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10 Best T Shirt Paint | Reviews And Buying Guide

Have you got some cool ideas for T-shirts? But don’t know how to get started? Just get into the colorful world with the best t-shirt paint out there and do it yourself.

That’s right!

You can have your artwork with vibrant real-life colors.

Don’t worry; they are non-toxic and safe. Even kids over three can use them and have fun all day long.

And you can go wild with your imagination with glitters, glow in the night, 3D, and other effects. But which one to choose?

For that, check our reviews of the best shirt paints.

10 Best T Shirt Paint Reviews

Aren’t you feeling mysterious to know about the best t shirt paint? Sure, you are. Let’s check out the article.

01. Fabric Markers 24 Colors Fabric Paint Review

Product Features:

  • 24 Premium quality marker in a pack
  • Fine writer bullet-tip for doodling, outlining, sketching and other creative artwork
  • Perfect to design fabrics of all kinds.
  • Color is fade, wash proof.
  • Safe to use by kids as there are no toxic chemicals

For painting on fabric marker, all you need is Fabric Marker Pens Permanent from Craft 4 all. 

In this set, you get 24 color variations to work with on t-shirts. Using those wide selections of rainbow, earth, and fluorescent colors, you can get a lot of DIY projects done. The colors you get are of high in quality as it uses German fabric dye ink.

They are art markers with fine writer bullet-tip to do almost all types of artwork. Unlike fabric paints, it doesn’t make a lot of mess. So, handing it to the kids makes sense. Don’t worry as there is no risk and danger for any harmful chemicals.

You can use these markers to work on all types of fabrics. The colors won’t fade or wash away as it retains the color on the fabric. That’s one thing to remember if you’re giving it to the kids.

But knowing that the hue of those paint markers are perfect and stays for a long time, they are perfect for your DIY projects.


  • Many color version
  • Child safe
  • Weatherproof
  • Waterproof


  • Does not work on dark color fabric

02. Arteza 3D Glitter Colors Fabric Paint Review

Product Features:

  • 30 Puffy paint for fabric: 16 vibrant, 7 metallic, 1 glow-in-dark, 5 fluorescent and 1 glitter shade.
  • Extra tips for thick, thin and multiple lines
  • 1oz Tubes
  • Perfect to use on clothes, shoes, backpacks, glass and ceramic surfaces
  • AP certified for safety

For all the colors in the rainbow and much more, get the Arteza 3D FAbric paint. You get 30 different color variants in this kit. Not just the colors are different; you get different types of colors too.

In this one deal, you get vibrant, metallic, fluorescent, glow-in-dark, and even glitter colors. With that kind of variety, you can do different types of t-shirts. And not just the t-shirts, you can even paint other fabrics, glass and also on the ceramic with them.

What’s most exciting is the beautiful and artistic flow you can get on the paint job. All thanks to the extra tips that let you get thick, thin, and even multiple lines. Just put them on the bottles, twist, and you’re good to go.

On fabrics, they will stick very well and provide you long laster art that will also look good every day. And If you are planning to get this for the kids, go for it as it is safe to use. 

This best t-shirt painting set for its variety is just the best.


  • A lot of color variations
  • Vibrant color
  • 3D look
  • Safe to use
  • Textile paint


  • Does not have a paintbrush

03. Super Markers Unique Colors Fabric Paint Review

Product Features:

  • 20 variety of colors
  • Dual Tip: chisel and bullet
  • Double-Ended Fabric Markers
  •   Markers dry permanent to give rich vibrant pigments
  •   Non-toxic; completely safe for kids

Getting your shirt painted with your own artwork has become even easier thanks to the unique US art color set.

Now, in this color set, you get 20 super markers. They feature some fantastic and unique functions that will bring up your imagination.

Like what you ask? For one, you get marker pens on both ends. In one end, you get the bullet point, while the other one offers the chisel tip.

You can now get more delicate lines with the broader strokes using just one pen.

The paints are perfect for the t-shirt painting. They will not go away after you wash them. They wash resistance and keep their vibrant hue on the fabric for a long time.

It also dries up real fast. Don’t need to wait for hours to wear your newly designed shirts.

There are 20 variations of the color to provide you creative freedom that you deserve. So, don’t sit idle, just get this pack and start painting on fabrics.


  • Good color varieties
  • Child-Safe
  • Two types of tip
  • Vibrant color


  • Markers are more significant in size

04. Tulip 10046125 Dimensional Fabric Paint Review

Product Features:

  • 20 variety of colors in one pack
  • 3D Paint with beautiful shine
  • Permanent dry paint doesn’t crack or peel
  • Simple, easy to use squeeze bottles
  • Neon colors are perfect as gift

Get creative with this Tulip Dimensional Fabric paint pack. They are fantastic and have features that will surprise you.

This painting pack consists of 20 different colors. All of them are perfect for working on Fabric. 

Thus you can use them on your t-shirt to make them look more good.

You can unleash your creativity on your T-shirt quickly with these paint bottles.

They are easy to squeeze, and it will help you to make great artwork like a breeze.

They are also perfect to start painting with a group of people.

The packaging of this pack is beautiful; hence you can give it to your loved one.

Most of all, they are safe and chemical-free—no need to worry while giving it to kids.

These permanent paints dry up fast on the fabric. It doesn’t crack or peel, which is a good thing. The best part is that you can even wash them in a machine.


  • 20 Vibrant color
  • Wash resistance
  • Easy squeeze bottle
  • Perfect for T-Shirt
  • Handy and nice pack


  • Does not work on other surfaces

05. Castle Art Supplies 3D Fabric Paint Review

Product Features:

  • Bright and vibrant 3D Colors
  •   Comes with 24 variety of paints
  • Works on fabrics, wood, glass and many other surfaces
  • Comes with 3 brushes 

You don’t have to paint your T-Shirt only with bottle squeezing. Here you will also get paintbrushes that are perfect for art and crafting.

All these come with the Castle art supplies 3D fabric paint set.

When you get the set, you get 24 different colors. Each one of them is super rich in color to give you that excellent color.

Using the 3-brushes that come with the set, you can get custom stroke width, which is an extra feature for this pack.

The patins are known as the best paint for t-shirts as they stay on the shirt even after wash. It’s not easy to move the color from the Fabric, and your artwork will remain in place forever.

Using these paints are safe and secure. They are not toxic and safe for children—no need to worry about safety.

You just get the paint set and let them enjoy the realistic 3D effects of the colors.


  • 20 colors
  • 3 paintbrushes
  • Bright hue
  • Stays longer
  • Safe to use


  • Bottle is a little hard to control

06. Arteza 3D Metallic Fabric Paint Set Review

Product Features:

  • 30 colors set.
  • Offers metallic, glitter, glow-in-dark and other varieties.
  • 1oz Tubes
  •   Comes with 2 sets of 8 individual tips
  • Paint on other surfaces like glass and ceramic

If you are a fan of 3D, then this will be an excellent option for you. I’m presenting to you the Arteza 3D Fabric Paint. 

Here you will get 30 pairing colors, and they are different from each other. These are high in quality paint for shirts to get multi-colored artwork effects quickly.

Yes, different effects thanks to the metallic, glitter and the other options you get with the deal.

Compared to other 3D paints, you get more depth with these.

These paints are also resistant to wash and stays on the fabric for a long time.

With glow in night colors, you can get artwork that will glow in the dark. It’s a great set that will provide you with some funky effects to have fun with them.

So, what’s holding you back? Get the set and start working on your T-shirts to make them look good.


  • Lot of colors
  • Safe to use
  • Glow in night
  • Different styling
  • Easy handling tube


  • Little hard to use.

07. Best Fabric Markers Non-Toxic Paint Review

Product Features:

  • 100% Non-Toxic color set
  • 24 individual colors with no duplicates
  • Bullet Tip for precision line
  • It’s a marker fabric paint
  •   Money back guarantee if you’re not happy

Unleash your creativity and have fun with the Best fabric markers. What you get in this package is a 24 color set.

They will be enough to turn your image into a colorful artwork.

All the colors are unique, so you don’t have to worry about any duplicate colors.

And if you’re still not happy, you can return the product and get another one, as the manufacturer provides you a 100% money-back guarantee.

Using these markers, you get fine quality lines. All thanks to its bullet tip that lets you get precision control on your lines. You will love the fact that it works on fabrics like denim, cotton, jeans, polyester, and so on. So, everything is your canvas.

The good thing is that they will not fade away and make it a permanent place. Make your artwork stand out from the rest using the vibrant colors. And let your kids go wild with their imagination with them too. 

Yes, these are 100% safe to use.


  • Different color variants
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Bullet style pens
  • Work on different fabrics
  • Vibrant hues


  • Won’t work on black Fabric

08. Fabric Paint 3D Permanent Colors Paint Review

Product Features:

  • 24 3D color variants
  • Comes with 3 extra brushes
  • Color doesn’t peel or crack
  • Works on other surfaces like wood, paper, glass and more
  • No-toxic chemicals get used. 

With a full spectrum of colors, this paint for shirts will let you show your creativity.

I’m talking about the Fabric paint 3D color set from Crafts 4 all. 

Comprising of 24 different colors, you get shiny, vivid, and attractive shades like no other. And to help you going with your artistic side up and running, it comes with 3- brushes with the set. 

You can use them on apparel to get the 3D look. Or if you want to use it like acrylic paint, you can do that too.

Colors will not fade away, making your artwork permanently at its place. There is no such pleasure to make permanent artwork that fades in a wash. Not something you’ve to worry about with this color set.

Get your T-shirt out or use them on wood, paper, Ceramic, glass, canvas.


  • Full-spectrum hues
  • Easy squeeze bottles
  • Glitters
  • Permanent
  • Non-toxic


  • Bottle is smaller than others

09. Neon Nights Fabric Paint For Clothing Review

Product Features:

  • 8 Neon Glow colors
  • These are UV fabric paint
  • Suitable for to use on black fabrics
  • Survives wash and ironing

Get a glowing and styling T-shirt with this fantastic neon glow fabric paint.

This Neon nights 8 x UV Fabric Paint sets use fluorescent colors.

This paint set is perfect to use on fabrics. Get a blank T-shirt, make them amazing with dark glowing paints that will stay for a long time.

In case you have a glow party, the paint will be much more useful. You can also use them at events and other places to stand out. 

The glow you get is so vibrant that it’s hard to miss.

However, talking about the glow, those paints will work correctly, even in dark colors. They will work like ordinary paint on a dark shaded T-shirt that will make you stand out.

However, the most crucial part is that they are non-toxic and safe for DIY’ers who are looking for dark glow paint


  • Dark glow
  • Work on a darker color
  • Shine in night
  • Permanent ink
  • Work on different background


  • There is not any non-glowing fabric paint

10. Bulk Buy: Scribbles Shiny 3D Paint Review

Product Features:

  • 20 vibrant paints offer shiny, glitter finish
  • No-toxic chemicals in the paint
  • Perfect to use on wood, fabric and other surfaces.
  • Paint doesn’t crack or peel after drying
  • Vibrant colours stand out on all surfaces

If you want to get a colorful and vibrant pack of T-shirt paints, you don’t have to break your bank. Here come the Bulk Buy’s scribbles shiny 3D paint

They provide you with an amazing and unique 3D effect with glitters. They will shine up your artwork and make it permanent also.

Talking about the functionality, the paint can work on multiple surfaces like fabrics, tyles, ceramic, and other harder surfaces.

The resistance of those colors is also on higher levels. They will not go away with wash or heat.

In this pack, you will get 20 different color bottles. Each of the colors is different. There are no duplicate colors like some of the other ones in the market.

Those pants are perfect and length to color your image and make it come true.

However, the manufacturer offers you a warranty. That means if you get any defect in the set, you can easily give the product back to them.


  • Safe to use
  • Easy squeezy bottle
  • Gives a 3D effect to art
  • Wash resistance
  • Affordable price


  • Only suitable for small and DIY projects

Buying Guide

The best t-shirt paint will provide you so much creativity that you can make several sets of arts. But the first crucial step is to buy one. To do that, you’ve got to figure out which one is the best. And for that, you’ve got us as we’ve got a buying guide ready for you.


The opacity of the color is very much significant. A painting set with bad paint opacity will give you a dull color. It won’t be vibrant. That’s why you should check out the opacity and hue of any paint kit before going ahead with the purchase. If you rely on the packaging to find the color shade, then packaging can sometimes misguide you. Go and check past user’s experiences.

Bottle Or Pen

Several t-shirt painting kits are available of different types. You’ve got a variety of bottle colors that differ from each other in shape, light, ease of usage. On the other hand, there is your marker paint sets. They are like pens with fabric paint filled in them.

Which one to choose is very crucial for you. As it will impact your artwork, you should check if you can paint with a bottle or marker. 

In case you chose the bottle one, make sure to check out how big or small they are. You don’t want to start a paint job and find yourself out of color in the middle of the task.

With the marker ones, make sure if they provide you to get precise lines or not. Do your research on them to find the best deal for yourself.


Not all packages provide you with brushes. While working with pen markers, you don’t expect to get brushes.

However, the bottle ones sometimes come with brushes to let you get the stroke on your artworks. Some do offer a variety of brushes.

If you can get a bunch of brushes in a deal, that is always great. But just don’t get a deal because it offers one. Make sure the colors are right, and if they come with a brush, then that’s like hitting the jackpot.

Get a kit that first offers great colors and then only look for the brushes.


The painting kit you are going for should be resistant to wash, heat, and rubbing. They should be permanent and stay intact even after several washes. 

It’s a bad sign if your paints are going away after a few washes. 

Also, they need to avoid fading. If the colors start to go dull with time, then the colors are not retaining on the fabric well. 

So, checking out these things, otherwise, you will end up buying a lousy painting kit.

Don’t get paint that peels and cracks just after drying up. 


You can get paints that can be useful for more than just painting on fabrics. That means it can work on other surfaces and not only on the textile fabric.

Now, some of the colors you will find on the list offer you that as you can work on ceramics, canvas, tiles, and other hard surfaces using them. You don’t have to have paint that provides that versatility. But if you can find one that does so, then it’s always a good thing to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Are those t-shirt painting kits safe?

Answer: Yes, the ones here on the list are all safe for kid’s use. But when you’re looking for other options, make sure to check out if they are toxic-free or not.

02. Can I give the Painting kit to my child?

Answer: Yes. But make sure that the painting kit levels are “safe for kids.”

03. Which one to go, Pen or bottle?

Answer: If you need precise work and output, go for a pen marker. But to get the versatility of vibrance, glitter, and other stuff like that, you’ve got to go for the bottle paints.

04. Do those paints glow at night?

Answer: NOt all best T-shirt painting kits offer you glowing paint. Some of them provide them. You’ve got to look for them.

05. Are those painting kits permanent?

Answer: Yes, they are permanent and don’t go away with wash or heat.


With a painting kit, you get the chance to be creative—no matter whether you’re a kid or an adult.

And we’ve got those creative paints right here for you on the list.

They are safe, do not contain any chemicals, and work on almost any kind of fabric. With a colorful spectrum, you can unleash your creativity like any professional artist.

Now, your DIY projects will be much more colorful and complete with those color sets.

All you need to do is to pick the right color set for the best t-shirt paint job of your life.

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