Saws are the essential tools to carpenters for cutting their workpiece, and they spend a lot of money on them to find the best one.

However, sometimes, the woodworkers cannot find the most convenient cut, even using those high-end saws. And that’s why our saw experts think that a table saw need an excellent quality miter gauge to mark the most confident cut on to their wood.

Today, Review Infinite is here with 5 top rated miter gauges for table saws. And as always we are providing you the most reliable review  based on our experiences.

We have searched the market and picked up best of the best miter gauges to review.

So, without further due let’s check out 5 best table saw miter gauge reviews in 2020 based on their features and prices.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Table Saw Miter Gauges

ImageProduct Name WeightMaterialCheck Amazon
DELTA Deluxe Miter Gauge3.4-poundsSteel
INCRA Miter1000/HD7.96-poundsSteel
Kreg KMS71026.17-poundsAluminum and Steel
Woodstock D31239.92-poundsChrome Steel
INCRA MiterV1202.35-poundsSteel

5 Best Table Saw Miter Gauge Reviews

During our searching for a best budget miter gauge, we got touch to the Delta 34-929 Deluxe miter gauge. And this is one of the best budget gauges we have encountered.

DELTA is offering some fantastic features with a small amount of money.

Deluxe is made to use for professional carpenters.

Wait! Hold on a second. it is not saying me, actually, they are saying so.

Though they are claiming 34-929 miter gauge as a professional tool, we ain’t think the same way. Rather we have found other miter gauges to hold that title.

Best Budget

DELTA made their Deluxe 34-929 miter gauge to fit in table saws holding 3/8-inch x 3/4-inch miter grooves.

This particular DELTA miter gauge has a steel made body featuring popular miter stops. The oversized grip on gauge helps users to control it easily. And you will get the gauge level right every time because of its T-slot washer.  


  1. Helps to make repetitive cut
  2. Features positive dents to the left and right at 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 degrees.
  3. You can easily attach the gauge to table saws, band saws, shapers and other machines that have 3/8-inch x 3/4-inch miter slot.
  4. Pre-drilled faceplate helps to mountain large wood faces.
  5. Rubber grip on the handle provides a firm grip.


  1. Brand: Delta
  2. Weight: 3.4-pounds
  3. Model: 34-929
  4. Color: Black
  5. Dimension: 20.7×7.8×2.9-inches

What We Like

  1. Delta Deluxe is easy to use.
  2. Comes with an ergonomic design.
  3. It is one of the best value miter gauges.

What We Dislike

  1. Sometimes it can be hard to fit the gauge with various tables.
Best High-End

When you get your hands on the INCRA 1000/HD miter gauge, immediately you will say that it is not the traditional one.

Actually, it is one of the cool looking table saw miter gauges you can find on the market.

The 1000/HD is not only fascinating device to use, but also featuring some of the fantastic features. It is the first professional miter gauge we have on our list.

INCRA gold colored miter gauge has 180 individual stops. You will be able to stop at precisely 1-degree.

So, it will allow you to cut at the exact angle by one-degree increment.

Adjusted steel Vernier Scale allows impressively 1/10-inch adjustment. INCRA high-definition miter gauge is compatible with 3/4-inch x 3/8-inch miter slot. You can easily use this miter gauge with the 15/16-inch T-miter slot also.

Convenient length stop allows you to make repeat cuts. The stops of the gauge also feature micro -adjustment to provide you the most effective cutting experience with your table saw.

This particular high-quality miter gauge is pricier than the others we have on our list, and it can easily make a hole on to your pocket.

So, before buying the table saw miter gauge check out the compatibility.


  1. The gauge comes with 180-angle lock.
  2. Features 1-degree step spacing.
  3. Can stop especially on the ±22-1/2-Degree.
  4. The INCRA is constructed from heavy-duty metal.
  5. 1/10th-degree Vernier cursor ensures to get maximum precision.


  1. Brand: INCRA
  2. Weight: 7.96-pounds
  3. Model: MITER 1000/HD
  4. Color: Copper
  5. Dimension: 21×7.8×3.6-inches

What We Like

  1. The miter gauge is constructed by the sturdy materials..
  2. Comes with an exceptional design.
  3. Pretty handy to get various miter angels.

What We Dislike

  1. It could be difficult for a newbie to handle the INCRA MITER 1000/HD.

Our experts have years of experience of working with the saw and saw related tools. With the experience of their own, they have elected Kreg KMS7102 table saw precision miter gauge system in “Editor’s Choice” Segment.

It is one of the best value miter gauges we have found on the market. The Kreg features some astronomical features with a decent price range, and there has no other gauge in the market which can defeat it.

All aluminum constructed KMS7102 table saw mitre gauge is very precise to provide accurate miter and repeated cut. It has the ability to cut o.003 of 6-inches.

Editor’s Choice

Vernier scale of the KMS7102 gauge allows you to set the angle to the exact 1/10-of a degree. And there has a long aluminum bar to hold the gauge tightly to the table. Unlike regular gauge the, Kreg made model KMS7102 features micro adjuster to set the angel to 1/100th of a degree.

This particular gauge also features some positive stops like 0, 10, 22-1/2, 30, and 45 degrees.

After getting hands on the Kreg, like us you will also say that this is the tool you were looking for a while.

In short, KMS7102 is a great professional miter gauge which can be proven the most amazing handy tools for your woodworking task.


  1. Offering positive stops at 0, 10, 22-1/2, 30, and 45 degrees.
  2. Vernier scale let you adjust up to 1/10th of a degree.
  3. Aluminum fence allows an accurate and repeatable cut.
  4. Micro adjustment allows you to set the angel at 1/100th of a degree.
  5. 24×3/8×3/4-inch aluminum bar helps to sit tight the Kreg miter gauge in the slot.


  1. Brand: Kreg
  2. Weight: 6.17-pounds
  3. Model: KMS7102
  4. Color: Blue
  5. Dimension:


What We Like

  1. It is easy to use.
  2. Made entirely from aluminum.
  3. Attached Vernier allows easy angle adjustment.

What We Dislike

  1. Few of the users have problem with the screw.

Woodstock D3123 is one of the most robust miter gauges you can have on the market. This mid-budget range table saw miter gauge is made from only two parts, miter bar, and a miter gauge head.

The heavy-duty D3123 miter gauge has a protractor featuring 120-degree marking on it. It allows you to measure the angel up to 60-degrees to the left and right.

For easy controlling it has a 5-inch chromed handle. It also provides comfort during performing with it.

18.5-inch miter bar lets users fit it in almost every table saw. To control large workpiece, the Woodstock made model D3123 miter gauge has 8 x 2-3/8-inch miter fence.  

Designers of the Woodstock designed the D3123 specially so that it can be used in most of the table saws which have regular and T-slots.


  1. Made from cast iron.
  2. Featuring a 5-inch tall chromium-plated handle.
  3. Scale allows users to cut up to 60-degree at left and right.
  4. The Woodstock is compatible with both T and regular slots.
  5. Comes with 2-3/8-inch x 8-inch miter face.


  1. Brand: Woodstock
  2. Weight: 9.92-pounds
  3. Model: D3123
  4. Color: Black
  5. Dimension: 18.5x9x3-inches

What We Like

  1. It is easy to set up.
  2. You can easily use the Woodstock D3123 miter gauge with most of the table saw.
  3. The repeated cut is easy to make using D3123.

What We Dislike

  1. More than 30-inch long workpiece is hard to handle.

If you are looking for a gauge under 100$, then INCRA MiterV120 miter gauge can be your right choice. INCRA has a reputation for making precise gauge in the market.

The MiterV120 gauge is small looking, but don’t go with its look. This tiny gadget is handy to make repeated angel cut. There have a few top-quality tools on the market which are accurate cut like INCRA.

Like the other INCRA gauge in our list, MiterV120 is not so much advanced. Well! Exactly that thing makes the difference in their price range.

In spite of being cheap miter gauge, it doesn’t compromise the quality.  

The MiterV120 table saw gauge features 120 stops which help the users to make miter cut so easy. High-quality steel constructed body of this particular gauge ensures its durability.

It also features stopping at 22.5 degrees for making frames. GlideLock of the miter bar expansion disk of the gauge helps to fit it perfectly to the saw.


  1. Made from high-end steel.
  2. Features maximum 120 miter stops.
  3. Has 1-degree spacing to stop.
  4. Glide lock miter bar expansion disk is there to help it to fit perfectly to the table top.
  5. Removable retaining clip attached for miter channels.


  1. Brand: INCRA
  2. Weight: 2.35-pounds
  3. Model: MITERV120
  4. Color: Silver + Yellow
  5. Dimension: 17.3×4.2×2.2-inches

What We Like

  1. All steel constructed body makes it sturdy.
  2. INCRA MITERV120 table saw gauge is easy to use.
  3. Great deal for the price.

What We Dislike

  1. This particular miter gauge is heavier than the others aluminum constructed table saw gauge.

Table Saw Miter Gauge Buyer’s Guide

One of my carpenter friends brought a saw miter gauge. He was a newbie, and he did not have a clear idea about the tool.

So, he ended up buying an unconventional gauge for his table saw. Like other giant tools, this tiny looking saw gadget name miter gauge also need a guide to make your purchase more effective.

Below we are listing down some of the facts you should keep in mind during purchasing a table saw miter gauge.


Compatibility should get first priority while purchasing a miter gauge.

For your versatile work, it is possible to have various saws in your workshop. You may want to use miter gauge on them to get precise cut.

However, every gauge on the market isn’t compatible with all the saws. So, when you want to buy a miter gauge for table saw, make sure that miter gauge can be fitted to your saw table top.

And I will recommend you to take the universal miter gauge for your table saw.


Various miter gauges are offering different capacity.

Every time of your working, you don’t need the exact same angle. Sometimes, you need a various angel to make your final work unique.

The market has versatile mite gauge to offer you with various angel and different stops. Try to grab the gauge which has a versatile angel option and can stop at multiple positions.

Built Material

To cut the production cost, and to get more revenue from the product, the companies often make their gauge from cheap materials.

And those cheap materials made gauges are clumsy, and over the time it will definitely lose its shape.

Even some cheap gauges cannot hold its shape just after using once.

Our saw experts have learned that aluminum or steel miter gauge is perfect for the table saw. They have suggested to pick up the high-end material made gauge for the table saw.


Miter gauges available on the market are not the same, and they don’t work the same way. Different gauges have a different model, and they work in a various way.

Some of the miter gauges are time hungry to set up and calibrate.

Though those top-rated table saw miter gauges are accurate, they can make your construction project lengthy. Beside some best gauge companies designed miter gauge as simple as possible and they are easy to use.

So, before purchasing the gauge, check out also their working mechanism.

Price and Features

To satisfy the customers, sometimes companies offer versatile features with their tools. And there you will find the same scenario for the table saw mitre gauge also.

Features make the price of a device, and excess futuristic gauges cover high cost. Some of the companies out there have some fancy features on their miter gauge, it is possible that you don’t need those all features with your gauge.

So, get an idea of your work and need to get the most budget-friendly table saw miter gauge.


Q: What is a miter gauge?

A: The device used for holding wood at a preset angle to help cut on saws or sanders is called miter gauge.

Q: What is table saw miter gauge made of?

A:  Generally, you may find various material made gauge out there like wooden, steel made, aluminum or other materials also.

Q: Who makes the best miter gauge for the saw?

A: There have some renowned companies out there who produce top-quality saw miter gauge. In our review, we have listed down some of the best miter gauges. Check out them to find a suitable one.

Q: Can I use a table saw miter gauge to another saw?

A: Technically, the answer is yes and no. Some miter gauges are compatible with various saws, and some of them are not.

Closing Word

A table saw may have or not a miter gauge on it, but a miter gauge is a handy tool to get a precise angle cut.

So, if you are missing the gauge with your saw, grab it as soon as possible.

In this review, we have put together a 5 pack of the best table saw miter gauges to make your purchase easier. Our saw experts have also included a buying guide to grab the saw gauge easy for you.

So, go through the review to grab the best gauge for your home and professional use.

Please visit the Review Infinite for more tools and home appliances reviews.

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