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Are you worried about the table saw kickback? Here is a quick solution for you. Get a splitter to your table saw and it will minimizes the chances of getting kickback.

But how will you keep your hand safe from the aggressive sharp table saw blade? The common solution for that is to get a blade guard. If your saw carries one. You are welcome. But if it isn’t, get one from our list of 5 best table saw blade guards.

Our team of machine expert has gone through an immense hard work to find the top class saw blade guard and they have ended up with these.

So, let’s see their features to identify why they are selected into this list. And take a glance to the buying guide on the table saw blade guard to pick the right one.

Quick Summary: Table Saw Blade Guards

ImageProduct Name CompatibilityAvailability of Dust Collection System/PortCheck Price
DELTA 34-976 Deluxe UniguardAll 10-inch DELTA unisaws and contractor saws.No
Craftsman 089037007700 Blade Guard10-inch Craftsman 315284610 and Ryobi RTS10 10-Inch table saw.No
PSI Woodworking TSGUARD Universal table saw blade guard.Yes
SawStop TSG-MG Micro Blade GuardAny 10-inch SawStop table sawNo
SawStop TSG-DC Dust Collection Blade GuardAny 10-inch SawStop table sawYes

5 Best Table Saw Blade Guard Reviews

Key Features:

  • It isn’t just a blade guard, the guard also features bracket, splitter, extension, and support arm.
  • DELTA 34-976 is compatible with all 10-inch DELTA unisaws and contractor saws.
  • Comes with a fixed splitter for maintaining right alignment.possible to make miter cuts on it.
  • Easy to make dado cuts using it.

Are you looking for a blade guard for your any 10-inch DELTA Unisaw or contractor saw then the DELTA 34-976 will be the right choice for you. The DELTA 34-976 comes with a splitter, bracket, support arm, guard, and extension.

This aftermarket table saw blade guard doesn’t come with an overhead mounting bracket. And the design helps the user to do dado and molding easily.

You don’t have to remove the blade guard after you are done with your task. So, it will keep you safe during non-through cutting operation also.

The DELTA table saw blade guard model 34-967 has  put a removable splitter and anti-kickback pawls for providing extra safety. And the special U design of the guard let the user to use the full space of the table without interrupting. Delta 34-976 also allows you to exalt the half guard for running the push sticks also.

What We Like

  1. Made from high quality material.
  2. It is stylish and colorful.
  3. Comes with a fixed splitter.

What We Dislike

  1. Isn’t compatible with other companies’ saw.

Key Features:

  • It’s made from high quality transparent plastic.
  • Compatible with 10-inch Craftsman 315284610 and Ryobi RTS10 Table saw.

If you are looking for a table saw blade guard for craftsman 315284610,craftsman  089037007700 will be your right choice. The aftermarket table saw blade guard is made specially made for 10 inch Craftsman table saw. And not only that, it fits with the Ryobi 10-inch table saw model RTS10 too.

Though the blade guard is weighing just .98-pounds, it is strong. It is as much as strong that you won’t have to change this once you get it on your saw. 

The craftsman  blade guard model 089037007700 is made of transparent plastic. And features a simple but advanced mechanism. So, installing and uninstalling it is an easy task to do.

Then why are you getting late? If your Craftsman 315284610 or Ryobi RTS10 needs the best aftermarket table saw blade guard, grab it.

What We Like

  1. Built to last long.
  2. Simple looking and easy to use.
  3. Perfect for using with both 10-inch Craftsman 315284610 and  Ryobi RTS10 10-Inch table saw.

What We Dislike

  1. Not usable with most of the table saws out there.

Key Features:

  • Can take care of debris.
  • Easy to adjust the thickness.
  • Is able to take 16-inch blade.
  • You can easily swing it out of the way. 

PSI Woodworking TSGUARD is not just only a safety equipment as the normal table saw blade guard. It also has the ability to catch the dust and debris.

The dust and debris produced in the workshop is dangerous as inhaling it can be a major cause for various lung diseases. Though you can use face masks to prevent that from running with your  inhalation, the debris will still mess up the table saw table saw table top. And it will make the top dirty. Then it will be need a polishing.

( Missed our table saw top polishing article? Find it now from the link given below.)

However, if you get PSI Woodworking TSGUARD, it will help you 

To keep the environment clear. This table saw dust collection guard is compatible with any of the table saws which has 16-inch blade.

PTSGUARD is made from shutterproof, one piece clear plastic. As it is made from high quality material it is sturdy enough to ensure a longer life.

To receive the dust from above the table saw table top, it is equipped with a 4-inch standard  duct system.

What We Like

  1. Easy to install
  2. It is a universal table saw blade guard.
  3. Keeps the table top clean.

What We Dislike

  1. Doesn’t come with a 4-inch hose to set up the direct connection to the dust port. 

key Features:

  • Comes with a standalone splitter.
  • Made from high quality transparent plastic.
  • There are six side panels which can move with the wood.
  • The splitter can be removed alone.

Having a SawStop table saw but do not have a blade guard for this yet? Then check out our this product. The SawStop TSG micro blade is compatible for all cast iron made 10-inch SawStop table saw. 

But the bad news is; it is not playable with jobsite table saw.

The design of the specific SawStop table saw blade guard is simple looking. It is made from high-end clear plastic. TSG-MG Micro blade guard is easy to install as it needs no tool to do that and reverse. The mechanism of this specific guard is smooth. So, it goes pretty much smoothly up when you feed wood into it. 

As it is simple looking and installation of this is tool free, it can the best DIY table saw blade guard. SawStop includes a Anti-kickback pawls on it to counter the kickback. 

It also comes with a standalone splitter to provide maximum security. But the splitter can be removed if you want to.

What We Like

  1. Added anti kickback pawls.
  2. Tool free adjustment.
  3. It’s very strong.

What We Dislike

  1. It does just fit with 10-inch SawStop Cast-Iron saws.

Key Features:

  • For blade exposing it has independent lateral slides.
  • Has a minimalist design.
  • You can attach it directly to the dust port.

If you are looking for a blade guard that can keep safe your finger along with can collect the above saw dust, you can take a look at the SawStop TSG-DC. 

The SawStop TSG-DC table saw blade guard with dust collection system is compatible with most of the SawStop table saw. But if you want to use it with a jobsite table saw, forget it. Because it is not the perfect extension for the jobsite table saw.

This SawStop blade guard come is so effective that it can sucks up to 99% of the above saw dust and debris. Means a clean work environment.

It‘s a well designed table saw blade guard which carries an independent lateral slides. And this effective design helps it to minimizes the blade exposure. The low profile design of it allows narrow cuts. Even it can cut as low as ¾-inch. 

You don’t need any extra equipment to adjust it with the dust collecting system. On top of that, you don’t have to go through a hassle to fit it on the table saw.

What We Like

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Installing it on the saw is easy also.
  3. Can sucks up to 90% of saw dust and debris

What We Dislike

  1. Not compatible even with jobsite table saw.

Table Saw Blade Guard Buying Guide

Like the other table saw accessories, table saw blade guard is important safety equipment. Though it is a transparent plastic made simple looking cover, you need to consider some facts when you decide to buy one. And here is the buying guide.


A blade guard of the saw needs to be transparent. Because it is important to have an idea when you are cutting the wood on the saw. But a non transparent blade guard won’t let you see through it. 

So, before buying the guard, make sure that it is transparent. The transparent level varies from guard to guard as they are not built from the same material. I will suggest you to take one which is transparent enough for you. It is not an issue to pick up a colorful blade guard, if the transparent level is good as the DELTA 34-976 Deluxe uniguard table saw blade guard.

Building Material

As the table saw blade guard needs to be perfect, it is obvious that companies need to use transparent material. We all know plastic and glass are two common materials which are transparent and come with a reasonable price tag.

But, glass is not ideal material for making the guard as it is frazile. Then the plastic is the winner. Hold on a second before picking any plastic made blade guard for the table saw. Every type of plastic you see on the gadget or tools are not the same. Some are equally frazile as the glass and some are strong along with the non transparent. 

So, pick up the guard which is hard enough to stay with the tough woodworking job.

Dust Management

There you will find two types of blade guard available in the market according to their dust management system. One type of blade guard is so simple. The main concern of this is to protect your hand. But here you will find another type of table saw blade guard which is able to provide you protection and the clean table saw upper by managing the dust.

So, if you have a dust management system for your power saw and you want to utilize it, you should take the guard which is compatible to it. Generally, these feature 2-4-inch dust management port so that it can be easily attached to the vacuum pipe.

But remember one thing, the price of this type of futuristic table saw blade guard is higher than the others.


Table saw blade guard is the accessory which is needed to protect your hand from sudden injuries. Most of the table saws out there come with pre installed blade guard. But if your table saw is missing that part or it is broken and you want to replace it, you have to find an exact match for your saw.  So, before buying one, you have to check its compatibility. However some table saw guard is compatible with all other table saw you see outside and those are called universal table saw blade guard. And my suggestion for you to take one of them if you don’t know the model of your table saw or that you cannot find the guard for that specific saw. The PSI Woodworking made TSGUARD table saw blade guard with dust port is popular among the universal guard.

Riving Knife

A riving knife is one of the most important accessories of the table saw. It splits the cut wood and prevents the saw from kickback. And we all know how dangerous the kickback is. The table saw is not only the victim which is affected by kickback rather you will find it on miter saw, circular saw and even in the band saw also. 

But don’t worry, we have an article on how you can get rid of kickback. Interested? Go check that out.

Though most of the table saws come with a riving knife, it is possible your saw didn’t come with one. In this case you need to buy one separately from the market. But why you will spend extra money? Some of the companies are already offering riving knives with their blade guards.


And it is time for you to select your budget for the guard. As the budget goes higher, the premium it will be. We all know that the premium means the best quality.

But if you are stuck on the budget, check out our list here we have entry level guard to high end. So, you will get what you want to.


Q: What is the purpose of a blade guard?

A: The general purpose of a blade guard is to prevent kickback.

Q: Do you need a riving knife?

A: A riving knife can prevent kickback. So, if you need extra protection to prevent sudden saw kicking back you can use a riving knife along with the blade guard. And you don’t need to remove it during the cross cut.

Q: Does table saw blade guard collects dust?

A: A guard of table saw doesn’t directly collect the dust and debris but it guides it through the pipe into the duct collecting chamber.

Q: Can a table saw blade guard prevent kickback?

A: A table saw blade guard helps the wood to keep a safe distance from the blade that helps it to run the saw without kickback.

Closing Word

Thanks for being with us till the end. Hope you have enjoyed our reviews on table saw blade guard. And have already selected your desired one. All of these blade guards on this are hand picked and tested.

So, you can go with any of these. 

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