I know many of you have various types of table saws. And it is possible you are struggling to use the saw without having a stand for it.

Our saw experts have hand-picked some of the best rated saw stands to reduce your pain.  Our analysis covers a versatile line of table saw stands to give you the best choices for picking up. To give you a clear idea they have made a review on them after comparing their different features and prices.

And we are confident that these table saw stand reviews will definitely clear your doubt to pick the right stand.

So, without further ado, let’s check our 5 best table saw stands in the below.

Quick Summary: Best Table Saw Stands

ImageProduct Name WeightBest Match WithCheck Amazon
Bosch GTA5006.7-poundsBosch GTS1031
Rousseau 278057-poundsDewalt DWE 7480, DW745, Bosch GTS1031, Skil SPT70WT-22, Makita 2703
DEWALT DWE7491131.5-poundsDWE7490X, DWE7491RS, DWE7499GD, DWE7480 and DW745
DEWALT DW7440RS43.2-poundsDEWALT DW745

Top 5 Table Saw Stand Reviews

Many of you have requested us to find a stand for Bosch 10 portable jobsite table saw GTS1031. We care about you, so we have found the exact match for your GTS1031 saw. After searching for a while, we have discovered that the Bosch made GTA500 folding stand can be the exact match.

GTA500 folding jobsite table saw stand is specially made to use with Bosch GTS1031. To hold the table saw upright it is entirely made from steel. So, you don’t have to be worried about the durability of this particular stand.

Bosch GTA500
Best Budget

Though GTA500 is made from steel, it is not that too much heavy. 14-pounds weighing stand is portable,and just a person can move it.

Unlike other table saw stands available on the market, Bosch folding stand is easy to mount. And you can easily do that without using further tools.

In deed, it is the perfect stand for Bosch GTS1031 table saw. 


  1. Constructed entirely from steel.
  2. GTA500 is just 14-pounds.
  3. Exclusively designed for Bosch GTS1031 table saw.
  4. You don’t need further tools to set this thing up.
  5. It takes almost no time to attach and detach.


  1. Brand: Bosch
  2. Weight: 14-pounds
  3. Model: GTA500
  4. Color: Silver
  5. Dimension: 23x5x22-inches

What We Like

  1. It is easy to carry.
  2. Takes no time to set up.
  3. Comes with ergonomically design.

What We Dislike

  1. Bosch GTA500 doesn’t come with wheels.
Rousseau 2780
Best High-End

Rousseau 2780 isn’t a universal table saw stand, but it can be fitted to some popular compact table saws like Bosch CTS1031, Dewalt DWE 7480, DW745, Makita 2703, Skil SPT70WT.

Just 57-pounds lightweight saw stand comes with various unique features. And definitely those properties help you to augment your cutting accuracy.

Thanks to its micro adjustment assembly that will help you to align your saw perfectly to the stand, and never compromise your precise cutting action.

2780 folding table saw stand has the ability to increase rip cut capacity up to 27-inches. Because unlike regular table saw stand it comes with an extension.

The stand also features 34-inch working height that is tall enough for average people. So, you don’t have to bend your back while you are working on it.

For ensuring long life, Producers made their Rousseau table saw stand (model 2780)from high-quality steel and also added powder coated finish. We think, the stand is very useful for the DIYers and as well as the professionals.


  1. Compatible with small portable saws like Bosch CTS1031, Dewalt DWE 7480, DW745, Makita 2703, Skil SPT70WT.
  2. Increases rip capacity at maximum 27-inch.
  3. Features a T-style locking fence.
  4. Can be fitted to the saw accurately.
  5. Provides 34-1/2-inch working height.


  1. Brand: Rousseau
  2. Weight: 57-pounds
  3. Model: 2780
  4. Color: Black
  5. Dimension: 50x29x5-inches

What We Like

  1. It is not hard to set up and set down.
  2. Rousseau 2780 table saw standis
  3. Easy to transport.

What We Dislike

  1. It doesn’t have wheels on it.

DEWALT has a leading role in the tool-making industry. They have introduced us with many of their fantastic tools.

So, it is common that many of you have DEWALT saws into your site and now you are demanding a stand for it.

Thus DEWALT doesn’t stop by making just the saws; it also has a versatile line of table saw stands for their saw also. 

Editor’s Choice

And now we are here with the DEWALT DWE74911 rolling table saw stand. The stand can be fitted to the various DEWALT saw models like DW745, DWE7490X, DWE7480, DWE7499GD, DWE7491RS and others.

This specially designed rolling stand minimizes the effort of transportation of it. And to do so there you can find rubber wheels under the frame.

These wheels enhance mobility. And that’s not it; you can easily use the DWE74911 stand as easy loading and unloading cart on the vehicle too.

Producers of the DEWALT were not committed to provide just features; they also kept an eye on the construction quality. This particular DEWALT table saw stand is made from robust steel to stand scratchless for a long time.

Then why are you struggling with your DEWALT saws? Go to the market and grab the DEWALT DWE74911 rolling saw stand for fabulous woodworkingexperience.


  1. DEWALT DWE74911 is compatible with versatile DEWALT saws.
  2. Rolling stand design helps to transport it easily.
  3. 5-pounds lightweight design enhanced mobility.
  4. To make the rolling stand durable, producers make it from the steel.
  5. You can use it for easy loading and unloading.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Weight: 31.5-pounds
  3. Model: DWE74911
  4. Color: Yellow + Black
  5. Dimension: 29.9×29.5×8.6-inches

What We Like

  1. Easy to set up and break down.
  2. Made from sturdy material.
  3. Can be used for easy loading and unloading.

What We Dislike

  1. It is not a universal table saw stand.

We want to narrow down our list, but we also want to present you multiple options to pick. So, we have another table saw stand which is compatible with a specific saw.

Skil is another titan on the tool making business, and for this segment of our saw stand reviews, we have selected the SKILSAW SPTA70WT-ST.

This particular portable table saw stand is specially made to use with SKILSAW SPTA70WT-01 10-inch portable table saw featuring worm drive.

Though the stand doesn’t come with wheels, it is easy to transport. The slick designed stand is just 14-pounds which makes it one of the lightest stands on the market.

Tool-less latches and folding design is put there to make setup and transportation easy. And you can also easily set the level of this particular stand easily.

Like other best tool companies, Skil also didn’t compromise the features of Skilsaw worm drive table saw stand (model SPTA70WT-ST). And that’s why the producers of Skil made this durable stand entirely from steel.

So, if you are looking for a stand for your worm drive table saw, we are recommending you to pick up the SPTA70WT-ST stand.


  1. Specially designed for the SPTA70WT-01 table saw.
  2. Features folding design for fast and easy setup.
  3. Allows leveling adjustment.
  4. Made entirely from steel.
  5. 14-pounds weight makes this slick saw stand portable.


  1. Brand: Skil
  2. Weight: 14-pounds
  3. Model: SPTA70WT-ST
  4. Color: Steel
  5. Dimension: 25x4x23.9-inches

What We Like

  1. SPTA70WT-ST comes with folding
  2. The saw stand let set the level.
  3. Features a slim and slick design.

What We Dislike

  1. Doesn’t come with even a single wheel.
  2. It isn’t compatible with other saws.

DEWALT is the boss to deliver some best tools on the market.And it is not so surprising that we have two DEWALT table saw stands in our review.

At last, before wrapping up the review, we are here with DEWALT DW7440RS rolling saw stand to give an overview to you.

DW7440RS is a lightweight rolling saw stand which can be useful to carry your table saw with ease. At just 33-pounds it is not so hard to move this stand from site to site.

Though DEWALT made this as a slick stand, surprisingly it can carry up to 200-pounds.

You can easily fold the sturdy legs of the DW7440RS, and then it can be kept in a tiny place. Moreover, the special design of DEWALT rolling stand allows two wheels which help users to move it around easily.

And those are not the all for this unique table saw stand.

DEWALT has also managed to attach a sliding handle on to the stand. When users want to move it along with a saw, the sliding handle let them do it easily. And the handle with grip can be used for resting the whole saw stand with a saw.

So, if you are looking for a special aluminum made table saw stand you should go with the DEWALT DW7440RS rolling table saw stand.


  1. Made from heavy-duty aluminum alloy.
  2. Can handle up to 200-pounds load.
  3. To emphasize material control, it features a wide stand base.
  4. The height of the saw stand is perfect for doing versatile woodworking task.
  5. Rugged wheels can handle almost every kind of surfaces for smooth riding.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Weight: 43.2-pounds
  3. Model: DW7440RS
  4. Color: Yellow + Black + Silver
  5. Dimension: 9x20x34-inches

What We Like

  1. The DEWALT DW7440RS is sturdy and lightweight.
  2. It is stable on any surface.
  3. It can take a significant amount of weight.

What We Dislike

  1. You can not fit all kinds of table saw on this particular saw stand.

Table Saw Stand Buying Guide

Sometimes a table saw need stand with it to get your job done properly.The stand holds saw upright with farm grip. And the stand also prevents shaky situation by reducing vibration.

To get all these benefits, you need the best saw stand from the market. For picking up a top-quality saw stand, you may need some leads.

So, here we are presenting a buying guide to pick up a top-class table saw stand. Go thoroughly to the buyer’s guide to pick up the best table stand for your saw.

Type of Material

All of the construction materials are not good enough for making tools. Nowadays the market is holding so many materials made stand for table saw. Some of them are clumsy, and it is possible that they don’t have the ability to keep your saw upright.

Researchers found that some saw stands easily get rust over the time. And we are not recommending those cheap stands.

Experts have found that aluminum and steel are two sturdy materials which can be used to get a high-quality table saw stand. They are able to hold the enormous pressure


Portability is one of the key features during  getting a tool. And a portable device can be found helpful for them who used to work in the changeable workplace.

The tool with mobility feature is easy to carry from job site to site. Even a portable saw stand with wheel is helpful also.

Lightweight is the key to be a portable machine.

So, when you are thinking to buy a stand for table saw, try to get a light one. The lightweight stand will help you to move it easily, and a wheel attached stand may help you to move it with a saw also.


Height is also important like other features in our list.

All the stand’s height is not same, and we featured stands with different height also. Because the difference between our height define what is the height we need in our tools to operate it easily. 

So, during working, as our own versatile height, we also need versatile heights of the working space.

An excess tall stand cannot be reached easily by a short man. On the other hand, working with a short stand for a long time can be fatal for your back.

So, pick up the stand which is suitable for your height. You can find some futuristic table saw stands with height adjustment capability.


We all want some bonus because it makes us happy.

Some carpenters have various model of saws, and some of you may have just one. Some table saw stand is meant to use with just a particular saw.

Again, you can find some of the table saw stands which is compatible with the various model of saws.

If you want to use a stand with different types of saws, then you should pick up the versatile one. On the above, we have listed different types of saw stand which can be helpful to pick up a particular stand for your saw.

Weight Capacity

Man, or machine everybody has its limit, and they cannot take more than that. As like man and machine, the saw stand also has a particular limit to carry.

There you can find different table saws featuring different weight. And you cannot place them on the same stand.

So, before buying a stand, you should know the weighing capacity of it. If you end up buying a stand with less capacity, it is possible that it will collapse with your pricey saw.

And I will recommend yo to not to take the risk. Just know your saw weight and definitely buy the stand which can take up that much weight of your saw machine.


Q: What is the best table saw stand?

A: Here, we have listed down some of the best tablesaw stands below

  • Bosch GTA500
  • Rousseau 2780
  • DEWALT DWE74911

To know more best tools available on the market, please visit Review Infinite.

Q: What is universal saw stand?

A:  The stand which can accommodate most of the saw is known as a universal saw stand.

Q: Is it possible to extend the table saw stand?

A: Different companies are offering extensions to their stand to accommodate bigger workpiece than the others.

Q: What is a portable table saw stand?

A: A convenient stand which is easy to move around is known as a portable saw stand.

Q: Is it okay to choose an unknown brand?

A: Try to buy a stand from the reliable brand which is popular on the market.

Closing Word

 We are at the end of our review,and we have also ended up putting the buying guide of saw stand.

Review Infinity thinks that information will help you to pick up a top-quality stand for your saw. Try to go with one of those 5 best table saw stands because we guarantee, you will find a few stands that can be trustworthy.

So, don’t waste your time by searching more. Definitely one of those top saw stands would change the definition of the stand you know till then

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