Safety features are the main concern when you buy a table saw. Companies like DEWALT, SKIL, GRIZZLY,and others are attaching various features with their table saws.

However, sometimes these features are not enough to save your pinky from cutting down. So, often you need a push block for table saw to feed it.

Our team of experts has spent a whole lot of time to find you some of the safety push blocks. They have narrowed down five of them below and have thrown a review for each of them.

And from those reviews, you can find your desired blocks to push the workpiece towards your saw.

So, let’s see which push blocks are the best in 2020.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Table Saw Push Block

ImageProduct Name MaterialPaddingCheck Amazon
POWERTEC 71009 Hard PlasticRubber
Gripper(TM) 200 Hard PlasticRubber
GRR RIPPER 3D Hard PlasticRubber
MLCS 9167 Hard PlasticRubber
GRR-RIP BLOCK Hard PlasticRubber

Top 5 Table Saw Push Block Reviews

At first, we wanted to find you the best-budgeted push blocks on the market has today.

When we were researching the market, at first our eyes have stuck on the push block named POWERTEC 71009 safety push block. The tool didn’t catch us with its vibrant orange color. Rather attracted us with the price tag along with the features it had.

POWERTEC 71009 Safety Push Block
Best Budget

The POWERTEC is offering the set of five safety equipment in just a narrow price range. The collection is including a long push block, a push stick, a safe “V” stick,and two short push blocks. These sticks are made from the high-class plastic, which makes the blocks sturdy and durable.

The eye-catching things in this particular push block is that; it comes with a rubber padding. The rubber padding of the model -71009 safety table saw push block can hold the wood tightly. For your safe feeding and comfortable grip, the push block also comes with a specially designed handle.

However, the POWERTEC 71009 safety push block doesn’t provide any advanced level gripping like the Gripper(TM) 200.

So, if you are good to go with the entry level table saw push block; this is the one you can find best on the market.


  1. The POWERTEC push block ensures your safety.
  2. It forbids any kinds of kickback during the operation.
  3. Special pads on the POWERTEC 71009 made from rubber which lets you guide the workpiece by holding down it.
  4. You can also guide the workpiece through the blades or the cutter head with the help of this particular push block.
  5. The ergonomic handle on the POWERTEC push block provides safety along with the comfort.


  1. Brand: POWERTEC
  2. Weight: 1.96-pounds
  3. Model: 71009
  4. Color: Orange
  5. Dimension: 16x7x3-inches

What We Like

  1. It has a rubber pad to hold down the workpiece tightly.
  2. The POWERTEC push block has a specially designed handle.
  3. You can use this push block with various machines like a table saw, sharpers, jointers, routers and so on.

What We Dislike

  1. For some specificmetal, its grip could be very loose.
GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Pushblock
Best High-End

Attention! Whom you don’t need a pricy push block you can see other products on this list.

However, remember one thing. Basically, the high-end product comes with a decent amount of cost.

For the high-end category of our list, we have selected Gripper ™ 200 advanced system push block. Though the safety block costs high, it has some handy features that are unique from the others we have on our list.

The main attraction of this safety push block is the versatility. You can easily use this tool with various kind of saws, jointers, routers, and other machines. The blocks get its versatile manner from the adjustable space, and the stabilizing plate.

Like other push blocks on our reviews, it has a rubber padding that allows it to grip the wood. The block can grasp it from the various angles.

Then why are you getting late? If you have money to enjoy the safest cutting experience, then get a Gripper(TM) 200 Advanced System push block soon.


  1. The furrowed pads on the Gripper (TM) 200 provides q good quality holding power.
  2. The Gripper (TM) 200 push block comes with multiple detachable parts to support the holdings.
  3. You can easily adjust the components for supporting the functionality of the block.
  4. You can set the handle and leg of the MICRO JIG model push block for using in various angles.
  5. You can choose any side of the workpiece to hold with the block, that means it allows you to cut any side of your workpiece.


  1. Brand: MICRO JIG
  2. Weight: 2.92-pounds
  3. Model: 19972-19973
  4. Color: Yellow+Green
  5. Dimension: 11×6.8×4-inches

What We Like

  1. You can easily adjust the components for a firm
  2. This is versatile.
  3. The push block allows you to hold and cut down the workpiece

What We Dislike

  1. The engineers behind the Gripper (TM) 200 push block needs a hook.

If you are looking for a push block for woodworking and also for other metals then you should get an idea of the GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock. This is the block we have chosen as “Editor’s Pick.” We have selected this in this particular segment because of its price with fantastic features.

GRR RIPPER 3D Pushblock
Editor’s Choice

You can adjust the entire push block, and this will make the push block versatile. Versatility is the key feature if this GRR RIPPER 3D Pushblock. And that’s not all for this block; you can easily use this to the various metal along with the woods.

This mid-range push block for the table saw has a good quality gripping system to hold the workpiece tightly. And for this tight gripping the push block is able to prevent kickback.

Well, if you want a push block to feed the metal to your saws, jointers, and routers, then the GRR-RIPPER would be your best choice. We think no other tool you won’t find which can match this 3D push block.


  1. The GRR-Ripper 3D push block has a moveable guard for the blade, which allows the carpenter to make a 1/4-inch rip cut.
  2. You don’t have to worry about the kickback when you got this particular push block on the hand.
  3. To give you ultimate control over your workpiece this particular push block has three directional force.
  4. You can adjust this versatile push block to use with different kinds of material made workpieces.
  5. It is easy to use this particular push blocks with different kinds of saws, jointers, routers and with many more machines.


  1. Brand: MICRO JIG
  2. Weight: 2.24-ounces
  3. Model: GR-100
  4. Color: Yellow
  5. Dimension:7×4.5×4.5-inches

What We Like

  1. It throws three-directional fore to get overall control.
  2. The GRR-Ripper 3D push block is compatible with various work materials.
  3. It comes with a firm grip.

What We Dislike

  1. Sometimes it could be hard to set the device.

Waiting for the bonus? Here are the other two push blocks which could be an alternative for your saw blocks. We have selected these two as important as the others on our list.

MLCS have established its name on the best woodworking push blocks making the company. They are dominating the market with their 9167 models.

MLCS 9167 safety push block has entered our list with its futuristic features and the price ratio. You can’t get so many push blocks within this price range which have these many features and this small price range.

This could be the alternative of our entry-level push block POWERTEC 71009. Like the POWERTEC, this particular safety push block has a rubber padding to provide more gripping.

As like the most of the blocks of our list, it is also a versatile table saw push block which can be fitted to others machine also.

If you think about the price, the MLCS will cost you a few more than the POWERTEC although the MLCS has a sturdier body. As well the previous you will find a set of five-piece with the MLCS 9167 Safety Push Block.


  1. The five pieces of a set of the MLCS 9167 safety blocks makes it versatile.
  2. The MLCS 9167 ensures your safe run with the workpiece towards the blade of the table saw.
  3. The unique design of the push block makes it easy to feed the saw and the holding down at the same time.
  4. You can get a steady grip because the MLCS has a rubber pad as a grip.
  5. Heavy duty plastic body of the MLCS push block makes it durable, and strong.


  1. Brand: MLCS
  2. Weight: 2.15-pounds
  3. Model: 9167
  4. Color: Orange
  5. Dimension: 16.2×7.2×3.1-inches

What We Like

  1. It is durable.
  2. The MLCS push block is versatile.
  3. You can protect your hand very well with this push block.

What We Dislike

  1. The push stick is fragile.

We know everybody looks some excellent tools with the meager price, for them, we have selected the GRR-RIP BLOCK smart hook. This push block does not just have an unique name; it also has some advanced features.

The rip block smart hook push block is compatible with various machines. The tool has a rubber grip to hold the wood for feeding into the saw blade.

This smart hook push block can use its hook whenever it needs to attach the wood. Otherwise the tool turn offs the hook on to the up. You can easily control this push block to handle the workpiece.

Moreover, this specific model of the push block has an ergonomic handle for secure holding and comfortably moving it.

If you need just a single push block without the pack of push stick, you can get this as an alternative to your pricy GRR RIPPER 3D or the Gripper(TM) 200.


  1. You can easily use this push blocks with the table saw, band saw, jointers, routers,and other machines.
  2. When you don’t need the hook of the GRR-RIP BLOCK push block, it locks to the up position.
  3. You can easily use the push block horizontally or the vertically with the saw blade position to hold the workpiece.
  4. Gravity heels hold the tail end of the wood and mechanically reacts to the middle.
  5. For a comfortable holding, it has an ergonomically designed handle.


  1. Brand: MICRO JIG
  2. Weight: 2.24-ounces
  3. Model: GB-1
  4. Color: Yellow
  5. Dimension: 9×3.5×3.5-inches

What We Like

  1. You can set the GRR-RIP BLOCK both horizontally and vertically.
  2. It is easy to use the device after you set this with the wood.
  3. This particular push block comes with a connector.

What We Dislike

  1. Setting the device isn’t easy.

Push Block for Table Saw Buying Guide

When it comes picking up the push block for table saw, you should keep in mind some of the facts like features, quality, price,and other essential things. Without considering this on the brain, it is possible you will make goblet in the crowd of those various companies made blocks.

So, here we have put down some of the facts you should consider during purchasing the push block for the table saw.


If you are a professional woodworker, you might have seen different kinds of the table saw push blocks.

Generally, you can find two types of push blocks out there. One is made from the wood, and the other is made from the plastic.

Push blocks purpose is to save your hand during the feeding to the saw. If you carefully examined some of the blocks on the market, it will be clear to you that markets are holding some cheap material made push blocks. These cheaply constructed saw pushblocks are fragile, and it can break during the operation. 

And like everyone, you don’t want a cheap quality push stick.

So, avoid taking those cheaply built blocks. We are recommending you to purchase one form our list above


Compatibility is one of the essential facts to see during the purchasing.

And when you look for a push block on the market, you might encounter some of the blocks which are just compatible with particular machines or saw.

However, you can find some versatile push blocks which can be used with different types of saw. We have listed down some of the versatile table saw push blocks on the top, you can check those out.


Ah huh features, this amuses me most.

When you want to buy a product from the market, you keep looking for the most futuristic products. And it is so true for any woodworking tools.

If you go for purchasing the push blocks, you might find some push blocks with basic features. On the other hand, some of the push blocks have extra features which don’t only serve the purpose, but also give some additional benefit.

The blocks we have listed are some of the advanced on the market. And they are worth looking.


Design is important just like the other facts on our list. Some of the companies are offering the rubber pad under the blocks which provide firm gripping.

So, you can grab those modern push blocks to prevent the slipping of the workpiece.

Well, don’t forget to look at the design of the handle. Go with the ergonomically designed handle which fits on your hand most.


Finally, you have to keep in mind your budget. Before, buying anything, you must set your budget.

Well, try not to exceed your budget. We have put some of the various ranges of best-budget push blocks available on the market. Pick up the budget-friendly push block for the table saw.


Q: Is it essential to remove the blade guard to use the push block?

A: Yes, to use the push block you have to remove the guard from the blade.

Q: Does the grab block come with the push block?

A:  It depends on the company and the model. The specific company offers you the block pack, with that special pack you can get the grab block along with the push block.

Q: Is it possible to replace the rubber pad of the push block?

A: After using a whole lot of time the rubber pad will be worn out, but don’t worry you can easily change this.

Q: Do the companies provide a user manual with the push blocks?

A: Most of the companies out there provides a user manual with the push blocks.

Q: What are the materials they use for making the push blocks?

A: Generally, you can find two types of materials made push blocks one is wooden,and the others are made from the plastic with rubber padding.

Closing Word

Push block or push stick might look simple, but it is very effective to keep your hand safe from cutting. And above, we have listed 5 best push block to use with table saw.


In our opinion , those are the best you can get on the market. But as everybody has his own preferance, you can have too.


If you think we have missed one which can be placed in our list, make a comment in the comment section.


And if you want to know about some other product, please visit Review Infinite.

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