension: 24.5×2.8×1.5-inches

What We Like

  1. Made with metal.
  2. Easy to set up with the fence.
  3. It is not too heavy to use.

What We Dislike

  1. Sometimes it is hard to use for some beginners.

Like other taper jigs on our list, you may find Wood River Taper jig effective also. The price and feature ration of it can blow your mind.

Let’s look on to its various features to get a clear idea.

WoodRiver 03R22W taper jig is made from customary sturdy aluminum. The aluminum made body makes it durable, and can also prevent rust.

Moreover, the metal makes it lighter than the steel made jigs. For its light weight, it is easy to control.

The slick design of the 03R22W jig comes with two handles attached by a hinge. And this hinge makes it easy to control and get the angels easily.

If you have a pack of workers, it is possible that they all don’t use the same hand for working. And it is hard to afford different tools for different handed people.

But WoodRiver gets a unique solution for that. As the solution, they have specially designed it for using the handle on the both side.

Like traditional jigs, it is able to make tapers up to 3-inch per foot. To provide you the most accurate measurement it comes with a measuring scale also.


  1. Made entirely from aluminum.
  2. Comes with 2-5/8-inch push handle.
  3. Can tapper up to 15-degrees.
  4. Allows 3-inch per foot tapper mark.
  5. Graduated scale.
  6. Compatible for both left and right side.


  1. Brand: WoodRiver
  2. Weight: 1.82-pounds
  3. Model: 03R22W
  4. Color: Steel
  5. Material: Aluminum
  6. Dimension: 24.3×2.9×1.4-inches

What We Like

  1. All metal body construction.
  2. Usable in both left and right side.
  3. Easy to use.

What We Dislike

  1. It is a little bit of slander.

Table Saw Tapper Jig Buying Guide

For having a poor knowledge on the tools, many of you ended up buying a cheap tool. And sometimes it indicates a total waste of money.

So, before purchasing a good quality table saw taper jigs from the market, you have to consider some important facts. We are listing down those facts for the beginners who have almost no knowledge on the taper jigs.


When it is the matter to buy a tool, you definitely have to check out its building quality and materials.

Research shows that the best table saw tapering jigs are made from plastic, wood or aluminum like lightweight materials.

Though steel is one of the robust elements to make the tool, in this situation, it is not desirable for its overweight characteristics.

From our list of top taper jigs, you can find some of the lightweights yet sturdy material made jigs. 

Ease of Use

Companies don’t follow the same trails, and they don’t make tools with same design. You can find various types of tapering jigs on the market.

Actually, the design varies from company to company. However, there you can find some companies with pretty much same design also. Because of their versatility, they are not the same to use easily.

So, choose your helping cutting tools by their ease of use, try to grab the comfortable one.


Many of the companies are just releasing their tools to get some money, but they are classy.

As the primary goal of your taper jig is to make a taper cut, it needs some precise measurement system on it. Without accurate measurement system, it can end up ruining your workpiece.

So, while you are getting a jig, make sure it is precise.


We all are not the same-handed. We use right or left hand to do our tasks. According to our habit, we feel comfortable to use one hand more than other, whether it can be left or right.

Some companies are releasing taper jigs which is preferable to use with just one hand.

However, you can also find some tapering jigs which are usable for both left and right sides.

In my opinion, pick that versatile table saw tapering jig. If you have a team of workers, Versatility will help them all to do their job by using only a jig.


Don’t forget to set your budget. All other facts will workout if your budget meets the price.

Suppose you have done all the research and set up your mind for grabbing one taper jig. If you don’t have a clear budget line, it is possible that you cannot make it work.

So, at first, fixed your budget and try to choose the budget-friendly taper which is reachable by your pocket.


Q:  Who makes the best tapper jig?

A: We have listed down some of the best tapper jigs right below as it is impossible to set just one name.

  • Fulton Taper Jig
  • Micro Jig Tapering Jig
  • Wood River Taper Jig
  • POWERTEC 71035
  • Big Horn 19066

To find some of the other top tools, please visit Review Infinite.”

Q: How can I attach the taper jig to a table saw?

A: There is no option to attach a taper jig to a table saw. Actually, the jig can be placed against the fence.   

Q: What is the standard tapper jig length?

A: Various companies make different size tapper jigs, but the standard size is 24-inch.

Q: Is it possible to make taper on the 4×4 table by using a taper jig?

A: It entirely depends on the table saw blade. If your saw blade is able to handle the 4×4, the taper jig will absolutely make the cut.

Q: What is the maximum angle can I make by using a tapper?

A: Generally, 0-15 degrees are the most common angles most of the tapper jig can handle.

Closing Word

In this article, we have tried to cover some of the best table saw taper jigs available on the market. If you want to grab one, you can take any of those without further looking. We have also put a buying guide to make your purchase most useful.

If you have any further query, write down us on the comment box. Alternatively, you can let us know which you would like to know about next.

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