Do you think that only having a saw is enough to cut the wood? I don’t think so. Only having the saw will solve just half of your problem. Then, what do you need to cut the wood properly? The answer is way more straightforward. You need a good quality blade with the saw to cut the wood piece.

Today, we are here with 5 best table saw blade reviews. These blades in the reviews have been selected through the researches of our experts. They have combed the whole market to present the best saw blades in front of you.

Below we have listed them in five categories so that you can get them quickly. Well, enough of bluffing, let’s get into those best saw blade for table saw reviews to find the best suit for your saw.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Table Saw Blades

ImageProduct Name SizeKerfCheck Amazon
Irwin Circular Saw Blades 10-inch0.09-inch
Forrest WW1040712510-inch.125-inch
Diablo 40 Tooth Blade10-inch0.98-inch
Diablo Saw Blade 10 inch10-inch0.98-inch
Concord Blades10-inch2.6mm

5 Best Table Saw Blade Reviews

If you go to your grandfather for asking about the Irwin tools company, they will definitely start their words by saying that it was one of the best tools making corporation from their early age. Irwin isn’t just an old company; it also manages to hold its glory by making some of the insane tools by far. 

Irwin Circular Saw Blades
Best Budget

For our best budget saw blade, we have selected none other than the Irwin Circular Saw Blade. This is one of the best entry-level wood cutting blades. This sharp blade is not only able to cut the wood, but this can also cut plastic, plywood or other synthetic material.

For cutting such materials it the Irwin uses its 180 sharp teeth. Some of you may have confused that it can be cracked during cutting or lose its teeth, but we will assure that this steel-alloy made will take hard challenges and will stay sharp.

The main feature of this blade is its kerf. The blade is featuring 0.09-inch kerf which is not more than the Diablo blade.

This Budget friendly saw blade can be the true friend of your saw. So, if you have a tight budget for purchasing the saw blade or you want just to use your saw to cut regular wood, then this Irwin saw blade might be your best choice.


  1. The blade has firmly settled circular teeth for providing the smooth cutting experience.
  2. You will find exactly a hundred and eighty top-faced grinds in the blade.
  3. High-quality carbon-steel constructed blade assures the durability.
  4. The diameter of the blade is 10-inch to fit all of the ten-inch table saws.
  5. This particular saw blade has 0.9-inch kerf and 5/8-inch arbor.


  1. Brand: Irwin Tools
  2. Weight: 1.7-pounds
  3. Model: 11870
  4. Color: Steel
  5. Material: Steel Alloy
  6. Size: 10-inches
  7. Dimension: 12×11.4×0.1-inches

What We Like

  1. The Irwin Tools made saw blade is hefty.
  2. The price of the saw blade is reasonable.
  3. You can get a smooth cut with the Irwin Tools 11870 table saw blade.

What We Dislike

  1. The blade is made from steel alloy.
Forrest WW10407125
Best High-End

You know what we are going to talk about; now we are about to talk about our high-end product. This is the blade which will tear down the wood along with your pocket if you want this beast in your saw.

However, remember one thing, this blade is not an entry-level or the mid-range saw blade. This blade is to make for using the professional, and we all know that the professional- grade tools have better quality than the ordinary. So, don’t worry about its performance. If you are willing to spend that handsome amount of money, you will get the most magnificent saw blade.

The Forrest WW10407125 is high-quality carbide saw blade which is enough to tear down the hardest wood.

The designers of the Forrest specially designed the woodworker II to rip the wood without compromising the cutting quality. The blade makes a smooth cutting edge on the wood as it is sanded.

This unique saw blade has a 40-teeth to make a clear dent free cut on the wood, and it can make a horizontal cut on your wood. To make the special cut like ripping and cross-cutting it has a kerf measuring .125-inch.

So, if you have a saw blade like the Irwin or Diablo for the simple cutting operation, and you want to rip the wood then go for the Forrest made WW10407125 table saw blade.


  1. The producers of the Forrest made this saw blade, especially for rip and cross cutting.
  2. The blade has 40-teeth to rip even the two-inch-thick plywood.
  3. Each handmade blade assures you the excellent quality.
  4. You will find .125 kerf on this saw blade.
  5. 5/8-inch arbor of the blade offers a clean and smooth cut.


  1. Brand: Forrest
  2. Weight: 2.18-pounds
  3. Model: WW10407125
  4. Color: Steel
  5. Material: Carbide
  6. Size: 10-inches
  7. Dimension: 11x11x1-inches

What We Like

  1. You will get a premium carbide blade in this price range.
  2. This blade can cut smoothly.
  3. It is possible to make varieties of cuts with this carbide saw blade.

What We Dislike

  1. To prevent rusting you won’t find any coating on the blade.

We have selected the Diablo 40 Tooth D1040X as “Our Pick.” This Italian made all-purpose blade is one of the best we found in the whole market. Actually, it is not a blade made to cut the specific cut; it is a general-purpose blade to cut the wood or wood- material.

Diablo 40 Tooth Blade
Editor’s Choice

You can ask us, why we have listed down this blade to our choice segment. The answer is easy. Diablo is offering two high -quality carbide blade which is enough to save your pocket, so that thing convinced us to pick this saw blade.

The blade is made from the high-quality metal and coated with special non-stick-coating named Perma-Shield. The main feature of this blade is; it doesn’t sound much during operation, thanks to its unique building design.

You will be observing a superb cutting experience with its 0.98 laser thin carbide tips which doesn’t dull with the times very soon. Additionally, the blade is made from the tri-metal which can absorb the shock of work.

So, if you are a carpenter and finding one of the best general-purpose saw blades you can purchase the Freud made Diablo general purpose saw blade.


  1. For protecting from gumming and overheating the saw blade has non-stick Perma-shield red coating.
  2. The blade is specially modeled to boost the performance.
  3. 98 leaser like thin kerf of the blade can deliver smooth cutting operation.
  4. To stand with the heavy workload, the carbide blade has shock resistant property made with tri-metal.
  5. 5/8-inch arbor size allows you to fit the blade with various saws in your workshop.


  1. Brand: Freud
  2. Weight: 3.4-pounds
  3. Model: D1040X
  4. Color: Red
  5. Material: Titanium carbide
  6. Size: 10-inch
  7. Dimension: 12x12x1-inch

What We Like

  1. The blade is made from titanium carbide.
  2. To stand with the time the blade has a distinctive red coating to defeat rust.
  3. You will find an ultra-thin kerf on the blade.

What We Dislike

  1. The blade can have a tilt problem on some saws.

We have already registered a saw blade from the Diablo tool company, and I have another one for you. The features and the specifications are the same as the previously discussed Diablo 40-teeth blade, the main difference between those two blades is in their teeth count.

This Diablo 10-inch saw blade has a 50-teeth when the other one has 40. The Diablo 50-teeth saw blade is perfect to stay unbreakable during the hard task.

Like the previous one, this saw blade is made from tri material carbide which makes it more durable from the Irwin. This is special to make rip cutting with the ultra-laser thin 0.098-inch kerf.

However, if you want to buy this blade, see the features and the specification from the upper one or in the box below.


  1. By trapping the vibration and sound, the vents of the blade keep it cool.
  2. To fight with the rust, the blade has a special coating named Perma-shield.
  3. The blade has fifty teeth for smooth cutting.
  4. You will find 0.098-inch kerf on this blade for precise cutting action.
  5. 5/8-inch arbor of the blade let it adjust most of the saws out there.


  1. Brand: Diablo
  2. Weight: 4.8-ounces
  3. Model: D1050X
  4. Color: Red
  5. Material: Carbide
  6. Size: 10-inches
  7. Dimension: 10x10x0.2-inches

What We Like

  1. The blade is easy to use.
  2. It is a sturdy table saw blade.
  3. The blade has an extra thin Kerf.

What We Dislike

  1. Some people say that the blade has a tilting problem during work.

We are at the and of our review, and we have just one product to uncover. The saw blade that can run on the table saw, hand saw, chopping saw, and others that might use the circular saw blade is Concord made WCB1000T080HP saw blade.

This is one of the best saw blades we have selected to expose in front of you; this blade is ideal for cutting exotic wood, softwood, hardwood, laminate, and others. 2.6mm kerf of the blade can cut the wood smoothly like butter.

This 10-inch table saw blade can make its space on the almost every saw machine that supports the 10-inch blade. Producers of the Concord made this blade from the carbide that is no need to sharping for a while with a blade sharpener.

So, throw the tension of calling a saw blade sharpening corporation and bye the Concord made model WCB1000T080HP saw for ripping and crosscutting. This saw blade is better than the Irwin. So don’t hesitate to take it instead of Irwin.


  1. Titanium carbide made this particular saw can handle maximum 5350-rpm of saw speed.
  2. Eighty- teeth equipped this particular table saw blade can cut through any kind of wood.
  3. You can use this saw blade not only to table saws, but this blade is also compatible with different kinds of hand saws, miter saws, circular saws and many more.
  4. 6-millimeter thin kerf of the blade can cut through any wood without leaving a dent.
  5. You can easily find that the saw has 5/8-inch arbor.


  1. Brand: Concord Blades
  2. Weight: 1.61-pounds
  3. Model: WCB1000T080HP
  4. Color: Steel
  5. Material: Titanium Carbide
  6. Size: 10-inches
  7. Dimension: 10×0.3×10-inches

What We Like

  1. The saw blade is special for wood cutting.
  2. As the blade has a 5/8- inch arbor, it is compatible with most of the table saws on the market.
  3. It is a universal saw blade.

What We Dislike

  1. The kerf of the blade is pretty much bigger than the other blades on the market.

Table Saw Blade Buying Guide

Before buying the blade of the saw, you need to concern about some basic things. Otherwise, it is possible that you would end up buying the blade that you don’t need, or the saw blade can cost up like the Everest.

So, before you go on the market to purchase the sharp saw blade for wood cutting, please go through the buying guide. This buying guide is put by our experts to help you in buying the best blade.


Size is significant for the saw machine because each different size table saws need different sizes blade.

Suppose, you have a 7-inch saw and you need a spare blade to change your table saw blade. Now, if you want to change it, you won’t be able to attach the saw blade bigger than its actual size.

So, make the purchase carefully to choose the right size of your saw blade.


Material is another important thing to check before buying a blade for table saw.

You will find two material made blade on the market like hardened steel alloy made saw blade, and the heavy-duty carbide blade.

Generally, the steel made blade is weaker than the carbide blade, and it cannot take much stress than the steel one. Sometimes the blades have different using tactical.

So before buying, choose one for you according to your working habits. I will recommend you to buy the carbide bla

Teeth Count

The teeth sits on the edge of the blade and actually, those cut the wood. The saw blade can cut plywood, softwood, hardwood, synthetic material, and many other materials.

In general, each type of wood needs different numbers of the teeth to make a clean cut.

So, before purchasing you have to make sure about your cutting material.  This will help you to choose the correct saw blade with the exact teeth count.

Kerf and Arbor

Kerf and arbor are two key features of the saw blade that you should keep in mind.

Kerf is the cutting gap creating by the saw blade while cutting wood. When the kerf of the saw blade is narrow, it means the saw blade can cut the wood smoothly.

On the other hand, a wide kerf wastes a considerable amount of wood while ripping the wood. Arbor is the middle hole of the saw; it determines the saw shaft diameter which will hold the blade.

So, know about the arbor and purchase the right one for your saw.


When you go for buying something you have a line of the budget. Generally, you don’t want to cross the limit of your budget.

We have listed down various budget-friendly saw blade into our review. We have also said that why you should buy that particular saw blades.

So, before purchasing the table saw blade for your table saw don’t forget to check about the whole review to find the best match for your budget along with your need.


Q: How many teeth should table saw blade have?

A: At least 20-30 teeth equipped in a saw can be considered as a good table saw.

Q: What is the best saw blade for plywood?

A: Use the fine side-down blade to cut the plywood.

Q: How thick is the table saw blade?

A: It is essential to know the kerf of a blade to make the finest, and precise cut on the wood. You can find different kinds of kerf in this review of the various types of saw blades.

Q: How do you change a blade on a table saw?

A: After detaching the saw from the electricity you have to move the blade guard. Then with the help of a wrench lose the lock of the blade and duh you have separated the saw blade. Now, throw out the preceding blade and install the newer one. This time, repeat the back process to install the blade.

Q: Which way does a table saw blade turn?

A: Almost always the blade of the saw rotates towards the operators.


Closing Word

Who you have to work with the saw, you often need blades for them. So, we have found some of the best table saw blades for you.

These blades will meet your budget line very well and will cut straight your workpiece.

Don’t doubt our reviews because we have presented you the very best saw blade on the market after testing them personally. So, go through our article and wishing you a happy blade shopping.

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